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When you get ready to order your PJ
trailer, how will you know which flooring option will be best suited for your needs? We’ve created a guide that will help you
choose the best flooring for your trailer. First up is our pressure treated number
two southern yellow pine. This is our base lumber for trailer decking. This wood is native to southern United States and has a great load bearing capacity. It is one of the hardest pines and provides very good durability for trailer decking. Next up is Douglas Fir. Our Douglas Fir is kiln dried and is typically sourced from the western United States. Douglas Fir is known for being very dimensionally stable, strong and having good rot resistance. it also has fewer and smaller knots then standard southern yellow pine. This is the most affordable lumber upgrade we offer. Rough Oak is our toughest flooring choice for our trailers. Rough Oak is very durable and can take more abuse than Pine and
Douglas Fir. it is the only flooring choice we recommend for steel track equipment. Rough Oak is the next step up in price
from our Douglas Fir. Exclusive to PJ Trailers on open
trailers is Blackwood lumber. Blackwood lumber is a very special product that has a rubber insert infused throughout the top of the board. Blackwood is made with Weyerhaeuser treater series pine that undergoes a strict computerized grading process that greatly minimizes warping. The ultra durable rubber increases the traction when loading equipment. It also makes the deck safer to walk
on and improves load securement. Since the majority of the surface is rubber it will also age better than a typical trailer. Blackwood when sold in the outer deck configuration is slightly cheaper than Rough Oak and more expensive than Rough Oak for a full deck. We recommend watching our Blackwood video for more detailed information about this option. When a wood deck is not your ideal
application we also offer 11 gauge steel. Steel flooring trailers are most popular for their long-term durability and include d-rings. Other advantages are easy cleanup, and you can weld directly to the floor. All steel floor trailers are automatically upgraded 16″ on-center cross members. So as
you can see, we have many great options no matter what your flooring
requirements are. Also if you’re interested in re-decking
an existing PJ Trailer almost all of these flooring options are available at your local PJ dealer.

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  1. Im over here just putting aluminum diamond plating over mine to save it from looking bad after oil dripping off of race cars and all😂

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