Perjalanan Lyodra Ginting

Lyodra’s name began to be widely known from the Indonesian Idol talent search event. Young woman who came from Medan and whose full name was Lyodra Margaretha Ginting, turned out to have a name Or known in the city of Medan and was born on June 21, 2003. Next is Lyodra’s journey in the music world. at the age of 10 years or rather grade 4 elementary school, Lyodra is taking part in a Chinese art competition or sports and arts between elementary schools in Medan And get first place. This makes Lyodra began to be known by several people from the field. At the same time, Lyodra Ginting also gained hopes rank 1 In the Indonesian children’s champion (Kirana) which was held by PT. Semen Indonesia. Shortly after the 2 competitions. Lyodra tried to the national competition named Indonesia is looking for fourth talent (the name is IMB 4.) But because the competition is Universal talent search causes Lyodra to only survive in the top 6. After the IMB 4 event, Lyodra was invited to join the project “Above average 2” (DARR 2.) Made from a family of Indonesian musicians namely Gita Gutawa and Erwin Gutawa. This project aims to develop wings of gifted children from an early age, including Lyodra who was then 12 years old. Because of the talent possessed by Lyodra. Lyodra had the opportunity to take part in the International competition held in Italy. This competition is called the Sanremo Junior Festival. Where Lyodra went to the competition venue with Gita Gutawa and a designer. Sanremo Junior Competition requires participants to sing a song that has never been released. In the end Lyodra sang songs made by Erwin Gutawa and Gita Gutawa. As a result, Lyodra won first place at the international level when Lyodra was 13 years old. 3 years later, Lyodra tried again at the National scale event In the Indonesian Idol event. This young participant caught the attention of many people. Where Lyodra, 16 years old, has entered trending topic No. 1 on YouTube. While at the Indonesian Idol audition. A few months later, lyodra still survives in the top 6 on Indonesian Idol. However when Being in the top 7 in Indonesian Idol. Lyodra entered into the trending topic on YouTube. This made Lyodra’s name known to the public. Then what will happen next with Lyodra Margaretha Ginting? Let’s look forward to it together. Terima kasih, me-juah juah. Horas

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  1. Lyodra hebat bgt bs ikut perlombaan musik jg di italia
    Apa yg akan terjadi nanti dg kelanjutan karirnya..kita liat nanti ya geyz

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