Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L V2 Review | Versatile Camera & Travel Bag

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  1. Still love my black V1 so much. The upgrades on the V2 are nice but doesn't seems to justify the cost though.

    Great video as always btw!!

  2. This is a great backpack but a terrible camera bag. There so many nice details and features on this bag but the way camera gear is stored inside is plain awful compared to other camera backpacks out there. If you need an everyday backpack then this should work great for you but if you need to carry camera gear I would recommend you look elsewhere.

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  4. Thank you for highlighting the security features of the bag! I really appreciate the team at Pack Hacker responding to questions from followers like me.

  5. No review of this bag has made me want to give up my V1 for the V2 yet, I think they should do like Sony and continue to sell the V1 alongside the V2 bags.

  6. I really enjoyed this review along with your Peak tech pouch review. For the backpack, I didn’t think of doing the crossover method for the magnetic straps so that reduces the footprint further! It’s a bummer about the waist strap not being included but I’ll look at purchasing the strap once it is released. I liked how you put the cubes in there for storage too. I’m going to look into that!

    I’m on week 2 of using this bag and I’m loving it so far. I’ve used it a few times on photo shoots (DSLR, 70-200mm lens, 2 AD200 flashes, trigger, accessories) and it was easy to operate while I had my Spider Holster on my hip. The strap adjustments are fantastic and the side access was easy to get inside. No issues with the comfort of the straps with this heavy weight inside. I hear that was a complaint from V1 but these seem fine to me. I’ve also put my V1 Peak Design Everyday Messenger bag on hold so I can use this backpack for work and it’s been a nice change to really USE this backpack and dig into its features. I’m carrying a 13’ HP laptop, 12.9” iPad Pro with Brydge Keyboard, portfolio, some file folders, my lunch, and more. Love all of the little storage areas to keep things organized. Easy on, easy off.

    In reviewing comparisons with other photography backpacks, it seems like the people who don’t like the Peak backpack prefer the backpacks where you lay the bag on the ground and open it up all the way. I think that works best for getting gear from point A to point B. Where the Peak backpack shines though is that I can keep the bag on my shoulder and access my gear while on the move so I think that’s the differentiator. This bag functions for me while I’m mobile and not always in a place where I can lay the bag on the ground. It’s wet and muddy in Pennsylvania right now. That’s the last place I want to put my $300 backpack. LOL! Different uses for different people but this Peak backpack is working great for my use!

  7. How many liters is it not expanded would you say? Also does it have the same issue as the travel pack where the sternum strap could easily come off and get lost?

  8. I tried this backpack as part of my search for a work/gym/light travel pack, and decided to return it. It looks nice, but ultimately I felt like this bag is trying to be too much, and therefore compromises on the basics. All those side openings make it rather clunky to use as a regular backpack. The lack of quick access pockets, the narrow opening of the laptop component that scrapes the back of my hand every time I reach for my iPad, the nifty but not-so-secure feeling maglock—all of these just felt like compromises due to the bag just trying to be everything. The build looks great and I’m sure it will work for some, but for me it just felt over engineered and not in a good way.

  9. Great review, nice upgrades compared to v1 and fair critic. Looking forward to the review of the zip. This fixes the open top with the maglatch but will be interesting to see how the top access feels.

  10. V1 was the worst camera bag I have ever used in my 15+ years as a videographer. From the looks of V2, they removed two of the 3 things I liked and found useful on the bag. The wing pockets were great for organization and quick access, and the old key change (as you stated) was much better. The third thing was the side pockets. They can swallow a Moza Air with T handle with ease.

  11. Thanks for the review, waiting for the 20l to arrive soon. About the sternum strap. I read somewhere that a buyer complained about the strap to Peak Design, thinking it was a manufacturing error that the strap was difficult to use and he received a reply explaining that it was intended that way, at least from one side of the bag. The left part is designed to be a tight fit that would not come off easily, and the right side was designed to be looser, and to be used whenever you want. I guess so you wouldn't lose the strap that easily. Thought I'd share that info.

  12. The ultrazips seem very satisfying. Currently looking for a travel backpack for my upcoming trip to Iceland, once again this channel comes to the rescue

  13. So what bags do you think compete directly with this one? Something that is camera gear friendly, but can be used as an every day bag? I can only think of the Wandrd Prvke. Anything else to look at?

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