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Why are you driving slow?
Push the accelerator. Animals will pass by. Crush them! We can cook them and eat. What is tiger comes? Hey, you! When I was young,
I would carry a gun on my shoulder.. ..and go to forests. Tigers, lions, elephants
would shiver me and run away. What? Tigers and lions? – Yes. – Oh! I would hunt tiger for
lunch and lion for dinner. Oh! – Yes! Now I am wearing these clothes.. ..but I would have worn tiger’s skin
for shirt and lion’s skin for pant. Oh! – Yes! What? – Ti.. You narrated so many flashbacks.. ..and how come you are frightened.
Open the gun and start. My flashbacks are known
to the old tigers in forests. This seems to be a young tiger.
It doesn’t know about me. If we get down like fools
then it will eat us completely. Oh! Cat? Hey, are you planning
scare and kill us? No, sir. – Then why did
you wear that tiger head? Dogs are chasing me
when I wear cat’s head. Pigs are chasing me
when I wear dog’s head. I have worn tiger’s head
by thinking it will be safety. You are looking after your safety. Had it been little late,
this person have died. You shut up! Look, there is two lakhs cash in this. Take it carefully and
give it to me brother Yadi. Okay. – I will meet Ranger and come.
Have tea on your way. Okay. Simhadri,
keep this in dickie. – Okay. Well.. You gave him ten rupees, right? Where are tea stalls in this forest?
– You fool! He will hand over our two
lakhs carefully for ten rupees. Oh! – You start! You are a genius! I salute you. Sir, check the two lakh rupees.
Greetings. In general they swindle cheques. So if I give cash and
don’t take receipt then.. ..what if he says
I stole two lakh rupees. No! I shouldn’t leave it.
– Why did you come? Sir, give receipt for the amount
I gave you just now. – Receipt? Why are you so shocked? I asked for receipt, sir.
– Why should I give? Didn’t I give two lakhs just now? Why do you say you will
not give receipt for it? Are you mad? I will kill you! When did you give me two lakhs?
– I am finished! I already thought you will change
your words after I give suitcase. Who is changing the words? Talk carefully! Money for you and thrashing for me? I beg you. Please give the receipt. Do I look like a fool to
give receipt without taking money? You are not a fool. I am a fool for giving
you suitcase and.. – Hey! If you say again that
you gave suitcase then.. ..I will keep your
dead body in ice case. Oh! Sir, I will do nothing to you,
leave me. No, sir. Don’t beat me.
– What is it? What is the fight? He took the two lakhs
you gave in suitcase.. ..and says I didn’t him money. Forget suitcase,
he didn’t give even keys. Hey! Did you swindle the entire money? Finished! My life is finished. How many petty jobs should
I do to make two lakh rupees? How many serials should I work in.. that they loan
will be cleared. – Hey! We should cry for losing money.
Why are you crying? Why is he crying? Will he not cry if a person doesn’t
give receipt after taking two lakhs? I took the money.
Why will he give the receipt? Ah? Double photo? Do it fast! Do it fast! Why are you walking slowly
as if you are going for marriage? The debt of.. Ah! I think the old man will shoot
the entire forest for seeing it. How beautiful she is! She looks like a teakwood
plant in teenage. Poor girl! She is driving
lorry at a young age – Oh! If she hears your dialogues.. ..she will parcel you
dead bodies by herself. Look, Venkaiah, Ramaiah! Yes, madam. I am coming. Your wife has sent fish curry
from check-post. – Okay, madam. Here.. Manikyam! Manikyam! Manikyam, I am searching
the entire forest for you. What have you got to do with me? I don’t have work with you,
you have work with me. Don’t irritate me and tell the matter.
– Your sister has written a letter. Ah! Where? – Will I give
it so easily? – Look.. Give it. Give me one kiss,
I will give you letter. If I give you one punch then
you will never be kissed again. What is the need for me to give
you letter by getting beaten by you? I will not give. Rani! Give the letter.
– I will not give! Rani! – I will not give! – Stop, Rani! Hey! Give the letter. – Hey! Rani! Letter.. Hey, give the letter! Letter.. Give me the letter politely.
– Take it if you have guts. Oh! – Yes. Brother, they say mother’s place
cannot be replaced. But you brought me up
without missing my mother. Even though I didn’t like
and I didn’t like to hurt you.. I am studying away from
you by staying in hostel in Vizag. I received your letter that said your
work over there is about to finish. How many places will
you go to and work for me? Take care of your health. Don’t forget to give reply
to this letter after you receive it. You sister Swapna. Give two hundred extra
to the girl coming next. Boss.. Six month’s contract
will end today, right? What is your next program?
– What is there? I will go to city
and look for some work. You are hard working man
so you will search some work. What work should I look
for when I don’t do any work? What? So much salary for one person? Did you cut all the trees? – Hello! I think you don’t know my boss. If he lifts the axe he will
cut the entire forest in half an hour. Look, if something goes
wrong in calculation now.. ..then along with the trees that he had
cut, he will cut you both as bonus.. ..and throw you in lorry. What is the name of the
work you do here? – Petty job. Means? – Hey, you foolish person! It means to run errands. First give the money. Own children are not giving food.. ..but you are giving
us work by doing or work. You are not a normal person. Since I am a normal
person so I am helping you. Otherwise like God,
I too wouldn’t have heard your pleas.. ..and stayed in some temple. Live a long life, son! Bye. Look, boss too is come here! – Rani! Are you going to Hyderabad?
– Yes, boss? Are you going to city?
– How will you go? How? I will go to road and
catch some bus.. – Enough.. enough.. My vehicle too is
going to city. Get in. What are you thinking, boss? Why do you think when a beautiful girl
asks you to sit next to her? – Get in! I will not bite and eat you. Come. Get in! Right! What are you thinking, boss?
Will you drive? I will teach you. You drive. Are you feeling shy
to learn from a girl? Boss, what is the need
for you to hear her nuisance? I will teach you lorry driving. How well you are driving? Maybe his father is Driver Ramudu.
– That’s correct. Hey! “Hey, dear! You have a chance.” “Go for it, my love!” “Oh my dear!” “Hey, dear! You look gorgeous.” “Something happening inside my heart.” “What is this chaos?” “Only love is beautiful.” “Boy in love looks the same.” “Hey! It is sweet!” “It is only kiss.” “Girl whom we want too is same.” “Hey, dear! You have a chance.” “Go for it, my love!” “Oh my dear!” Oh! You look enthusiastic.” “Shapes are too good! Oh dear.” “Everything is hidden. Unravel them.” “Come and see!” “Figure is curvaceous.
Looks are marvelous.” “Oh sweet girl!” “If you agree then it is good.” “Else it is different.
Stop your nuisance.” “That’s why..I came forward..” “I have ready to kiss you first.” “There is fun in kisses. You give
many but it is still not enough.” “Find time and come, see the place..” “..and attack.
Loot as much as you can.” “Oh dear.” “I mortgaged my beauty to you.
Says my locket. Take me, oh dear.” “Young lips are hot..
Biting them in fury..” “Don’t you know, oh baby!” “Hey! Entire body is hot!
Age is running.” “It cannot stay in control.” “I will catch this young
babe and give her trouble..” “.. and then fulfill your desire.” “See the green pastures
and get some warmth.” “Enjoy the feast.” “If I get hold then
it is fun every time. ” “She looks like Koirala..” “..and carries the glow of Madhubala.
Today is a carnival.” “Hey, dear! You have a chance.” “Go for it, my love! Oh my dear “Only kiss is beautiful
and only the girl who realizes it.” “Only love is beautiful
and the boy who is in love.” “Hey, dear! You have a chance.” “Go for it, my love! Oh my dear Hold on! Hold on! Hold on, boss! Hold on! Hold on! How well you drove! You brought to Hyderabad in no time.
Superb! – If you give me chance.. ..I would have brought to
Hyderabad in less time than it. We don’t have chance to drive
these vehicles. Get down. Get down! Oh.. – Get down! Hey! Give the box! Boss, where are you going? To Simhadri’s house. Boss and I will stay together. If two stupid’s stay together
then nobody will get anything. Why do you go with him, boss?
Come, let us go to my house. You can stay in my house
without paying rent. Come! Boss, if you go to her house.. ..then you will be finished. – God! What, boss? Why are you acting smart when I
am telling you to come in friendship? Why, madam? Why do you ask him
to come when he says no? He will relent and come. Will
you let him to stay in your house? Look, boss! Wherever you stay in this house,
I will catch you. Otherwise my name is not Rani. Vegetables! Boss, this is our colony. Yes, uncle?
Where are you going by carrying bags? I grandson got engineering seat. They asked for 50,000
rupees donation. – 50,000? When did you earn
so much money, uncle? Earning? Crap! I have mortgaged my house. Greetings, brother. Hey, Simhabdri.
Are you coming just now? – Yes. He is.. He is my boss. His name is Manikyam.
Very good person. He will stay in our colony from today. Greetings. – Greetings. My name is Raju. I drive auto. – Not only that, boss.. He drives entire auto drivers
of the city. Good leader! Sir, if you could get us autos.. My Simhadri said
you are a good person. I will definitely
get them for you. Bye. Bye, brother. – Come, boss. What is it, boss? Why are you putting
money in two boxes? Like white money and black money.. ..are you maintaining two accounts. One is for my sister’s education. Second one is for
the temple of my Goddess. In spite of staying
next to our house.. ..she forced the boss
to come and stay in her house. Until now I didn’t know
that Rani stayed next to us. What if you didn’t
know all these years? You learnt it at the right time. I will keep it open from now. No. Rats will enter inside. Manikyam, open the backdoor and come. I will show my portion. No. He will get frightened. Is he a small boy to get frightened? He has moustaches but
he is like an infant boy. Let him grow little big. After that you may show it. This Goddess doesn’t
have any walls around and.. ..he tells me to light a lap daily. But lamp will not burn in air. Not only walls I will give up my life
and I will built a great temple here. Like how great Himalayas
are to this country.. ..this temple is more
important to me than that. Manikayam! – Yes. Simhadri! – Yes. I told in auto nagar to give autos. They said they will give. Go and take. “Everything good is happening.” “Money seems to be coming..” Keep him here. They have killed him. What happened? – Thieves have
looted the bus this old man boarded. They killed him when
he didn’t give money. Poor man!
He saved money for his grandson. Greetings, sir. – What do you want? My name is Katari. I came here when I learn
that autos are given on rent here. Come and meet on tuesday. – Okay, sir. Your name? – Managalvaram. Oh.. I asked your name. Hey! – Oh! Mangalavaram! I understood that you
told me to come on tuesday. If your tell your name.. I am saying it is Mangalavaram. Oh, you fool! I am too saying I will come
on tuesday. I am asking your name. Oh! Where did I find him? – Hey! My name is Mangalavaram! You should
come on tuesday! Did you understand? I understood it, sir. Leave me. If I stay alive then
I will sell coconuts and live. Bye, sir. Jai Hind! Who is he? Sir, I asked about the auto.. ..but I didn’t ask about rent. I want to know it..
– I don’t have time now. Come on wednesday. We will talk. Why did you tell me
to come on tuesday before? When did I tell you to come? – Oh! Just now you said it, sir. Okay, now tell me. When do you want me to come?
– Come on wednesday. So rent? – Hey! – Don’t beat me, sir. I will come on wednesday. Small doubt. Your name is Mangalavaram.. Oh! Who said it is Mangalavaram?
My name is Budhavaram. Sir, just now you said
it is Mangalavaram.. Oh! My name is Budhavaram and
I told you to come and wednesday. What tuesday and wednesday.. He thrashed me badly with two names. Hey! – Yes! What happened? Sometimes he tells
me to come on tuesday.. Sometimes he tells
me to come on wednesday.. He is playing by making me fool..
– By the way, why did you come? To get thrashed. – Come! Come! Why did you come again?
Are you mad? – Leave it, sir. What should I leave? – It seems
he got confused after seeing you. They both are twins. Double photo here too!
– One is Mangala and other is Budha.. Oh! – By the way, why did you come? Raja has sent us to take
autos on rent from you. – Oh.. Are you Raja’s acquaintance? Come. Sign and take the vehicles. – Okay. Ugh! Ugh! What is this habit of yours? You are a corporate member. You owe timber depots. You own 1,000 autos. Why do you ask for
money after making frames? My dear brother-in-law! If I don’t make frame
and take money in the morning.. ..then it will not work out for me. That is my sentiment. Anyway this Gattar Rattaiah
has earned all these crores by.. ..showing the business
of photo frames. We shouldn’t forget
our basic profession. You will get destroyed. What are these garlands on photos? Excuse me! By the way, who are you? – Shukra. I mean the person who said
he is going to Andaman for studies.. ..but he went to Anakapalli
and had fun with girls. It is you, right? Oh! Feeling shy? The story of this garlands is.. We garland people who are dead. Similarly I garland
the photos of lands.. ..that I occupied illegally. If I am praying to the
photo without garlanding it.. ..then it means
we are yet to occupy that land. It is sin to occupy lands illegally. My boss said we will suffer from
diseases if we pay money and buy them. Okay? That’s why I am occupying
illegally and living a calm life. What calm life? Entire city is talking about
your illegal land acquisition.. how they have
public talk on Gemini TV. Yes, sir! Oh! Rama! Saviour! By the time I find out who is what
half of my life is getting over. Their father ddin’t follow family
planning at all.. ..and like how cat gives birth
to children from monday to wednesday.. ..he had three doubles and
one single and left them on me. We didn’t come because
we are his sons. You married our elder
sister so we came. Hell with the
brother-in-law sentiment! You will have to
live a miserable life.. ..if you abuse your
sister’s husband. – Hey! Not with you! Hey, did you sell the teak plants?
– Yes, brother-in-law. Give that money. – You told me to sell
trees but didn’t tell to take money. When didn’t I tell you? Sell the trees and take money! I came to the plant and said it! Brother-in-law, you told me. – Oh! Did I tell you? I got confused. Give the money. You told me to take money from them.. ..but you didn’t tell
me to bring and give you. That’s why I have spent it.
– Did you spend it? – Yes. Fate! Fate! Fate! Hey! Don’t take my
confusion to your advantage. Tomorrow by this time.. ..if you don’t give the
money you got from selling trees.. ..then crows will take
away your doubles. Go! What is your matter? – We told you
about the fight in auto stand, right? Didn’t I tell you to call Narsing? Hello. – I am Narsing. One minute. Narsing in on call. It is nothing. Drivers have formed a
union at auto stand these days. You know it. Simplicity for rich person
and unity for labour.. ..don’t match.
– Who has formed the union? Some guy by name Raju. He is making worst ideas
because of his bad time. You look into his matter. Take this money and pay house rent. Okay. – Dear, you go to school. Bye. – Bye. Hey! Who is Raja? It is me. Why? Did you form auto
drivers’ union? – Yes. You! What? The autos that you ride belong to us. The stand that you
live at belongs to us. So why do you want union? Government increases petrol
rate once in six months.. ..and you increase
the rent once a month. So how should we drive autos? Shut up! Dear! Oh! What have we go to do with him? Brother! Brother! I beg you, brother! Don’t do anything to my husband. I beg you! Brother! I will not do anything to him.
If he doesn’t listen to me then.. ..I will do something to you. Leave me wife! Leave! – Hey! Hey! Hey, if anybody talks of union then.. ..everyone’ wife will undergo this. Hello? – Brother-in-law? Yes, tell me. Brother-in-law.. A guy by name Manikyam.. thrashing Narsing
and my brothers badly. – Is it? Buy one garland, I am coming. Wow, boss! – Ah! Thank God! Brothers have escaped. Hey, come. – Come. We had seen many people like you.. Get in! – Oh! Oh! One minute. Mister.. Don’t know the time when
your parents gave you birth.. ..the brightness in your face strongness
in your body and fearless eyes.. Totally your body is MRF tye. That’s
why I appreciated your guts and.. ..made you in charge
of this auto stand. From today your duty is to.. ..collect auto rents and
see that no fight takes place here. Tell me how much salary
you want and get it. Ugh! I am not a street goon
to fall at your feet and.. ..salute you if you garland me. If you send your men to
do hooliganism in this area.. ..then we will crush
your body under your autos. From today these people
will pay the rent.. ..that is being paid at other areas. If you ask even one
paisa more than it.. He will get you crushed
under autos. – No! We will play with you! Means? – We will
tell you before playing. Come. Why do you interfere with them? Are you happy now? Don’t push! – Move! Move! Move! Go back!
Stand in line! Stand properly! Come here! – Stand properly I say! I am telling you. Stand properly! – What is this? They came to narrate their problems? What can I do to their problems? Yesterday you went the goon Narsing. So they must have come by thinking.. will save them
from other goons. Isn’t it? Sir, thrash the rowdies
who come to this area. We will take care of what you want. What will you do? We will give you
some amount every month. Shut up! I beat him because he was
misbehaving with a woman yesterday.. ..but not because of hooliganism. Don’t gather in front
of my house and salute me.. ..and make me a street goon. Go! Go! Go I say! What is it? We thought he will do justice! We cannot do anything now. Should I tell you specially? Sir, I didn’t come
to buy your muscle power. I heard your guts and good nature.. ..and came by thinking
you will help me. Is there a board in front of
my house that says I will help you? No God will say he will help. It is the faith that God will solve
the problems which humans cannot do. But I am a human being. – No, sir. You are God in human form. No! No! Leave me! Sir, if you say no then my
family and I will commit suicide. What is your problem? Sir.. I have two private buses. I gave one bus on rent. I am driving the second bus. I thought of selling one bus and.. ..get my daughter married.. ..with the money I get from it.
I have fixed the date too. But recently thieves have looted
the passengers and.. ..the service of one bus is stopped. Means? – The old man
from this colony too died.. that bus loot. That’s why nobody is buying that bus. The person driving the
other bus is not paying rent. If I tell him to take the
bus and route and then give money.. ..get my daughter married.. My daughter’s marriage
will take place in a week. I don’t have any money with me. If my daughter’s
marriage gets cancelled.. ..then we cannot live by
losing respect in the society. We cannot live, sir. Take this money and
deposit in the bank. If you act smart on your
way then I will kill you. Hey! Will you not pay rent
and return the bus too? From today Raghavaiah’s bus is yours.. ..and route too is yours. But this money belongs to Raghavaiah.
– Hey! – Hey! If this pierces you then you will die. Don’t act smart with our boss. You will die! – Look.. Instead of living by
threatening innocent people.. is better to beg and live. If you cause harm to him or anybody.. ..your head will lie on your table. Be careful! If you don’t mind.. ..I will take your second
bus along with the route. I will pay as much rent as you ask. It will make me very
happy if you take that bus. I don’t want even rent.
– He will give one rupee more.. rupee less. He will give the market rate. Okay, sir. Greetings, sir. Perform your daughter’s
marriage in a grand manner. I can never forget your
favour in this life, sir. Ticket! One ticket for new colony. One for turner road. Hey! – I will shoot you if you move! Hey! Hey! Take out the money and jewellery! Fast! – Take it out! Take it out! – Hey! Bring rope and tie
their hands and legs! Yes! Scoundrels are looting
bus since long time. Because of Manikyam sir.. ..they are caught today. – Yes. Get down! – Get down! Come! – Come! Come! Sir, this is the gang
of thieves looting the bus. Come! Go! Congrats, sir. if public becomes police
then there will be.. goons and murders. The saying.. ‘Dogs barking after six
month of robbery’ too will not exist. Thank you, sir. – Thank you, sir. Come. Manikyam, you are indeed gold. We were surprised when you
gave knives alongside tickets. Sir, we too felt surprised
to realize that we are powerful.. ..when thieves got frightened
after seeing the knives. Parrot too should become a lion.. ..if there is a danger to life. Otherwise you will die. When a vulture attacks chicks.. ..then even hen will fly like a bird. order to kill it. But we fear.. ..goons, rowdies and fellow humans. We have learnt to run
even when dogs chase us. Crows too will gather and cry.. ..when a crow dies. But human beings are running away as
cowards when fellow humans are dying. You are forgetting that
flies can attack an elephant. “If rain drops become
one and turn into flood..” “Mansions cannot stand its fury!” “If four people become
one and fight together..” “..then nothing is impossible.” “Give up the fear
quality immediately.” To live in fear is
to die every moment.” “Man should fear wrong things.” “Fear should fear man’s good deeds.” “If rain drops become
one and turn into flood..” “Mansions cannot stand its fury!” “We shouldn’t remain
silent to injustice.” “Don’t tolerate evil.” “When frightened
people come together..” “..then evil will be uprooted.” “We are safe if everyone is safe.” “This thought will keep us united.” “If we protect righteousness..” “..then righteousness
will protect us.” “This is said in Vedas, oh brother.” “Man should fear bad things.” “Fear should fear man’s good nature.” “If rain drops become
one and turn into flood..” “Mansions cannot stand its fury!” “Sleepless and become less greedy. “Become fire and remain strong.” “Believe in hard work..” “..and make dreams come true.” “Sun is not seen at night.” “It will not bow in
front of any eclipse.” “Even if ignorance inside
us commits mistake..” “..we should burn in fire wantonly.” “Will not that fire give hope?” “Man should fear bad things.” “Fear should fear man’s good deeds.” “If rain drops become
one and turn into flood..” “Mansions cannot stand its fury!” Where is boss? – He is settling
a matter between husband and wife. Let us go and see. Sir, he fell trap for her
and cheating my innocent daughter. So what do you say? Sir, I am not angry on her. So why did you leave your wife? Sir, doctors said
I am suffering from TB. Since then he stopped
coming to me and.. ..stayed in her house. If I sleep with her then
I too will suffer from the disease.. ..and die so.. – Means? Do you think wife is
meant only to give pleasure.. ..and nothing else? Is it so? Did you get married to
sleep with wife for 24 hours? Isn’t there any relationship
between you both other than it? You left your wife today
because she is suffering from TB. If you lose you hand or
leg in future and become useless.. ..then can your wife too leave
you and sleep with another man. He is a man. He is shameless. Will you not think of her at least
for being a woman? Sine you are healthy
so he came to you today. If you suffer from
any disease in future.. ..then he will look for another woman. What will be your situation then? Wife is not a bed.. ..not to sleep in and
give birth to children. Like how we give up the land when it.. .. becomes barren and
animal if it grows old.. ..we cannot leave our
wife if she unhealthy. Wife comes to live with you.. leaving her parents
who brought her up since childhood. If such wife suffers a disease.. should think
of getting her treated.. ..but will you keep her
aside like some old article. Get her admitted in hospital
and arrange for treatment. You will get destroyed.. ..if you leave mother
if cooking is not good and.. ..wife if she is not healthy. Forgive me, sir. I will never commit
this mistake again. Get up. Get up!. Don’t ever do this stupid thing again. Take her to hospital. Come. For how long will you study in Vizag?
– This is final year. That too because I got
engineering seat in Vizag. Otherwise.. Good morning, madam!
– Good morning, madam! They are.. Dear, they are you your security. They will be with you for 24 hours. Brother, why do I need security? Bad always fears what
will happen to its existence.. ..after seeing good. Every day a new enemy
is coming up against me.. ..for the good things
I am going every day. People who cannot do anything to me.. ..might harm you after
knowing you are my life. Out of this fear I
have arranged for them. Brother.. Bye, brother. Brother.. – Yes.. Papaiah who sold
tamarind rice in Ongole.. ..has set up fast food center
in Vizag. How did it happen? You fool!
Do you think I don’t know english? Even if the food is stale,
if you supply fast.. ..then it becomes fast food. By the way, I have sold fast food.. .. n Ongole railway platform.
– Means.. It is nothing. If you add turmeric, salt and lemon
juice and fry the left over rice.. will become lemon rice. If you add some sugar in
milk then it becomes milkshake. If you add curd in left over
rice it will become curd rice. Leave all that! We throw starch outside. Instead of throwing it away.. ..if you add salt and
pepper then it becomes soup. Hey! You! There is a not a single vada. What happened to the
entire flour that is kneaded? I have to taste the
vada that is cooked. From the first can of vada,
I learnt salt is less. From the second can of vada,
I learnt that salt is okay. Flour is finished when I wanted
to make the third can of vadas. So what can I do? Hell with you! If you had eaten two cans
of vadas only for tasting.. So how many cans of vadas will
you eat if you want to eat in real? My fate! This is my fate! You are like this and he is.. Hey.. Did you finish it? Can you see only that
girl if you are in love? Cannot you see the body
guards around her carrying guns? If something goes wrong
then they will break your legs. Hey, listen to me. Paintings and rich
girls don’t suit us. Tamarind and lemon
rice are correct for us. We will find someone
from our status. Come. Come. Come. She is like your daughter.
You will become blind if you love her. I don’t have the habit
of falling in love with humans. Oh sorry! That is the habit of human beings. I told you by mistake. – Rascal! You have spoiled the entire mood. I am not kissing the girl. That place. There is hospital in it. Forget the hospital
or ice-cream parlour in it. That place is very good. If it becomes our property.. ..then within two years
we will get two crores. – What? Yes! Anyway you foolish
brain will not understand it. Go and prepare food. Living room..
kitchen.. bed room.. backyard. Perfect architecture! Shani.. – Yes. This is the goldmine
that I talked about. Hey.. See how beautiful she
is like a nude movie actress. Sweet girl! Who will sell you this property
that lies in prime location? It is your foolishness. Will they sell it? We will buy it.
Otherwise we will take it by force. Good morning. – Good morning. Greetings. – Good morning. Greetings. – Greetings. Greetings, madam. Good morning. Good morning, madam. – Good morning. Good morning, madam. – Greetings. By the way, who are you? He is Gattar Rattaiah! His seven brother-in-laws. What is the problem? Common problem of all VIPs. BP. Nurse, bring BP meter. No need for the meter.
I will tell the matter. My brother-in-law had
a bad habit since childhood. He wouldn’t eat food and.. ..make everyone run around the house. So my aunt said,
hey, Ratti if you eat this food.. ..I will write this
house in your name. He would eat it immediately! If you eat this curry rice too then.. ..I will write Chengaiah’s
property too in your name. He would eat it immediately! But I don’t have mother now. Don’t cry, brother-in-law. My habit is not lost. I don’t understand
what you are saying. It is not something that
you will not understand. Simple.. This place is beautiful like you. If you write it in my name.. If hypertension increases
then there are chances for the.. ..nerves in head to get damaged. I think that is your disease. Hey! Break them! Baby! Ba.. what is all this? Yes! Yes! Hold on! Hold on! My one to seven
brother-in-laws cannot.. ..tolerate if their
sister’s husband gets hurt. Look, doctor. I am giving you only 24 hours time. If you don’t agree till then.. ..your death news will be
heard from the window in south. The well lying in the east direction
will become your burial ground. Perfect architecture! Look, aunt. If your daughter stays
alive till tomorrow.. ..she will become
a great doctor. Come. Madam, it is difficult to live
in this village by saying no to him. So should we keep quiet and watch
if he occupies our land, Narayana. Aunt, what shall we do now? Madam, there is one great
person who saves people like us. Who is that great person, Narayana? Though he is young
he has got a big heart. Greetings, sir. – Greetings. Sit. Who are you?
– My name is Annapurnamma. Is doctor Shakuntala your daughter? Do you know my daughter, sir? I don’t know. Though she is young.. ..her treatment is great.
I heard people talk about it. But now I came to
tell you our problem. Problem for you? What happened? Brother-in-law.. – Yes. Why did he come? Is it for treatment? Why will there be so many
buildups if he comes for treatment? Maybe he came for us. I am giving you one minute time. You should say sorry and
leave after agreeing that.. ..occupying this hospital is wrong. Your time starts now.
– Your time starts now. Do you think this a countdown
program of ETV if you say like that? 55 seconds. Yes, 55 seconds. What will you do after that? I have seen many warnings like these. 50 seconds.. After that.. 49,48,47, 46.. We have studied mathematics. 40 seconds. Why is he showing off? By looking at him, I don’t think.. ..he will keep quiet
after giving warning. He must have made
a plan to foil our plan. Don’t act smart and find out. 30 seconds. – Okay. What will happen after that? No dialogues. Only action. We too know it. His acting is superb. But what is the matter. 20 seconds. Oh God! What are these? Looking
at watch and giving me warning! Why do you increase my BP? What is the reason? Five seconds only. Oh.. five seconds too are finished. Will my dhoti come down? Finished! No! No! It will blast. Brother-in-law..
Our is a Gandhian country. Non-violence is our weapon.
Drop the weapon. There is a bomb inside my short. Hey! Do you think this is the.. of Nizam King
to your grandmother.. that you will occupy
every land that you see? You have occupied river Moosi totally. You have sold the burial
grounds surrounding Golconda. You have sold every
inch of land in Gandipeta. What will you do with these lands? That doctor is treating
poor people for free.. a profession and not for money. Will you threaten her
instead of appreciating her? If we spare a person like you.. ..then you will sell
Taj Mahal Charminar as gifts. In fact you will sell
India to foreigners.. saying it belongs
to your brother. That’s why I have
planted a bomb down.. order to kill you. – Sir.. sir.. Leave me this time. If you come to know that
I occupied any land illegally.. ..then I will become a eunuch. Boss, let us give one chance. Look.. If I come to know that
you occupied any land then.. ..I will kill you in the
east busy your dad body in west.. ..and conduct your
funeral in the north. This is perfect architecture. Okay? – Yes.. Remove the bomb. We know only to put
but not to remove it. Call one of your brother-in-laws and.. ..remove it. You four of you take
four acres in Madhapur. The two of you share
the Gandipeta layout. One acre in Abids..
I am elder. So it is for me. I am in tension because
of the bomb inside my short. Why are you holding a meeting there? One to seven rogues! Brother-in-law, if you die
suddenly due to that bomb blast.. ..then it will look bad by sitting.. ..near your dead body. That’s why.. ..we are discussing as who
will take which land in advance. I knew that you will
do something stupid like this. Therefore I have already
filed a complaint.. the One-Town
police station saying.. seven brother-in-laws
are responsible for my death. – Ah! Remove it fast! Remove it. Remove it slowly. Remove it without pressing any button. Brother-in-law, should I
give this to you or throw it away/ Is it a gift pack?
Throw it away! Throw it away! God! God! Hello.. Are you applying ointment
are checking astrology? – No. The lines in your
palms are very lucky. Money, name, fame.. It is really very great that.. ..everything is in one hand.
– By the way.. ..are are a astrologer in part time? No! I am not professional. I can say it in general. Generally means? – For example.. See this. This says your life partner
is very co-operative with you. Really? – Promise. Your life partner
will be so good that.. ..she will forgive you
even if you commit murder. No doubt. So I can do as many
mistakes as I want. You said it well. This is the first time
my boss is laughing after.. ..he wore a pant. My daughter too is the same.
– Aunt, so why should we interfere? Let us go out. Come. Hello? – Sir,
the water tank has collapsed. What? Water tank collapsed? Yes, sir. Many people have died. Oh! I am coming right now. Oh God! Lift! Lift! Carry them! Carry them carefully! Why are you watching? Take them! Go! Bring the stretcher. Be careful! Be careful! Come! Move! Move! You are the officer appointed
as one man commission.. inquire the water
tank collapse incident, right? Yes. Rattaiah has built it.
See that he gets punished.. ..and public gets justice. Before doing justice to people.. should help me
so that I don’t get injustice. You are a judge with
35 years experience. What help can I offer you, sir? It is there, sir. Rattaiah kidnapped my grandson.. ..and is threatening me saying.. ..he will kill him
if I report against him. You have to save my grandson. You have delivered
justice all these years. You don’t worry. It is a fact that
sun rise in the east. Your son will return safely
and this is also a fact. Yes, Commissioner? What have you decided? I will write what happened in real. Means.. I have mixed lot of sand
in a spoonful of cement and.. the water tank. That’s why it collapsed
and people died. Will you write this? Yes, I will write. – Write! Before you write that I will
take a knife and kill your grandson. He will die.
Rajnikant Rao! Let people like you write
any number of reports on me. Nobody can do anything
to me as long as my fate is good. Injustice will not survive for long. Hey, one to seven brother-in-laws.
– Brother-in-law! Come here once. Who do you think they are? Credits cards given
by my father-in-law. I will not leave you. I will pay the fine and
get them released. – Mr. Rattaiah! Are you threatening me? – No! I warn you. I am determined like Ravana. But I don’t have weakness for women. I have Duryodhana’s
strength and army.. ..but I don’t have
the habit if gambling I have Kansa’s zeal but I don’t
have nephew. – So what do you say? I am a synonym for corruption! I say my house is the
birth place for atrocities. I am doing contracts for money. I am looting people for money. I am looting the
country for money! Hey! I can do anything for money.. Why did you come? I took up his grandson’s case. For taking up.. I thought you grabbed lands
illegally all these years. Now you started kidnappings. If we leave you like this.. ..then you will commit
murders and rapes in future. Manikyam! I don’t like to waste time. If you don’t release his grandson
in five minutes then.. – God! No! It is not my habit to keep
it at the same place every time. This time not here.. – Where? I have planned it there! Hi! Yes! Your warning to Rajnikant
Rao will be seen by public.. ..on TV as a special program.
– They will hang you in public. Now see the fun! Now the music starts! Boss, here.. Get up, rascals!
Why did you fall on me? This is injustice. – What injustice? If I show this cassette in assembly.. will reveal how much
a corporator believes in democracy. If I show it in court.. will become evidence
for kidnapping a boy. If I give it to police
then it will arrest.. ..a contractor responsible
for killing people. If it is shown to public.. will bury you
and your house. – Hey! Leave that boy! I am.. – Hey! You have committed
sins in crores of rupees.. how can you do charity
with thousands of rupees. So.. so what should I do? Grandfather?
– The water tank that is collapsed.. ..construct it strong this time. I will do it. – You should give.. lakh rupees exgratia
to the deceased families. I will give it immediately. You should bear the
hospital expenses.. ..for the injured until
they recover completely. I will do. Give my cassette. Do whatever we said. I will give you the
cassette after that. If you don’t give.. Manikyam will give his
life if he gives his word. If something goes
wrong then he will kill. Be careful! Did Manikyam do like that? Not just one if I tell
you then there are many. He has become a big problem. Rayudu.. You became MLA with my money. I mean I became copoporator
with your money. So.. – What is there? I don’t know what you will do? I want that cassette. – That’s why.. ..I say not to talk whatever you want. Before video cameras
were installed in assembly.. ..I used to beat minimum
25 people daily in assembly. Correct. After TV cameras were
installed in assembly.. ..breaking mikes hurling abuses.. ..and fighting until
dhotis came down are stopped. He said the same matter until now. Sir.. By the way, tell me my future. Is it there? – You again.. At present, do as he said. Nurse! Come! Go. Yes. Wait.. You come front and click. Smile. Greetings. Greetings. Cassette.. Cassette.. Cassette.. Stop.. stop.. Stop.. come. Click. Boss.. Yes.. – Soma.. Here. We can get many labours.. ..if he pay ten rupees per person. Do you think.. ..I am feeding seven
brother-in-laws for nothing? It is for doing this! God bless the.. Come. Smile and go. Cassette.. cassette.. Yes! Now.. – Greetings. Manikyam, sir. One minute.
– Greetings. – One thing.. one thing.. Look, Manikyam sir. Sir.. sir.. Sir.. I have seen the “Shramadaan” program.. ..and thereby cleaned the
entire roads in this colony. I got inspired by
“Janmabhoomi” program and.. ..and have built
a water tank in colony. Like going to the poor
and delivering justice.. ..I went to the patients, gave
them apples and also paid their bills. I did everything you said. Sir.. sir.. give my cassette. I will never give any interview
to any TV all my life. I swear on my seven brother-in-laws. You and..- Simhadri! Boss. Ugh! If I come to know that you injustice
to any person anywhere.. – I know.. You will plant a bomb inside my short. I will not keep quiet
after planting this time. I will blast it. You will enjoy it! Do you know what will happen
if it gets blasted inside? It will shatter everything around. Bring next month without fail.
– Okay, madam. Greetings, doctor. – Yes. What is this? – Fees. Fees? What for? You have treated the injured
people in water tank incident, right? Who told you to give? – Him.. Him? – Yes. Him? – Who is he? My man Man whom you married
or one having affair with? Don’t do overacting. Not good for your health. I neither married you nor.. Will you lose something
if I say like that? Bit extra.. You too are extra. Me? – Why did you send this money? If not for treatment then
I should pay for medicines. – Oh! You saved this building
from Gattar Rattaiah.. ..hands. How much fees
should I give for it? Water tank collapsed and
you saved the colony people. How much fees we should give for it? Whenever a person is facing any
problem, you are helping them first. How much fees we should give for it?
– Good nature, kindness and humanity.. Is any fee greater than it?
– If you know so much philosophy.. ..then why do you say
you will give me fees. If you think I have helped you.. ..then keep that gratitude
inside your heart. When I need it,
I will ask you for help. I will hide like a fixed deposit. If you need any help
don’t forget this bank. “Oh Ranga!” “Sri Ranga!’ “Let the fun continue.” “Happily and with warmth..” “Let the fun continue.” “Young age is excited in joy.” “Naughty lips are
singing a romantic song.” “Love is seen everywhere.” “I am dancing in this joy.” “Oh Ranga!” “Sri Ranga!” “Let this fun continue.” “Unknown desire is unleashed..” “Unknown desire came forth..” “Age, you be ready.” “Beauty, come and give fun.” “Let the fun continue like this.” “Let the madness become more.” This desire is unfulfilled.” “Kiss gives happiness to this age.” “Oh Ranga! Sri Ranga!” “Let this fun continue.” There is lot of warmth around you..” “My shyness is stopping me..” “Should I say it in ears
so that you understand?” “There will be chaos
if you come in my arms.” “Come happily, O baby!” “I will hide inside you happily.” “Tolerate it happily.” “Let me be happy in your arms..” “Oh Ranga!” “Sri Ranga!” “Let this fun continue.” “Happily and with warmth..” “Let this fun continue.” “Young age is dancing in joy.” “Naughty lips are
singing a romantic song.” “Handsome boy is coming from behind.” “I am dancing in
joy by losing control.” All of you go and eat breakfast. Hey.. Do you see them? – Hi! If they find out that
you are seeing that girl.. of them will find
a chance and kill you in no time. Find out what they want. What do you want, sir? My God! They are showing gun when
I asked then what they want. If they find out that my
son is talking to that girl.. ..then they will not spare without
showing me blood in my food centre. What do you want?
Check it and order, sir. Yes, dear? You are not seen these days Have you seen how
right the security is? Why don’t you recommend
your brother and.. ..appoint me too as your bodyguard? I don’t want salary. I will
work for free. Why do you laugh? I am idle. Hello. Sir. Madam Swapna loves a boy. Who is he?
Son of fast foot centre’s owner. Name is Ravi. God! What is this? I told you to love a girl.. ..whose father runs cold
drink shop or a snacks corner. He ignored my words. Did he ignore them or.. ..did you encourage
him to do it? – Hey! You are misunderstanding me. Look..
I believe in hard work. Means my Manikyam boss and I.. ..are living on others’ hard work,
right? – Rama! Sir, do I have guts
to accuse you like that? So are you accusing my boss?
– Oh My goodness! Why are you trying to
frame me with your confusion? You are like this so how will he be. Look.. By looking at him, it seems
he will kill kill without any gun. Greetings, sir. Boss, he is Papaiah. Sit. Hey, what is it? Sit on chair. I will sit wherever you tell me. Your son loves my sister. It is a big mistake. I beat him with footwear
saying it is a mistake. My sister too loved your son. Your sister can love anybody.. ..but my foolish son
is not qualified for it. Sir he is my lone son. So please forgive him
this time and spare him.. .. without giving any punishment.
I beg you. I called you here
not to give punishment. I called you to get my
sister married to your Ravi. What did you say? He said he will perform the marriage. Sir.. I have been cooking
tamarind rice all these years. I have talked rubbish without.. ..knowing what is good and bad. It is okay. If you tell me the dowry matters and.. Dowry? So this is the only profitable thing.. ..he has done in all these
years for giving birth to him. Sir.. my son’s education.. I have took a loan of 60,000 rupees.
– Forget 60,000 rupees! I will give 60 lakhs. 60 lakhs? Why? Isn’t it sufficient? Take one crore rupees. Brother.. – Uncle! Brother Papaiah! – Brother! What happened, brother Papaiah?
– Brother Papaiah! Brother Papaiah!
Get up, brother Papaiah! Brother Papaiah! – See what happened! Tamarind rice!
Tamarind rice! Tamarind rice! Mango jelly! Mango jelly! Mango jelly! Take it! Coffee! Coffee! Tea! Hot tea! Mango jelly!
Mango jelly! Mango jelly! – Hey! Train has come!
Run! – Have you seen it? Sir, this heart.. ..cannot tolerate if
it hears more than four zeros. So when you talked about
one crore suddenly.. heart skipped beating. Sir.. So you like
this marriage, right? Otherwise I just have a small request. Tell me. It is nothing, sir. My mother is at Nagarjuna Sagar. Wherever you might fix
the marriage but if you arrange.. ..the engagement in front
of here then she will feel satisfied. Not only Nagarjuna Sagar.. ..I can come anywhere
for my sister’s marriage. What is it, sir? You didn’t tell me that
you belong to this place. There was no such need. You make arrangements
for the engagement. I will go and meet my folks. – Okay. Carry on! Carry on! Nobody is moving from their place. Nobody is working except talking.
– Uncle.. Why are you watching like that? Uncle, it is me. Your Manikyam. I know, son. It has been long time since I saw you. I am hearing about you. You became a great person.
I am very happy. Why did you come for? Swapna is getting
married in this place. How is your job? What job? My attender job is good for nothing. Why don’t you too come to us? I will come, son. Will I stay here if there time comes? Uncle, I will take your cycle.. ..and go to our folks on the
other side of quarry and talk to them. So you didn’t forget
anybody from old contacts? Go, son. – Okay, uncle. Will you take so many days for
catching one criminal? – Sorry, doctor. We are trying sincerely. But the person by name Kali
is not there anywhere in this area. Wherever he is, you have to catch him. Okay, doctor. Definitely. Hey! Come! Come! Come! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Come! Come! Come! Come! Come! Doctor! Save our Manikyam!
Save our Manikyam! Save our Manikyam! Doctor! Save our Manikyam!
Save our Manikyam! Madam, we will become orphans! Son, you should a long life!
God will keep you good! Doctor, how is our Manikyam?
– Sorry, we cannot say anything now. Son! Son! Son! Son.. Doctor, how is my brother? Don’t worry. Doctor, ECG report. Okay. Take ECG again. – Okay, madam. Our Manikyam.. Swapna.. Don’t cry. Report me every half an hour. Whoever gives AB
positive blood group.. ..take it and store it. Inform me when anesthesia
power becomes less. Send ECG report to me immediately. Okay, doctor. Son! Son! Doctor, X-ray.. Yes.. Call Orthopedist doctor Mr.
Srinivas Reddy. Okay, doctor. Dear, take coffee. Aunt, God like Manikyam
is in danger and.. you want me to
drink coffee in leisure. You didn’t eat anything since morning. Drink at least some coffee. – For me.. ..wiping the tears of people outside
is important than drinking coffee now. Sir! Sir! God! I never asked anything
from you myself. But I am asking now. Save the life of the person
who does good to everyone. If it is true that
God can never die then.. Manikyam who is like God. Manikyam? How are you feeling? Doctor.. He is.. – Yes.. Boss.. Dear..
Manikyam is fine. No danger. Uncle, Manikyam is fine. Nobody should worry! Manikyam is out of danger! No need to worry!
Manikyam has recovered! Hello? – Manikyam is saved. What happened?
– He has opened his eyes. So you will close your eyes for sure.
– You shut up! I am shouting from the beginning. Nagarjuna Sagar is in the west.. ..and murders and rapes
don’t do any good to us. Did you listen to me?
– You keep quiet. If I keep quiet then
I will be finished. Who do you think he is? Manikyam! Manikyam! If something goes wrong then
he will eat food with our blood. Hey! We will do something but.. don’t go in front
of him until he calms down. Doctor.. Greetings. Hi, Swapna. Come in. Take it. – What is this? We can never repay your
favour by giving anything.. ..for saving my brother’s life. For our satisfaction.. That is blank cheque. You write any amount you want. So you have me the chance to
estimate your brother’s life. That is not my intention. Look.. This entire colony has blessed me.. ..when I saved your brother. You cannot give me the fees.. ..that is more than these blessings. If Gods and blessings
can save the life of people.. ..then priests would have
been in more demand than doctors. The money I am giving.. not as a fee for your profession
or estimating the cost of my life. I have seen doctors
who don’t check pulse.. ..if we don’t pay ten rupees but.. are the only doctor who says.. is sufficient
if the patients survives. That’s why your humanity
which is greater than anything.. ..should transform
into another big hospital.. ..and a refuge to poor people.
That’s why I am giving this money. I am not doing help to you. We are helping ourselves. Can you really help me? Tell me what I should do. Come, I will tell you. Why did she take him inside and
close the door when he asked for help? Rani.. Now your matter is finished. Boss will not fall so easily. We know it but the other
person is too good to resist. If she takes a poison
injection and says.. ..I will inject myself
and die if you don’t marry me. You will then have a competition! “Oh dear!
Oh dear! In the pumpkin fields..” “A boy has come to have fun.” Let the bird have fun.” “By kissing..” “Cut the flower that is to be cut.” “Secretly..” “Oh dear!
Oh dear! In the pumpkin fields..” “A boy has come to have fun.” “I will give you natural
beauty if you come to my fields.” “Stunning beauty..” “I will give you pleasure
if you come to my area.” “Every kind of pleasure..” “Words sound good..” “Deeds are suspicious..” “Enjoy the lips that
are meant for you. Oh dear..” “If I feast them slowly
I will become mad,” “Oh dear!
Oh dear! In the pumpkin fields..” “A boy has come to have fun.” “Dear, I have to tie
the knot if you want my kiss.” “Marriage should take place, dear.” “If you say okay then
should I call the priest?” “Should I conduct the ceremony?” “What will you say, baby?” “Your word is my word, dear.” “Girl is on both side.”
I am sandwiched between both.” “You tell me where I
should take both of them.” “Oh dear! Oh dear!
In the pumpkin fields..” “A boy has come to have fun.” “Let the bird continue singing.” “Happily.” “Let the flower blossom..” “Secretly..” Yes, doctor? You said you want to say
something and why are you silent. You help everyone. So what help can I do to you? I always thought of
happiness in life but.. ..I never thougth I will
have to think of help like today. When I returned after
completing my medicine.. aunt brought
me a marriage proposal. Engagement too happened. My parents felt excited.. ..that there is nobody
luckier than their daughter.. ..when the proposal
from America worked. My friends and I went
to important places.. ..and distributed wedding cards. Finally when we got
late in Nagarjuna Sagar.. ..after giving the
wedding invitation.. stayed in a guest house there. My friends said we will go for movie. I said I will write names
on the remaining wedding cards.. you go. In the meantime there was power cut. Door were banging due to heavy wind. I went to close the doors. Hey! Who are you? Hey! Leave me! Leave me! Hey! I have been waiting all
these years for that Kali’s death. I want him!
I should destroy him completely. These hands that performed surgery.. ..should do post-mortem to him. I have to cut him into pieces! I have to cut him into pieces! I have to cut him into pieces! These hands that performed surgery.. ..should do post-mortem to him. I have been waiting all
these years for that Kali’s death. I have to cut him into pieces! I have to cut him into pieces! I have to cut him into pieces! Goddess’ words!
Goddess Jagadamba’s words! Love, marriage,
education, travel plans.. problems, enmity.. Sir’s future is.. Sir has a generous heart. It will melt for any person. Sir has a golden heart. He will not cause harm to even ant. But sir will live like a king. That’s why I am working
as a labour in quarry. Don’t talk like that, sir. What this tribesman says is fact. Don’t turn away your
face like that, sir. You lost your parents
in your childhood. There is a younger sibling. Sister.. Your sister is your life. You brought her up by
becoming everything to her. You don’t worship God
after waking up in the morning. You will worship your mother.
– Mother has passed away. Mother passed away but her soul is.. ..revolving around you. You have kept her inside your heart. You have written
her name on right hand. Will you deny it?
If yes then show me your hand. Show me your right hand. Have you seen it, sir? Your mother Kalemma.. – Hey! You! You love her very much.
– For how long you will take break? How long will you eat? Go! Look, I am getting late for work. Take this.
– Why are you still sitting here? Get up fast! – Bye. God bless you! Astrology! Horoscope! Manikyam! Yes? – Manikyam. Letter from your sister. Yes, Manikyam.
What is it? – Letter from my sister. What did she write?
To send money, right? Will a toddy seller talk sweet things? So what did she write? My sister stood state
first in Intermediate. She will receive gold medal too.
– Is it? Why will I not give? I will give. Yes, Bijli? Party in your toddy shop. So what will you give me?
– I will give whatever you want. “Crazy boy! Crazy boy!
You are making me crazy.” “Stranger!
Lover.. is making you hot!.” “If you listen to me,
I will give you everything.” “If you feel shy and say no..” “..I will make you sober.” “I have been waiting
for you since many years.” “Crazy boy!
Crazy boy! You are making me crazy.” “Hey, young babe! My sweet heart!
I will play top with you.” “Hey, naughty boy! Crazy dude!” “Are your desires fulfilled?” “Like a bed of flowers,
you hug me tight.” “Like a sweet lover,
she will keep you with her.” “Come and grab her like a soft drink!’ “Crazy boy!
Crazy boy! You are making me crazy.” “Don’t give pose and stop me.
My nose ring..” “..fell down when you touched it.” “Don’t talk, don’t calm down.
Now you are mine.” “Take my beauty and
gorgeous figure with you.” “However you try,
I will not fall for you.” “You are the super hero of all time.” “Crazy boy!
Crazy boy! You are making me crazy.” “Stranger!
Lover.. is making you hot!.” “If you listen to come
I will give everything.” “If you feel shy and say no,
I will make you sober.” “I have been waiting
for you since many years!” Hey, Bijli! Stop! Stop I say! Hey! – You! Stop! Bijli! You cannot escape me. Stop! Hey Bijli! Who are you? Stop I say! – Leave me! You cannot escape me tonight! What is it with you? What is your nuisance? Come! Hey! What happened to you? Bijli! Hey, Bijli! Bijli! What? What are you saying? Wasn’t it you last night? Not at all. I ran until you became normal. I went to the other side
of the guest house and saw. You were not seen there. I thought you will come searching
for me after you become normal.. Uncle, what is this? Have you seen what happened? What happened, uncle? Last night one drunkard.. ..has raped the doctor
who stayed in our guest house. Poor girl!
Her marriage is fixed next week. She came to distribute wedding cards.. ..and one rogue has spoiled her life. Who is she? Where is she from? It is here. DS Devi.. 237, Raghavaiah Road Bhuvanagiri. Wicked girl! I cannot marry.. I am ineligible and my life is ruined. She wrote a letter and went somewhere. At least when the proposal was fixed.. ..she should have said that
she didn’t like the proposal.. ..and she loves someone
from Nagarjuna Sagar.. I will marry him. She has made the house a graveyard. Why will a boy,
even if he is from America.. ..marry the girl if she
is spoiled before marriage? Since they live for respect so.. ..they punished themselves
for giving birth to such daughter. Anyway no mother should give
birth to such ill-fated daughter. Mother.. gave me the birth
of a human being but.. ..I have become an animal. They say wherever a woman cries.. ..auspicious things
will not happen there. An innocent girl’s life
has been destroyed because of me.. ..and her house turned into graveyard. Now this animal doesn’t
have the right to take your name. I don’t have the right, mother! Mother.. I don’t know you are
and what your name is.. But you are a woman. That’s why you got sacrificed
because of my desire. If you are alive.. ..then give me a chance to
fall on your feet and repent my sin. I swear on this bangles and say.. ..I will not cheat anyone
and I will not anyone do it. “Oh God..” “Your deeds are strange, dear.” “Oh God!” “Your deeds are strange, dear.” “Is it poison or elixir?” “How will it be decided?” “Is it a blessing or favour in return?
How to know it?” “Oh God..” “Your deeds are strange, dear.” “Crime that happened long back..” “ burning him like fire.” “He got burnt in it like a volcano.” “He rose with the fire
inside him like a moon.” “He became lamp in
the eyes of many people.” “Is it fair to tell
him to get extinguished?” “Oh God.. ” “Your deeds are strange, dear.” “Goddess appeared inside
heart and asked for his life.” “She asked him to give up his life.” “The vermillion on forehead..” “Is it fair to wipe it?” “Is it possible to
live 100 years together?” “What is duty?” “Tell me.” “Oh God..” “Your deeds are strange, dear.” I am sorry. You came in a happy mood earlier.. ..and I told you my
past and irritated you. Really I am very sorry. Give me two months time.. ..for removing the grief that
you are undergoing since five years. Just two months. The future of the person
who ruined your life.. ..will be at your feet. Why are you sitting as if
you are sitting next to dead body? Are we so lucky?
– Now don’t talk more. Yes! Why do you leave the adjacent one?
Target it! – Hey! That is assembly. Government will arrest
us if we try to grab it. Sorry. – Ah! Come, dear. Wow! You look like a golden doll! Come. Sit. If a person is alone then
he is filled with thoughts. If you too get married
along with Swapna.. ..then you will not
feel the void of sister. Why don’t you talk, son? Even though you don’t talk
anything I have seen the eyes of.. talking to you during
the engagement in the morning. Simhadri said that.. too likes you very much. Why do you make it late, son? If you say yes then.. ..I will talk to doctor
and perform your marriage. What will you tell her? Will you tell her that
it is your Manikyam.. ..who drank heavily and ruined
your life in Nagarjuna Sagar? Will you tell her that
the person whom you saved.. ..has ruined your life few years back? The person whom you are
waiting to kill every minute.. your Manikyam.
Will you tell her this? – Son.. Will you tell her
that I will marry her.. ..when I spoiled her life? I have destroyed her life. Will you tell her I am
willing to live with her forever? Will you tell her that
the person whom raped you.. willing to marry you? What will you tell her, uncle?
What will you say? No, son. No! Don’t tell the truth
and lose the doctor. People who worship Lord Shiva.. ..gets scared of the
snake around his neck. By seeing your good nature all
these days, she thinks you are God. If you tell her the truth
then she will hate you very much. Please.. please don’t
tell this truth to her. Don’t tell her.. don’t tell her.. Hiding truth from the
people who trust you.. a big sin than a killing. Shakuntala Devi trusted
me and told me her past. That’s why.. ..if not today then
at least tomorrow.. ..I have to tell her my past. Sit. Girl is good looking, right?
– Yes, sister-in-law. How is he? – Who? Boy. He is fine. Why? – Why? For you to marry him. Should I marry him? Anyway, without telling me who are
you to arrange this meeting with boy? Rani! – Look! I am living with this person
in this house since many days. Anyway there is no such
relationship between them. Shut up! – Oh! Whether there is relationship or not.. ..the girl who is living with a man.. you like to marry such girl? Get up! Stop! Don’t go.. Sir! Sir! Listen to me! – Enough! Rani, what is your intention? For how long will
you remain unmarried? As long as I live. – Means? I already told you.. ..that I love you and.. ..adore you like Radha.
– I don’t love you. No! Don’t love! Anyway.. What will the world think? It will think I am your mistress. It is okay., I don’t have parents. But like a father brother
and lover, I have your support. This is enough for my life. What if I marry other person? I will stay in your
house like a servant. I will work as nanny to your children. I will reserve my seat as
your wife in next life. Rani? Instead of marrying a
person whom we don’t like.. ..and living with him as wife. I feel happy to live as a mistress
to the man whom I love. Hey, Katari! – Yes. Whose name shall we write first? First write the names
of bride and bridegroom. You dumbo! It is their marriage so.. come we give
wedding cards to them. Let anybody come, if they don’t come.. ..then marriage will not take place. That’s why.. Here! You! Why did you draw photos
like these similar.. .. to Soudarya’s
face in movie ‘Ammoru?’ Stop your nuisance! They are not photos, Simhadri. Anyway I am applying turmeric so.. ..I am putting vermillion too.
That’s it. – Oh! Do something. – Yes. Apply some sandalwood paste
and dip them in scent. These are wedding cards.. ..not married women! You rascal! Come. Come. Come. Sit. Sit, dear. Baby! Baby! I am giving the first
wedding card to you. You should definitely
come to my marriage. Sure. Shall we leave, Swapna? We have to invite many people. Do you remember?
If you don’t attend my marriage.. ..then your hospital will
turn into wedding avenue. Be careful! Swapna looks very enthusiastic after
her marriage got fixed. Isn’t it, aunt? She is enthusiastic
as she is getting married. After knowing your past.. ..his interest in you is lost. – Aunt? Did I say anything wrong? You told him everything
when I said no. He lost interest in you because of it. As a human being,
however great a person might be.. ..he is a man. If a person comes to know that
the girl who he likes has been raped.. ..then he will treat
her like an insect.. ..but he will not marry
her and make her his wife. These days even good girls
are not getting married.. spite of giving huge dowry. So how will you get married
when you have such past? Is it finished? To hide everything and marry him.. ..and then to live happily.. I don’t have wish and desire. Anyway I don’t want a future at all.. ..why do you worry. Don’t ever think
of my life and marriage. Do you know why I am saving
so many lives as a doctor? When I kill the person
whom ruined my life.. ..then I shouldn’t get sinned for it. I will find peace after
killing him and going to jail. I like his death more than my life. My life has place for only this.. ..and not the sacred thread. Register it in the names
of those four people. – Okay. Greetings. Stop. You brought me a marriage
proposal without my knowledge. You distributed property
to us even without our asking. What is all this? Ever did we feel sad that
we don’t have bank balance like you? Did we tell anyone that we
want cars and buildings like you? Did you think we
will not remain loyal.. ..if you don’t give us something? What is this, son? We are living in your tutelage
like Nandi of Lord Shiva. Are you trying to get
rid of us by giving us money? Like how a sister is sent to
in-laws house with due formalities.. ..we don’t have anyone to go.. ..if you tell us to
go by giving us property. You are dearer than
mother and father to us. We cannot live by leaving you. We want your love but not properties. I am not Gautam Buddha
to sacrifice property and loved ones. We are living together
and we made progress together. But I am roaming in cars.. ..and you are opening
doors and standing. I am standing on
top floor like a owner.. ..and you are sitting
at door like labours. A new enemy is increasing
for me for every good work. I don’t know what will
happen at any moment. In case if something happens to me.. ..then you shouldn’t become orphans.
That’s why distributed the properties. That’s it but not
for sacrifice or favour. Even though we are
not related each other.. ..we lived like family. If you have any respect for me.. ..then don’t say no to me. Hey! What are you doing? Are you drunk? Donkeys! Stop! Hell with you! Hey! Yes! – Hey! Hey! One to seven donkeys! What is this nuisance?
What happened to you? Manikyam has given properties
for his staff. – So what? We are protesting
because you didn’t give.. ..a single paisa
to your brother-in-laws. What is it with giving? I had given one acre land.. each one of you, isn’t it?
– Yes, you gave it. You also took signatures from us.. ..on stamp papers saying
we all took loan from you. It is that..- Hey! Don’t destroy the house!
– You wait. – Hey! Donkeys.. – You have made us measure
every land that you occupied illegally. You made us work like labours. You made us dig pits for the
people who became hurdles to you. What is left for us
for doing so much for you? The coconut pieces that you broke
whenever you occupied something.. The cement bags that you left.. ..whenever you inaugurated something.. What is it? He is the future mayor of city.
How can you abuse him like that.. ..for being your
sister’s husband? – Yes! He should pay money for outside goons. That’s why he used his
own brother-in-laws as goons. Such a loafer he is. Why should we give him respect?
– Hey! I will kill you! Hey! – Stop! Someone has come. Go and see. God! – Wedding card. I didn’t come to fight with you. I came to invite you
for my sister’s wedding. You may consider me as enemy.. ..but I never felt like
that about you anytime. I faced you when
you committed mistake. I fought with you when
I felt something is injustice. Otherwise I don’t
have enmity with anyone. From today I wish to live peacefully. Fights, plotting.. Let us not get into them. I will not harm you. You shouldn’t harm people. Let us forget everything
that happened between us earlier. Tomorrow is my sister’s marriage. You should attend
and do it personally. ‘Sanskrit Chant’ ‘Sanskrit Chant’ Greetings. – Greetings. Come. Sit. Sit.. Sit. Greetings. Greetings. – Greetings. Greetings. – Greetings. Simhadri, take them inside. Come. – Greetings. Come. When Manikyam is wishing
you by folding his hands.. ..then why do you lift
your dhoti with hands. What should I do?
When I saw his face.. ..I remember the scene when
he had put bomb inside my short. Automatically my hands
are touching down.. ..without my knowledge. So you didn’t forget
that day’s face cut yet. ‘Sanskrit Chant’ Did you eat tiffin? It is the time to eat food now. Who
is he asking whether we ate tiffin? You and your nuisance! I mean if you eat food then
nothin will be left for others. He too is aware of
your matter. – Okay. ‘Sanskrit Chant’ ‘Sanskrit Chant’ ‘Sanskrit Chant’ ‘Sanskrit Chant’ ‘Sanskrit Chant’ ‘Sanskrit Chant’ Elders come and bless the couple. Come. – Come. Come. You go and bless them. Okay, aunt. Stop! Why are you doing like
this at the last stage.. ..when you have performed your
sister’s marriage in a grand manner? What mistake has happened now? Her blessing that couple! Look, madam.
It seems you are mistaken. She is a famous doctor here. Daughter who killed her parents.. same whether she
is doctor or minister. Look, son. I think you don’t know about her. She is from my village. She got spoiled by going out with some
person one week before her marriage. When everyone came to know of it,
she escaped from the village. Unable to face the
society because of it.. ..her parents consumed
poison and died. So will it become a
good thing and not sin.. ..if a woman like her
blesses a newlywed couple? It is a mistake to
invite to such people.. .. for wedding and
auspicious functions. If their eyes fall on someone.. ..then even happy lives
too will get ruined. I know what kind of
a person doctor is and.. ..also what her character is. Women like you who give importance
to golden sacred thread.. ..and silk saris
than husband’s safety. She is very great than
many such women like you. Living with husband
and family during day.. ..and then doing
prostitution at night.. ..she is much better than such women. As you said.. ..she doesn’t know
to destroy happy families. She knows only to save dying people. Her heart is gold. Person is gold. Whoever humiliates her
are not humans according to me. I will make the person
who ruined your life.. ..fall at your feet. Give me two months time. I want Kali! I have to cut him into pieces! I have to cut him into pieces! I have to cut him into pieces! I have to cut him into pieces! Son, by seeing your grief.. ..I am afraid that you
will tell her truth and.. ..sacrifice your life. No, son. You are like the wanderer
who became Valmiki. You are the reformist who should
write the fate of these villagers. You didn’t know the crime that.. committed under
the influence of alcohol.. ..and you have sacrificed
your life for it all these years. You have good looks young age.. ..and property but
you still remained single. What will a bigger punishment
than it for the mistake you committed? Son! – Son! Son! Son, you should definitely
contest as mayor. Gatta Rattaiah has destroyed
this colony as a corporator. He will make the city a
graveyard if he becomes mayor. We don’t know what
will happen tomorrow. So how can we say what is
going to happen after one month? Don’t say like that? I..will return as a human being. I will return as a human being. I will return as a human being. I will contest as mayor. Brother-in-law! Brother-in-law! You go out for five minutes.
– Sir, one still is left. Wait for ten minutes.
You will have to click more stills. What?
I am giving poses to photos. Why do you come and disturb? Do you want to spoil my publicity? If you hear the news
that I am going to tell you.. ..then forget posing for publicity.. will have to get
photos for your funeral rites. What is the news? Manikyam is going to
contest mayor elections. For that too. – What? Is Manikyam contesting
as mayor? – Yes. When he was an ordinary person
he ruined my character in corporation. Now if his time is good
and becomes mayor then.. ..he will push all
of us to lower level. He will not keep quiet
after trampling us. He will remove your skin
and distribute it to the.. ..labours for stitching footwear. Narsing! Take as many goons as you want. He shouldn’t live till elections. Doctor Shakuntala here. I am Manikyam speaking. I have caught Kali whom you asked. If you come to Goddess
Gajulamma temple.. ..I will throw Kali at your feet. Hey! Manikyam! Manikyam! Manikyam! Manikyam! Manikyam! Manikyam! Tell me where Kali is! Manikyam! Where is Kali? Where is Kali? He is here. He is in front of you. Yes! I am the Kali whom you
are searching for five years. I am the Kali who raped you. I am the Kali who
destroyed your family. You saw the name on my
hand and thought my name is Kali. But this Manikyam has destroyed you. That’s why in order to
wash away my sin with blood.. ..I came here. Maybe the hands that gives
lives shouldn’t commit sin.. ..that God has planned
my death like this. As you wished.. ..I thought of sending
my dead body to you as gift. But before dying you
should hear the death news.. ..and I should tell you my
inner suffering of all these years. So I came here. This blood given to me by mother
is more sacred than Bhagavadgita. I swear on it and tell you. I didn’t rape you wantonly. Under the influence of alcohol.. I didn’t know what I was doing.. I have done injustice to
you by thinking you are Bijli. After knowing the truth.. ..I thought I don’t have the right
to have my mother’s name on my body.. I burnt myself. I have considered you my Goddess.. ..the day I ruined your life. Even if she says no.. ..I thought she will
be the life of my sacred love. That’s why I came to the
city to find out who she is. But I couldn’t know
it until you told me. As an act of repentance
for the crime I committed.. As a witness to my sacred love,
I have built this temple. Do you know who is
the Goddess in this temple? It is not Goddess Gajulamma. It is you! In the milieu that
happened that night.. ..and the bangles that
fell in the guest house.. ..and to remind of my crime.. ..and to stop me from
committing any crime.. ..I have kept them in this temple. Immediately after
you told me your past.. ..I thought of telling
you that I am Kali. But in order to perform
my sister’s marriage.. ..whom I love more than my life.. ..and to provide a source
to people who trust me.. ..I asked for two months time. The time I asked for ends today. Time given by God has also finished. I am a dark chapter in your life.. ..and I will end by tonight. The trauma that you are
undergoing all these years.. ..humiliation,
revenge, disturbance and everything.. Everything will with my death. Why did you save me? Is there a bigger punishment than
death for the mistake I committed? Even if try to save me as a doctor.. sin will not
let me live in peace. Doctor, you don’t know. The age of the mistake
I committed is five years. But the age of the ordeal that
I underwent as result is 100 years. I don’t have the strength
to tolerate the grief. By performing your marriage,
your parents.. ..should have sent you to in-laws
but I have sent them to cemetery. Your future as a doctor should
be very great but I have ruined it. You should have got married.. ..and lived happily like everyone. I have made it a lifeless desert. I don’t have the right to live
as a human being. Why did you save me? See there. Do you know who is
the girl coming from there? She is your daughter. My curse. I didn’t carry her as a duty. I got spoiled and I didn’t’
like to get married so.. ..I wrote a letter to my parents. It has destroyed their lives. I couldn’t tolerate it.. aunt consoled me. I was living as a dead
body for four months.. ..and have realised
that I gave birth to a life inside me. That day.. What is your stupidity? Will you kill yourself
to abort the child? If something happens
then it is danger to her life. Calm down. Calm down. I thought of killing the
child that was born that day. I thought I shouldn’t
let this sin live. Baby! Stop! What is this? How did you decide
to kill an infant baby? I would have nurtured
her if she was a child.. .,but she is a sin. That’s why I want to get rid of it.
– Wrong, dear. You are a doctor. You should
save life but you shouldn’t kill. Don’t ever do this
mad thing again. Come Aunt saved her and sent her here. I have lost my parents for the.. ..sin you committed. But I saved you because
she shouldn’t lose her father.. ..because of my stubbornness. I am bird that got
injured in hunter’s hands. But that hunter is Valmiki today. Child of that girl. Rather than growing
up as my daughter.. is good for her future
to live as your daughter. What is your name, dear? Amrutha. Who are you, uncle? – I am your daddy. “Oh dear.. come.. come..” “Oh dear.. come.. come..” “Come.. on sweet fragrance..” “Relationship of previous birth..” “Like a blessing,
I found this sacred love.’ “Oh dear..” “Come.. come.. come..” “My dear..” “Just now I am seeing
the sunrise newly.” “Give me warmth like you
witnessed by your friendship.” “I have waited for you all the time.” “I welcome you with lot of hope.” “Our relationship is beautiful.” “Beloved has written the story..” “Sacred love lies inside both of us.” “Oh dear..” “Come.. come.. come..” “My dear..” “Dear, today my life
has become a temple.” “I say it is sufficient
if you stay like this.” “This flying pigeon
has come under your shadow.” “I will consider
your arms as my refuge.” “When will the dreams come true?” “When will the dreams see hope?” “Sacred love says
to see it in our eyes.” “Oh dear..” “Come.. come.. come..” “Oh dear.. come..” “Come.. come..” “This sweet memory..” “Relationship of previous birth..” “Like a blessing
we found sacred love.” “Oh dear.. come.. come..” “Come.. dear..” Why did you come here? I came for punishment to my crime. If you forgive me
instead of punishing me.. mistake will not become correct. That’s why I came
to repent for my sin. If you say you will forgive me then.. .. I will accept my mistake
in front of everyone. I will take up the
responsibility of the child. If you don’t have
objection I will marry you. Sorry, I don’t like this marriage. If a killer is given jail punishment.. ..the person who died
will not become alive. If you tie the sacred thread
and accept your mistake.. life will not become good. The respect that we
lost will not come back. My parents will not become alive. Even after knowing that
you are Kali I saved you.. don’t be under the
illusion that I love you. Since I cannot keep quiet when
a person is dying so I treated you. Other than that I don’t
have any opinion on you. Please don’t ever bring up the topic
of love and marriage with me again! Go! Dear, you committed a big mistake. As a doctor, you saved his life. You have killed his
heart as a human being. Aunt, he made me a Goddess
long back by building a temple for me. Goddesses will remain
only as idols but.. ..they are not meant to live
as humans and live normal lives. Where did you go all these
days without telling us, son? Do you know how worried
we became when you went missing? Moreover while going
you talked philosophy. You are such a good person. What problems do you have, boss? Since there are good people than me.. ..this society still exists. Tomorrow is the last date
to file nomination for mayor. If you don’t contest.. ..then you will commit the
sin of giving away the city to devils. I am contesting. Future mayor Manikyam! – Hail! Future mayor Manikyam! – Hail! Future mayor Manikyam! – Hail! Future mayor Manikyam! – Hail! Future mayor Manikyam! – Hail! Why do you take so much tension.. if he won the election? He just filed nomination. If this election is held
then he will definitely win. But he should stay
alive until election. It is sure that he will
lose even if the election is held. I will tell you how it is. Come. Boss! – Boss! Boss! – Boss! Boss! Boss! Wall posters are
put up all over the city.. ..saying you have cheated the doctor. So the public has learnt
about the sin I committed. Sir. Not only that they
too are erecting a stage.. front of our meeting tomorrow. Don’t worry! I didn’t come to demolish
hospital like before. I came to know about the injustice
meted out to you long back.. I came to offer my sympathy. I have decided that
I shouldn’t sleep.. ..until I teach a lesson
to the person who raped you. That’s why we came to you. Since he supported
you in the marriage.. Since he supported your hospital.. Since he has build Goddess
Gajulamma temple in your name.. Doctor, don’t forgive
him by becoming sentimental. He is very intelligent. He raped you and.. ..have built a temple
for your bangles. If we let such a
person to become mayor.. ..then all the people who became
leaders after committing killings.. ..will commit rapes from
tomorrow and contest elections. That’s why you should
stand in front of society.. .. and reveal his true character. Come. Come. Baby! What are you doing? Will you tell people wrong
things about Manikyam who is like God? Aunt, even after knowing the
person who committed the mistake.. ..I am not Mother
Teresa to forgive him. I am a normal person. Brothers and sisters! My dear voters! Greetings to all of you! I may not be a great
person like Mahatma Gandhi. But I have the dreams of Rajiv Gandhi. He may not be great like NT Ramarao.. ..but our brother-in-law
has dreams of Kesari. Therefore vote for my
brother-in-law and make him win. Leave Manikyam and.. ..and dump him. – Manikyam! Hail! – Manikyam!
– Hail! – Manikyam! – Hail! Manikyam! – Hail! – Manikyam! – Hail! Manikyam! – Hail! – Stop! Stop! Manikyam! – Hail! What do you know about Manikyam? He raped a girl who was supposed
to get married and thereafter escaped. He was the reason behind
the suicide of this girl’s parents. Not only that my dear voters.. ..he made doctor pregnant
without marrying her.. ..and is threatening
her till now saying.. ..he will kill her
if she reveals the truth. If you want then ask her personally. She will tell you about it. Come. Tell them! Tell us, madam!
Are they telling the truth? Lies! Utter lies! This is the plan made
by Rattaiah and MLA.. defeat Manikyam in election. Manikyam didn’t destroy my life. He saved my hospital
from Rattaiah’s hands. My family didn’t get
destroyed because of Manikyam. Many families have
become good because of him. He helped many poor
people get married. He got many students educated. He made their lives good. He is such a great person.. will you believe
if I say he destroyed my life. We don’t believe! We don’t believe! They have put up posters
all over the city.. ..and brought disrespect
to me and him. I have come on this stage.. order to get a chance
to tell you this matter. These people shed
crocodile tears saying.. ..a woman met with injustice. They have killed the
husbands of many women. They don’t respect humanity
and good nature at all. If they become mayor
then city will get destroyed. That’s why help Manikyam to win. We will make him win! We will make
him win! We will make him win! – No! No! No! I don’t want that position! I am not eligible for it. I swear on my sister and say.. ..that I have ruined the life of.. Shankuntala’s life
under the influence of alcohol. She became mother
to a girl because of me.. ..and go distanced from
her village and family. She is Goddess Sita
who is living in forest. The temple I build in
the name of Goddess Gajulamma.. not meant for an unknown Goddess. It is for the doctor.. ..who got sacrificed because of me.. ..and living like a idol
in spite of being alive. Even thought child
hits hard on heart.. tolerating the pain mother
gives milk to the child happily. Though I behaved like an animal.. ..she is still trying
to treat me like a human being. This Goddess.. She said no even when I
told her that I will marry her. She remained as an unwed mother.. ..but is trying to make
me a leader without any blemish. No! A person like me
who doesn’t have any morals.. ..doesn’t have the
right to do politics. The mistake I committed
was without my knowledge.. ..but I cannot correct that mistake. Therefore punishment is
the only proper solution to it. A person like me shouldn’t
be spared easily. I should be killed by throwing stones! I should be killed by stabbing knifes! I should be killed by hanging! Come! Come! Kill me! Come! – No! No! A God like you shouldn’t leave us. Death is not the punishment
for the mistake you committed. You should marry the doctor! Yes! Marry the doctor! Marry the doctor! Marry the doctor! Marry the doctor! Marry the doctor! Marry the doctor! Marry the doctor! Marry the doctor! Marry the doctor! Come! Come! – Hey! I will thrash him! Stop! You are finished! Wait.. wait.. Light it. He is killed! Come! Come! Hey! I have seen it first. I took it first – I saw it first. I took it first – I saw it first. I took it first! – No! I will kill you! You! Now take the note! Mummy!

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  1. Heart warming story, if only all rapist thinks before committing such despicable acts & not succumbs to his lust maybe then it is safe for a woman. Whether it happened accidently or not the effect on a woman being raped & the feeling of ashamed is a burden that they will carry for the whole of their life. All Men.. drinking alcohol is not only injurious to one's health but may caused injury to woman's too! Nice story line, my compliments to the writers, director & the main actor & actress of a job well done!

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