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Picture a place, which inspires people since the beginning of its existence. A place that strives to shape the future while embracing the past. A place where revolutions were fought and were icons were created. Hey, my name is Florian and that’s how I experienced Paris I think people should definitely come to Paris it is a wonderful city it is definitely worth it

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  1. Paris | Travel Video – Out Now! 🙂
    I chose a slower approach for this one – let me know what you think!🤭
    The Music & Soundeffects I use: – 30DaysFree/MonthlyBasis

  2. Love how your shots are real well thought of escpecially those from the drone and the really long series of hyperlapses!

  3. Every new video is more perfect than the other one❤, and that's why I am in love with your videos. I just can't wait to watch more and more videos from you. It shows how hardworking person you are. You're not only showing the beauty of the word but you are source of inspiration for many people who are watching you. Keep it up and We're all supporting you! With love From Tunisia❤

  4. Thats wonderful FLorian , as i was following your stories on instagram and i've just been to paris was looking forward to your travel video. (y)

  5. Amazing video and great edits 👌🎥 Paris is amazing.
    Subscribed to see more beautiful content from you. Keep it up!

  6. I’m so in love with this video!! I have had such an admiration for Paris, France for a while now but have never had the chance to go yet. So thank u so very much for giving me the slightest glance at this incredibly beautiful place!! I subscribed for more great content. Insta @mikhylajayde

  7. No words just….WOW!!!

    Iam also video creator like this.but I don't know which software to use to create beautiful videos like.also I was looking for great video creator for some valuable advice…and I found it here…I want to know which software your using to edit like…..Thank you😍😍

  8. I don't normally watch cinematic videos that are over 1 or 2 minutes but I watched your video all the way through and let me tell you, you didn't disappoint me at all!

  9. Hi, I really love this footage of Paris!

    I work for a company that sells interrailing holidays to customers from all over the world. We are currently gathering up some content to be used for a promo vid for one of our packages. Would we be able to use a short snippet of your footage for this video? We will of course credit you!

  10. Beautiful video!! How were you able to fly the drone in a non-fly zone!? I’m going to Paris in 2 weeks and it’s nice to see Paris through your eyes!

  11. Great video!! Awesome😍 may I ask how it did go with filming with the drone? Because I’m going soon to Paris and from what I have read it’s very very forbidden to fly drones and it sounds as if it was impossible?

    Did you notice anything?

    Thanks ❤️

  12. Love this! You’ve got some amazing drone shots, I want a drone soo bad but it’s way to expensive. Maybe one day. You killed it in this video!

  13. Amazing video 😊 .. I was wondering about the drone shots as far as I know it's banned in Paris? Asking because I'm going thrre in December.

  14. I really want to go to Paris but i can't and just by seeing this video makes me happy already 💓
    Such a beautiful video 😍😍

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