PARIS SOLO TRIP: Traveling alone for the 1st time! 馃嚝馃嚪

I haven’t had a foot injury like this since track when I was in school I loved to run so I wasn’t track and I remember getting injured once But it wasn’t severe so, it could be worse you guys. Um, so try to stay optimistic here So that’s like the biggest update. Other than that, I’ve been enjoying France so far L’Occitane really spoiled us and we had so much fun learning about the products and the ingredients and They fed us so well Breakfast at the hotel was always so nice because we had this amazing view of the ocean Corsica is so beautiful I’m going to wear a hat today because: One I want to protect my skin from the Sun and, also because I’m lazy and don’t undo my hair and don’t want to wear too much makeup anyway, so That’s it for the eye makeup. I’m just using this and this in the outer corner and To finish off this look I’m going to wear my Mac Chili Ever since Joanne gave me this lipstick I’ve been wearing it non-stop and It just really completes my look and even though I didn’t focus too much on the eye makeup and whatnot It just looks very completed All right, I’m gonna change, grab something quick to eat and then go to a cafe and get some work done today Like I said before I’m trying not to walk as much so that tomorrow I want to explore Paris Uhm, even though I was just here in February or March I forget um I Like still want to go to places and I know I can’t go to a museum this time around because it’s a lot of walking So I’m gonna try to figure out what I can do. So I’ll be doing some research on that at the cafe today So yeah, let’s get this day started Thank you, I’ll be back After the crepe, I am actually walking around Paris because Yoon Eun who is from L’Occitane Korea Her friend was supposed to be here, but she got the time mixed up. So I’m hanging out with her. She’s right here. Hi Yoon She just bought something from Chanel Came to pick her up and we’re gonna walk her out. I’m feeling much better Shopping for souvenirs I’m thinking about buying this duffel bag super cute Such a cute pouch Look at this straw bag. They’re bamboos straws. I want a small tote bag like the one I received from primera For my Leica They don’t have small toothbrush here. Here’s a small one It’s not small enough If you have any tote bag like favorite brands, but make nice tote bags. Let me know We’ve been walking around all day long and We stopped by a grocery store to pick up some water and then I’m gonna head home or to the hotel so much water is It still sparkling We have a wide range of chips Oh look, they have a cheeseburger flavored one Bye Yoon An See you in Korea This is my hotel entrance. It’s so nice The hotel key is so cute. All right, let’s going up Just changed into my rope because I spilled ramen I got too excited to eat Korean food so I washed it and I’m gonna leave it out so that it can dry a little bit while it’s still warm outside and then I’m gonna wash my makeup get ready for bed and Redo my nails. This is gel stickers. A lot of you guys were questioning where I got it and these are from Mister Bower and I’ll show you how I do it again. I did it in one of my Bali vlogs so I’m gonna redo my nails and then Take it easy. I’m really hoping my foot feels a lot better I want it to be at like 80% so that I could walk around Paris and show you guys because with today’s vlog is very very chill, so I definitely want to challenge myself to Walk around and explore new places. I saw some vintage shops nearby and I really want to go so that’s the plan for the day and Let’s get unready Change my nails Again, it’s from Mister Bower. I got a lot of comments asking where it’s from This is what it looks like I could choose from different ones and I’ll link it down below if you guys are interested. I believe they do ship ship internationally I’ll check that when I upload this video. I don’t like how I look in sheet mask. So I am going to lower it So that you guys can see the nails only And I do have to remove what’s on my nails right now and it’s super easy. All I have to do is peel them off like this and This lasted for almost a week on my nails I did have to change this one into a gold one because the silver fell off but other than that even though I swam in Corsica Only one fell off so first I am going to remove everything all my nails right now Now that they’re all removed I’m going to choose from my Little set over here. So I chose this set right here And all you need is a nail filer and it’s super easy This is super convenient because you could just measure it underneath to see which one will fit each fingernail and then You stick it on Let’s just take it on So here’s a close-up of what they look like and They didn’t have enough sixes. So I did peel them off from a different set This looks fine. I’m liking it. It’s way better than Having too chipped off. So yeah This is becoming another hamper routine But what happens when You’re injured and you can’t really explore So to finish it off my skincare. I’m going to use a moisturizer that I just scooped into a smaller Jar This is actually one from Troiareuke Alright, and finally I want to share with you guys The vitamins that I take. First we have the hyaluron plus and this is for my skin’s moisture Next we have the anti stress. This is for relaxing and then here we have Probiotics and finally from KM Han this you can buy in Myeongdong. This is called Cambi(?) um, this is great for your liver, your skin and if you feel tired throughout the day, this is really helpful. I actually start and end my day with the Cambi and this is for my liver’s health and it’s Very important that your liver is healthy It does kind of taste bitter but it’s not bad so after this, I do follow up with water I Take two of the anti stress Two of the hyaluron It all says it in the packaging. Sorry. It’s so bright. Yep, and then This one I’m done with and then for probiotics, I only take one of these .Here’s a closer look at what they look like And finally it’s time to apply the cooling patches on my foot I bought this at the local pharmacy I think 24 euros, quite pricy a lot pricier than Korea But it seems to be working because I am feeling better today It’s 9:15 p.m. But it’s still so bright outside Which means I’m going to work until it gets dark and then I’ll relax with some YouTube videos Good morning, everyone I’m currently on my way to get a croissant to start my day and good news is my foot feel so much better Very happy about that after that I am gonna go to galleries Lafayette to refill my Le Labo Santal 33 I’m done with this one and I want one that says Paris Here we are Look it how beautiful it is inside All right, let’s go refill it. Sad news. They only do the refills at boutiques and the boutiques are closed today. So That’s a bummer. I’m Going to walk around galleries Lafayette because they’re having a big big sale so I’m just gonna eyes shop and maybe buy something if I see anything, we’ll see .And also I want to show you guys how beautiful this mall is That is something that I can never do but I’m sure they’re getting amazing photos out there. All right, let’s look around Oh my gosh. Look at this So pretty Well also 50% off, but the prices are a bit high .So beautiful Wow At Stella McCartney, loved their shoes. Wanted to check if they had the monster boots, but they don’t so sad Those are my favorite shoes I owned. Love the colors. I want to try this on. So I’m trying on the tie-dye shirts and this is the smallest one But it looks so big so I actually asked for a bigger size to see if I could wear it as a dress Let’s try it and this is the bigger size that they have Kind of like this one, too I’m gonna go with the bigger size. It’s 50% off. So I just have to and I’m not getting a bag because I’m gonna have to pack everything anyway. All right, Merci That’s it for shopping it got really busy in there because of the sales and I was pretty satisfied with my Stella McCartney tie-dye shirt, so I left early and I decided to walk over to my hotel because It’s not that far But because of the heat I’m sweating and I wanted to change before going to Luxembourg Actually storied on Instagram and a lot of you guys suggested going back there having like a little picnic I might stop by Mais Non first because I love the food there. I love their pita bread It’s like baguette form. And then maybe go back to Shakespeare company. Check out the books there a few of you guys also suggested that I have a casual meet and greet So I might just have it at Luxembourg Haven’t decided yet. I get really nervous about casual meeting and gree because I don’t know who’s gonna show up and I don’t know. We’ll see it’s a very spontaneous day first gonna change into a dress maybe and then Head over there. I decided to wear my Stella McCartney t-shirt dress and Now I’m ready to head out again. Hey, so this is from my hotel I’m gonna first walk over to supreme Paris and then (?) to grab something to eat Notre dame, Shakespeare Company and then Luxembourg. All right, let’s do this My gosh, they have my favorite Lay’s cheese and onion I think I’m gonna buy this I’m so happy right now because I wanted to walk around and now that my foot feels so much better just So beautiful. I’ve never really walked around this part of Paris. This is very exciting Alright guys, I found it I didn’t even know that there was a supreme store in Paris Wow that. Wow, it’s massive inside Many falafel places. I’ve been to this area, I remembered My gosh, I found it Right in front of notre-dame everyone is taking photos afar In front of Shakespeare and company Well, there’s a lot of people today I’ve never seen that this crowded because I always come during off-hours It’s so crowded. I think there’s a line No I dont have time This I’ll just head over to Luxembourg then

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  1. Watching this vlog makes me so excited for my upcoming trip to Paris! I can't wait! What are your thoughts on traveling solo?

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    (Your camera LEICA, is this the one we see when you talk in the mirror at Galerie Lafayette ? Isn't it too heavy to carry such a camera all day (or burdensome) ?)

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    It could help you grow your audience here and it's a little bit of practice for me !
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  30. That hotel costs abt $500 a night. Who paid? Was it a comp? Either way nor exactly representative of "solo travel" for most people.

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