We just got off our train the Eurostar
from London and now we’re in the city of love and it is such a dream I already
put the hotel robe on because I wanted to be nice and cozy and we have this
lovely balcony to enjoy which I was so hoping for because we weren’t sure if
our hotel room would get a balcony it’s it’s the tiniest little thing but it’s
still so magical and the weather is absolutely heavenly so we are just going
to enjoy it and have kind of a slow afternoon we’re gonna find a little cafe
where we can get some coffee and a bite to eat and then later this evening we’re
going to the Eiffel Tower and we will climb to the top not till 9:00 p.m.
though so we’ll see the lights twinkle and the city just come to life at night
so really excited for that and neither of us have done that before actually
maybe you did that when you were a kid right well Brandon did it when he was a
kid but I have never done it so we’re gonna do it together and just enjoy this
beautiful day in Paris not really seem this valid so we were a
little scared but we’re getting through it right babe we got our cozy little
mocha and mace felt it M okay a instead of MOC how do you don’t love you CH a mo
Zhi that’s what I was thinking but it thought it’s so wrong I think they’re
waiting to actually record that he a little too search who is a view we just
had our little pastry picnic Eiffel Tower and now we’re looking for
some more food Brandon is a little bit more hungry so we’re looking for
something warm to eat maybe some pizza maybe like a panini maybe some French
onion soup I don’t know it’s actually quite chilly so we want something cozy back in our cozy spot in front of the
Eiffel Tower I’m currently looking at it and we didn’t come back empty-handed
we found some pizza and these are good to go and we’ve got this little blanket
I brought and we’re about to enjoy it with a view just like our dessert we ate
our dessert before pizza which was just the correct order I think but this is
definitely the ideal situation is absolutely beautiful and we are walking
to the Eiffel Tower right now and we’re gonna go all the way to they have a whole cafe and gift shop in
the Eiffel Tower good morning last night was dope and
coming to the top of the Eiffel Tower I wasn’t sure how I feel about it because
when you’re at the top of the Eiffel Tower you don’t see the Eiffel Tower but
it was actually so incredible saturated experience we went all the way to the
top because they have the option to just go kind of halfway but we look all the
way to the top and it was so worth it but if you’re afraid of heights
I definitely do not recommend it because you really go so so high and then we
waited till 10 o’clock to see the lights twinkle at samples higher which was also
worth it in such a magical thing to witness and this morning we are on a
train if you can tell and we are enroute will not forget but we will be in route
to colmar which is in a beautiful section
of France I was actually inspired well the beauty and the beast’
of the lid that that lived in was inspired where we’re going so we’re
really excited and excited to relax and maybe take a little nap on this trailer we have made it safely to colmar it was
about a three hour train ride from Paris and from the station to the little old
child the cute little part of coal mark it’s about a 10-minute easy a beautiful
walk so that’s what we’re doing now then can’t we just see it we’re so cool pick up a little math on the way over to
the old town of Kumar and it smells absolutely scrumptious sometimes you
just need to stop out a little cafe and treat yourself former come to this little cafe it was
absolutely scrumptious and get the quiche we are just our mouths are still
watering we’ve only been here for about an hour
but I can confirm it is one of the most magical places I have ever been and is
absolutely stunning a true story book fairytale village we picked up some goodies from the
market we got fat spacey goat cheese a beautiful baguette for one
year oh and some fresh apple juice taking a little cappuccino breaks and
the colmar Brandon’s always looking down on his phone when I do these updates
because he likes to keep track of all the money we were spending in our
budgeting app so he’s very organized going on a train ride when you’re on the border of France in
Germany and it’s absolutely necessary that should get yourself a bretzel it’s
so yummy as you can see I just took a bite so I can confirm it’s delicious so yummy this is definitely the yummiest macaron
I’ve had and Brandon says his taste like yummy apple pie hello so we just got
back to our hotel room after the most enchanting and beautiful day in Colmar
it truly is like walking through a storybook and if you have opportunity to
go I would absolutely recommend it and as you know we just did it in a day trip
and it took a little under three hours to get there
the Train times do vary so definitely try to get like a shorter trying time if
you are just doing a day I would say we had plenty of time to do everything that
we wanted to do I mean really all we did do was a walk around eat go in all the
little markets and we rode that cute little train tour which was really fun
and it was only 16 euro wait no 14 euros for both both the best so I thought that
was a pretty good price it was just a fun cute thing to do so I would
definitely recommend that but it was plenty of time so I think you could even
like if you wanted to hustle and not really have a slow day you could split
up colmar in Strasbourg which is strasbourg was actually on the way to
colmar and it’s another really popular and beautiful city so you could even do
both in one day I believe if you really wanted to like go for it but we just
kind of want to have wanting to have a more relaxing and slow day and
it’s exactly what we had we are quite tired still though as you know we did
wake up pretty early to catch our train so we’re quite sleepy it’s almost 9 p.m.
now we are a little hungry even after eating so much today so we’re probably
gonna order room service but we have to check out the menu and then oh we’re
gonna wake up for our last full day from Paris we had such a great and
much-needed nights of sleep so we feel well rested and ready to tackle the day
in Paris so it’s about 9:00 now little after 9:00 and we are headed to
breakfast my tumbly my tummy is rumbling and then we’re gonna go on a lot of
adventures cross off lots of things and you’d like to see on our last full day
of vacation the travel tip definitely download city
mapper it is so helpful to getting around big cities especially if you want
to take public transportation in the cold waters you can fill up your
water bottles and they even have sparkling water which is just so fancy
they have a sparkling water fountain in the middle of Paris we just had such a delicious and
healthful lunch and we sat outside because the weather is just so perfect
but we just watch walked past the nurturer Dom and we are walking to hit
them creeps now probably Nutella and banana or strawberry and then we are
going to a garden and then the loop boy with his hockey crew we just left a loop which by the way
every Friday at least when I’m posting this the lube it’s free – 26 year olds
and under however you have to buy a ticket if you want to see the Mona Lisa
which is basically a reason why everybody would go there it’s the most
popular thing at the Louvre so a little tip but just keep in mind you won’t be
able to see the Mona Lisa unless you buy your ticket so we actually didn’t spend
too much time in there it was so packed like a little overwhelming to me so
we’re back at the garden right outside of the Louvre we’re relaxing and just
soaking up this obsolete gorgeous day and then in a while when we work up some
energy we’ll probably go look for a pretty view of the Eiffel Tower to say
onward to our time and carats hello we just got back to our hotel room
after a full and fun day in Paris I just checked my phone and we
walked over 15 miles today 15 miles that is so much walking but we
really do enjoy walking because you just see so much and you can stop and pop
into little shops or cafes and you know take photos of cute Busey’s so it’s
definitely our favorite way to get around for our likes are absolutely
pooped but before I end this travel vlog I wanted to show you this backpack its
high spirit London anti-theft backpack and it is so absolutely amazing because
it actually doesn’t have any pockets or anything on the front but it has this
pocket on the back and lots of pockets within the backpack and this is just so
helpful and really eases your mind when you’re traveling because unfortunately
pickpocketing is definitely a thing here in Paris and other parts of the world so
having this backpack just has a weight lifted off your shoulder because you
know no one is getting in and stealing your stuff because they literally can’t
so I just wanted to share that because that’s really helpful because you know
that could really your ruin your trip if you get all your stuff stolen and so I
love that and I loved this trip so incredibly much and I’m so thankful for
the opportunity to travel especially with my husband Brandon but thank you
guys so much for watching I really hope you enjoyed it and be sure to watch my
travel vlog from London as well and off you

57 Replies to “PARIS + COLMAR TRAVEL VLOG! ✨

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