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[Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hey guys we are today here like you can see here’s Isabella you know her here is uni you know her – what’s his name again Ricky Ricky is right here is from Costa Rica who are you I’m Richie from Austria nice and what are you doing I guess it’s obvious [Laughter] [Music] hi guys here’s a chip and we just thought about something funny is Isabella so in this video you’re gonna see how resilient two Germans mihaela and itchy one Austrian have fun in an American Walmart in Canada check it out [Music] famous the famous Italian TV plastic 100% so here’s their stair system which is pretty amazing so this is a stair you take away and this here comes out and you just made it like this and the reason why and it’s not so stupid it’s like ours you don’t step in the dirt or whatever you don’t step in the dirt and then you just puts it up it’s not like ours like just two stairs in and out but he puts it up and slide it in here and then it’s hidden so that’s a cool system to what we could have is a something around and you have more storage on your truck so if you compare here on this vehicle they built this extract this frame and that is pretty cool because they can have stuff on top and if you see here on ours you don’t have it but if we would have a frame right here like he does somehow coming out here and going up you could store much more but we don’t have more anyways and here he has like I think 300 liter a 300 liter tank and on the other side too so 600 leader means running with diesel that’s the diesel filter like a military vehicle this filter came with extra so here’s two diesel filters and I’m pretty sure the motor has another one so we have one in the motor so this here is all storage and that’s where the chains are he has chains for the tires I was actually asking if we could share the chains because we don’t have any ideas for maybe if you come to do fun London minutes I guess yeah sure when we travel together there and this is all storage change and the pride sources inside the pipes outside all nice and both up and down there’s another hose calls don’t worry store oh yeah nice Hey look at this Wow the bikes are here what I left my bike at home because they didn’t have storage but nice oh yeah that’s the tire size for my bikes it’s funny for the dock you have a I know like for babies yeah yeah come here one nice really cool it is I want this box to on the back look you guys the first speaker when they were in America I guess this is for water right yeah on a 10 gallon of water anything [Music] [Music] leveling okay now you see that that’s the Austrian I use personally I know because we did it before like this look it’s locked you unlock and open now you know safe proof water proof and this space hide here look at the cage yes yeah we have all that without the cage yeah so we have to be careful it nothing is eating but is organized and here on this side there is the behind it in sister thank ya so can you fill water from here to or is one tank no it’s two gels they have the little connection but it needs a lot of time that you can fill on one side and let’s go to the other one so it’s better to for the one thing from this side it’s for second meant as a for Opeth’s rocks it’s yeah yeah and yeah they’re 996 and [Music] it’s a cultural nice you get your own water pump okay yeah like I said it’s really nice tonight you can you get basically drink river water you could they could drink river water so this is one thing we don’t have we still survive something I would really like because how do you pump it in do you have an extra pump for pumping in from a river yes everyone has a little pump with a 30 meter how is closed Wow so this if you drink here water from the faucet it’s so clean [Music] now we can see inside what’s a lot of people love about those big cars the best thing in this car yeah that is perfect nice so we can leave open the door and no mosquitoes comes it [Music] yeah the kitchen open up stove everything yeah and you know I saw your richest richest thing about the plates [Music] yeah organized richer did this that I need a funnel yeah you can control everything from here as well the batteries and electricity is here aha my charger isn’t I don’t know eating yes a diesel eating ha ha nice yeah but this is actually are not the winter clothes the winter crews are in the parish so just like yeah they don’t all turn their season here then it’s sleep around yeah this is really you know the size of the bed yeah it’s 140 142 are true yeah okay nice oh my god this is a window it’s close it’s just like okay but you open you tilt or can you open both on it we can open totally it’s oh my god ah but it’s really really heavy okay you do manually yeah but the good thing is if you have it open there’s another one yeah these are so nice this is the living room then yes this is really nice because it’s bigger than ours and you can fit maybe six people if they are tight yet but I think it’s really easy to eat before okay and you also have a table here I’ll bet in here yeah yours not do it you can but it’s not easy you have to flip out down down there put on there and okay so it’s not but again you can also sit to here with people yes right because you can [Music] [Music] look that oh my god no bone inside is my dream it’s so nice brand new or not used yet so yes I you would be the first thing that sells the using my house and this is the nice big fridge yes this is a nice if you could fridge look that look at how organized this little lady’s shopping yeah I always organized he’s more organized and look down here the best washing machine I love it he’s look like a doll washing machine how much give us it’s three kilos tricking us nice Theo how long you are traveling there just a secret here wow this have been children bed so this is the reason because here two windows okay older before he had two children was traveling with two children and they are bed when you bought was bad yeah you change if you have like rats okay his shower was here well yes right right and the nice part is your toilet yes can you explain yeah it’s a compost toilet so we separate the liquids or something like that okay what you needed to Hampton is empty is the front okay is from the inside not the outside so okay don’t worry don’t need to yeah but then is the liquids go to one place yes it’s here okay and the other key number two inside the big wall and what happened when going to is there’s something like Coco’s flour allow it’s not Florida more than a minute ago 10 how like almost yeah – like who’s this mix mix haha ah you do manual yet someone mixed up you mix to triumphant and that’s it that’s it and how long you need it after you change well we have to change it yet and we use it now for three days oh nice and it’s not even L know it’s not about sometimes maybe with the air pressure always a lot of wind there is a smell but only from the course okay and then is a cocoa is medicine yeah that’s what’s nice here [Music] look at this idea how cool he is where the dog is spaced and anything go in the front and there’s another business yes to opportunities more than me huh nice and you can lock it too and you also jumps back and forth yeah [Music] six cylinders six stroke yeah something later diesel engine haha 240 horsepower and it has 600 liters which is 150 gallon diesel tank and it has 450 litres oh yeah 110 kilometres per hour my eczema 110 kilometres per hour it has a governor and they concern oh yeah what fling is you 25 litres per 100 kilometres okay now people were right below how is that in do you change something it’s an aspiring kitchen design kitchen the size of the beds salsify for me maybe Richard would say I could be bigger of course or like a real couch to get cozy and maybe higher I gotta show you this we are having broadside the the pretzels Irish Susa house my husband turn around its from vegans but you bought it in Germany right yeah Reagan’s book to tell handle Maya is from my original Regensburg where I’m from that’s the what is called extension mustard and they have it because they just arrived they still have another truck so I might get some immunizing and those guys they brought it any of Blitzen look at that this is like home and of ice beer I mean Belgium whatever white but it’s kind of like home and yeah it’s [Music] the first time you use it right yes it’s all perfect No [Music] and now we are complete let’s see how fun that will be [Music] you see Europe and Brazil are in one opinion about bread a French bread is good enough when I see now another traveling couple they have the same struggles like us we are on a budget it doesn’t taste like home day by day you have when you live like that but it’s a fun it’s a lot of fun don’t get me wrong I mean we eat everything I mean look at me look at my size I eat everything I look goes for the yogurt which I never stop four nine three he meets he meets three of them broadside tonight we decided check this out we just fine look it’s all liquor and now they open the corner for cannabis good morning this is a breakfast thing Jeremy’s a austro-bavarian Austrian style breakfast and the most important to me [Music] [Music]

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