Outta Time | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

Well, boys, you’ve dropped by just in time for a sneak peek
of our upcoming exhibition. (SHUDDERS IN EXCITEMENT) I just love science.
Don’t you? No! Every time we come here, something bad happens to me. (SLURPS) Welcome to
Revolutionary Inventions, the Latest in
Scientific Breakthroughs. First up, the Atomic
Sandwich Splitter! Ooh, so science-y! (SLURPING) Finally! A device
that slices a sandwich
into perfectly equal halves. But that’s
impossible. Not anymore.
(BEEPS) (DEVICE WHIRRING) (SLURPS, EXHALES) (SMACKS LIPS) (GROANS) (QUIETLY) Mick. Mick. Hey, Mick. Mickey. Mickey Mouse. Mick. What? Where’s the bathroom? I don’t know. It’s over there somewhere. Thanks, buddy. (ELECTRICITY CRACKLING) What was that? Oh, no. Goofy! “Oh, no” is right! He’s taken one of the pods out
from our time machine. Now why would
he do that? Well, he needed a restroom
and I sent him over here. Ooh, he’s gonna mess up
the time pod. DONALD: Uh, guys. (GOOFY LAUGH) Ooh, that’s bad. It’s even worse
than I had imagined. What’s happening? Well, if someone is traveling
already back into the past, their very presence
could cause a great big ripple effect
throughout time itself. Contaminating
the existing time line, producing a terrible
catastrophic result. See that frowny face
I drew? We’re gonna have to travel
into the past
and bring Goofy back before the whole planet
is forever Goofified. This is my fault. It should be me
who goes. Phew! And Donald.
What? Oh, no! Uh-uh! No way! (LASER WHIRRING, FIRES) (SHOUTS ANGRILY) (SQUEAKS) There, good as new. What did you use
to reattach it, Professor? Super-strength glue. Yeah? ‘Cause I
would have used duck tape! (CACKLES)
Get it, duck tape? (LAUGHS, SIGHS) Right, not the time
for jokes. (GROANS) (THUD) The time pod
has been programmed with
Goofy’s exact coordinates. All set, Professor. (ALARM BLARES)
(CRACKLING) I hope they’re not too late. (GOOFY LAUGH) (WHIRRING) (SQUEALS) You gotta admit,
this is pretty awesome! (GAGS, RETCHES) (WHIRRING) (CRACKLING) Ooh, everything’s
all prehistoric. Hey! There’s Goofy’s time pod. (LOW GROWL)
(WHIMPERS) Whoa, Donald, look! (DINOSAURS CALLING) Well, if they
all look like Goofy, then they must be friendly. Hey there, big guy! (BELLOWS) (ROARS) Not friendly! Not friendly! (FOOTSTEPS FADE) BOTH: Phew! (PTERODACTYL SCREAMS) Help! Hold on, Donald! (GRUNTS AND STRAINS) (SCREAMING) Don’t worry, buddy.
I gotcha! I gotcha! You okay, pal? Donald?
cave people. It is I, your king! (CRACKLING) (ALL GRUNTING AND SCREAMING) This is definitely
gonna take longer
than I thought. Longer? I’ve got
to get out of here. Listen, we can do this. We just need some kind of
overly elaborate plan. I know. We’ll just
take some of
these jungle plants and fashion a crude catapult.
(ALL GRUNTING) (WHIRRING) Well, we’ve got Goofy, but that still doesn’t fix
the contaminated time line. Why did you have to drink all that soda, you dummy? Donald, that’s it. We’ll set the time machine to arrive one minute before Goofy drinks that soda. We can fix everything! Well, boys, you’ve
dropped by just in time for a sneak peek of
our upcoming exhibition. (BLAST) (GRUNTS) Whoo-hoo!
Hooray! You saved
the time line! Uh, hey, Donald.
Where’s your butt? Oh, no! Should have used
duct tape. (MUSIC PLAYING)

100 Replies to “Outta Time | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

  1. The last part of this short doesn't make sense
    If goofy never drinks the soda, then he wouldn't have gone in the time machine
    And the one from the future should cease to exist right?

  2. I have two questions about everything
    1. Did Goofy “mate” with everything…?
    2. Where did they all get gloves?

  3. in the future simebody will time travel
    and do the same thing that goofy did

  4. 1:52 when you dream about pooping your pants while on a date with your crush but it actually happens in real life

  5. The title of this episode is the same thing you can see on the license plate of the Delorean from Back To The Future

  6. You know I can do impressions of Mickey mouse Donald duck and Goofy so I can be a voice actor actor singer comedian director and producer

  7. Era:
    Prehistoric Era
    Caveman Era
    Ancient Era
    Kingdom Era
    Greek Era
    Christ Era
    Modern Era
    Future Era

  8. The artstyle is so simple and boring, the voice actors suck and the jokes make you want to drill a hole through your head!!!

  9. Remember when Disney made an episode where Goofy mistakes a time machine for a toilet and travels back to Mesozoic era made everything look like him and ruled over the Cavemen while Donald’s butt kept falling off after it got cut off with a laser and needed to be glued on?

    Yea me too

  10. In CTR DDL dinosaurs had fake crash bandicoot teeth and eye's maybe the game takes the idea from this

  11. I wonder if the Duck family from ducktales gets the duck tape joke 😎
    OR feel the same way as Donald and the professor 🤨

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