Osprey Waypoint and Wayfarer Travel Packs

With fit adjustability, ton of storage space
and a wide array of organizational features, Osprey Waypoint and Wayfarer travel packs
have everything that adventurers need for travels at home or abroad. So we are going to talk about the shared features
on the Waypoint 80 and the Wayfarer 70. This is a Waypoint 80. The Wayfarer 70 is a women’s
specific pack, but they share the same feature set, just different fit. Let’s start by talking about fit by turning
the pack around and looking at the suspension system. Certainly a full fledged, custom fit
suspension system here from Osprey, as you would expect. So let’s take a look at that.
Great spacer mesh padding here in the lumbar section on the custom hip belt, on the contoured
shoulder straps. Gender specific contouring between the Waypoint and the Wayfarer to accommodate
men or women. There is torso adjustability here, too, which is really nice. So instead
of a one size kind of fits all or nobody design, this really can be dialed in to fit different
sized users. Real easy to make that adjustment. Open up this Velcro tab, slide the harness
up or down and close that in place. And so you have got the fit that you are looking
for. Nice burly Velcro, so it does stay put. From there you have got load lifter straps
above your shoulders. There is a couple of different connection points for those so you
can set tem where you need them for the best fit for you. Further harness adjustability
down here. Also on the hip belt itself. In terms of carrying the weight itself, there
is a perimeter light wire aluminum frame and also an HDPE frame sheet so you can confidently
carry quite a bit of weight within these travel packs. Another really great feature that is sure
to appeal to seasoned travelers is the tuck away panel that comes up and over the suspension
system in its entirety. There is a zipper that runs the full way around the suspension
system. It will seal that off so when you are checking this, if you are checking this,
you have got full protection of that suspension system. As someone who has travelled with
an unprotected pack and had shoulder straps actually torn off the packs when I got where
I was going, I no longer had a functional backpack, that feature really resonates for
me. As nice as the suspension systems are on these
packs, where I think the Waypoint and the Wayfarer really stand out are in the organizational
features. Spin that back around and I will start by undoing this compression system here
on the front of the pack and removing the detachable daypack. I will have plenty more
to say about that pack later. But for the moment we will get it out of the way so we
can talk about the organizational features here on the main pack. Again, just looking at that compression system
for a moment, whether you have the daypack on or off, this allows you to really cinch
things down and make sure things aren’t shifting or that these panels are flapping
on you. Would also allow you, potentially, to lash or stow something on the outside of
this pack. Peeling that back and looking at the face
of the pack, you do have some strapping here at the bottom that can be used for lashing
sleeping pad, perhaps, or other gear items, a tall zippered pocket on the front face.
At the very top here you have got a zippered pocket. I have got my toiletries in here.
Anyone who has been through security knows you have got to get those out before you can
pass through security. Opening the main body here somewhat of a traditional
luggage entry. Peel that down. You can see that there is internal compression system
that keeps everything securely in place. I have got clothes in there. I have got other
gear items as well. There are … is a tall zippered mesh pocket here along the side,
some clothes there and another identically sized pocket on the other side, though that
is an enclosed pocket. It is not mesh. On the back of the front panel is another tall
zippered mesh pocket. I don’t currently have anything there, but a lot of storage space
there, as well. One other really smart pocket I want to show
off here on the back side is a really smart security pocket, especially for travel purposes
where you don’t want to lose track of documents. I have got a passport in here. I have got
my wallet. The only person who is going to be able to get to that is me as it is tucked
behind the suspension system when I am carrying it or behind that full panel should this be
checked luggage. There are also some stretch mesh pockets on
the side. I have got a water bottle here and a rain jacket on the other side. Other thing
to point out: really burly haul handles here on the side also on the top of the pack. So
whether you are grabbing this off of a luggage carousel, a bus, a hostel, something that
is easy to grab and take off. So now we are coming back around to taking
a look at that detachable daypack. Many travel packs don’t have a detachable daypack. If
they do, it can be a little underwhelming, frankly, not always a lot of organization
there and the suspension systems tend to be kind of throwaway suspension systems or very
minimalist. Not the case here on the detachable daypack of the Waypoint and the Wayfarer.
You have got contoured shoulder straps similar to what you had on the main pack. You have
got the sliding sternum strap with that same safety whistle. It is a much smaller pack
so need for load lifter straps or a hip belt on this pack, but you do have nice spacer
mesh foam padding on the back of the pack, so comfortable for you to wear, certainly,
all day long. Coming back around to the front and the organizational
features, something that immediately jumps out on this pack and what gives it the port
naming is the tablet sleeve here on the front of the pack. So its own dedicated padded panel
in which I have placed my tablet. So nice and secure there. It does have touch screen
capabilities. So you can work through that panel without ever removing the tablet from
the pack, just an amazing little feature on the daypack. Let’s open up the main compartment. That
also opens wide and there is a padded laptop sleeve in here, too. So all kinds of space
for electronics. I have got my cords tucked in here. It has another zippered pocket in
which I have got an e-reader. Anyone who has been on a long flight knows how handy that
can be. There is a fob here for your keys. I have got business cards in here. There is
pens, all kind… or pen slots, all kinds of organizational features. And an additional
zippered pocket here on the top of the pack. That has also got some textured padding in
here. I have thrown a camera in here, confidently, because of the weather proof zipper that is
integrated into that top of that pack. Nice haul handle on the top and, again, this
entire pack or pocket zips securely back on to the Waypoint or the Wayfarer, absolutely
stand out feature on these packs. Definitely want to call out the fact that
there is an alternative way to carry both packs as well. There is some buckling here
that actually allows that detachable daypack to fit on the front. So I have got the full
Waypoint on the back. I have got the daypack here on the front. Certainly a measure of
security having that there in front, but also gives some nice quick access to documents,
other things you might want to have at the ready depending on where you are in your travels. So with that custom fit, all of those organizational
features that we discussed and well over 4000 cubic inches of storage capacity, you can
see why the Waypoint and the Wayfarer from Osprey really do address all of your travel

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  1. That is a really nice system. The organizational abilities are great as is the inclusion of a day pack. Thanks.

  2. Excellent review, have been trying to find a decent review for the wayfarer not realising it's pretty much the same as the waypoint – but customised to a women's fit. Will definitely be a step up from my previous backpack! Thank you!

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    Thank you and great video.

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  8. Sir… a very good unequivocal product review… a very good vocabulary for a country folk.

    Just wondering if having that much beard hair become a target of insects?

  9. Amazing! I love this backpack so freaking much. It's way better than what I expected. Some may complaint about the price. But c'mon, Osprey has the ALL MIGHTY GUARRANTEE! Which means, that no matter what happens to your backpack. They'll fix it no questions asked. And, if for whatever reason they cannot fix it. They'll give you a brand new one! Now, that's freaking cool man. So basically you're covered for life. Thank Osprey!

  10. can this bag or any other similar bag be LOCKED for check-in….. (not using the pac safe mesh) but the zippers on the main compartment

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  17. Hi there, this looks really great (as do the Farpoint 70 and 55) but all of these have one fatal flaw (for my purposes) – no place for a hydration pack! Have you encountered something similar to these, at or near carry on size, with a good frame and a dedicated pocket or hook for a hydration bladder?

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