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Located on the Aker River in Norway’s south east is the beautiful
city of Oslo. As well as being the country’s capital and
cultural heart, Oslo is also the gateway to Norway’s natural
beauty. Saltwater runs deep in the veins of this sophisticated
city. In recent years, the rugged dock areas that
launched so many adventures have been reinvented as
an entertainment hub. Fashionable cafes and restaurants sit easily
here amidst centuries of history. The Aker Brygge district is a popular meeting
place for both locals and visitors. Wander along this historic area lined with
yachts and boutique shops. Take the short ferry to the museums of Bygdøy to journey deeper into Oslo’s rich history. Visit the Viking Ship Museum to see a stunning
display of 800 year-old long-ships. many believed these fierce warriors were amongst the greatest seafarers that ever lived. At the Fram Museum, learn how the crews of
early polar expeditions survived in one of the coldest and most dangerous places
on earth. Walk through the original interior of the
Fram the strongest wooden ship ever built, designed to withstand the crushing pressure
of the ice flows. The nearby Kon-Tiki Museum is a tribute to
an epic adventure that captivated and inspired a world, exhausted
by the second world war. In 1947, Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl successfully sailed from Peru to Polynesia on a crude balsa wood raft. Also on the Bygdøy Peninsula is the Norsk
Folkemuseum. This large, open-air museum has more than
140 historic buildings and a vast collection of artefacts from the
country’s past. Enjoy demonstrations of traditional folk music
and dancing and experience what life was like on traditional
farms of the area. It is not only nautical pioneers that are
revered in Oslo. Visit the Nobel Peace Center which showcases the achievements of pioneers
in world peace. This sometimes controversial award is presented
each year in the City Hall, one of Oslo’s most famous and beautiful
buildings. Another of Oslo’s premier buildings its
Opera House, just a short stroll away. Said to resemble a glacier it’s gentle sloping roof is a popular meeting
place and a great spot to enjoy a panoramic view. Norway is home to one of the oldest monarchies
in the world and the Royal Palace, right in the centre of the city is their official
residence. Enjoy the beautiful palace park, especially
in the summer, when the sun doesn’t set until after 11.00
pm. As the day comes to a close,, head back toward
the docks to Thief Island. In a land with a history of innovation and
pioneering, this area is showing the world how urban renewal
is done. Once a prison, today this dynamic area is
full of art galleries, modern restaurants and outstanding public
art. No matter where you wander in Oslo, this modern city with a heroic past is full
of character, flavour and adventure.

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  1. Hello….. Hats off to your efforts and work. I request you to please pay attention to southern hemisphere as well like much of Latin America, Africa and Oceania. Also add some videos of country side from Europe and North America.

  2. This video may have done the history of Norway credit but definitely not the natural beauty of the country. It's the most extraordinary place I've ever been and, although expensive, the boat trips, ferries etc. to get you to different places are well worth it for the breath taking views. I'm very lucky to say that Oslo was my birth place and id love to live there one day. People may think I'm biased because of that fact but I've lived in England majority of my life and I have travelled to many, many different countries but Norway is still number 1. I'd really advise people visiting and experiencing the fantastic scenery and the fascinating history for themselves ☺️

  3. Please do more of these videos Expedia! They make me want to see the world so much, I'd love to see Stockholm, Brussels and Budapest on here!

  4. Never ever have I visited a city and not liked it.. I mean, it's always cool to see a new city. Oslo however, was just incredibly boring to me. It was so grey, and there just wasn't much to do.

  5. Oslo has the distinction of being the most expensive city in the world, with a bottle of water costing around $9.00 USD. If you're going to visit, better save up!

  6. Dear Expedia…Your Videos are Fantastic…Awesome…Hope You can Add many more Cities of Asia,Europe,Australia,North and South America…

  7. To call the pathetic exuse for royalty, with everything from drug abuse to mild insanity… or severe insanity, depending on if you believe people can see angels and various stuff like that, to call it a monarcy, especially when the royal familly has pretty much NO say in anything and often acts like idiots… I duknow…

  8. wtf they just showed the things down at the docks. Where is all the beauty of Groruddalen and Holmenkollen

  9. Scandinavia is beautiful! You should also do Gothenburg, or the whole Swedish west coast, it is really beautiful

  10. Expedia, I love your videos, they have inspired me to want to adventure to so many places I've never even given a second thought to before. Keep up the good work.

    Any chance of a travel guide for Stockholm, Helsinki or Geneva soon? They would be a great watch.

  11. sorry to say this but oslo isn't a very beautiful.
    old city is next to impossible to see due to it loacation.
    and the museum is way out of the sentrum.
    and the reason you woud wisit norway is to travel out side the major citis like oslo.
    and discover the scenery and cultur.

  12. Никогда не была за рубежом..Интересно увидеть новые города и страны мира! Спасибо за показ!

  13. I have been there last year and I strongly recommend everyone to visit European Green Capital. Strongest Wooden Ship in the World at Fram Polar Ship Museum , 2200 years old boat at Norwegian Maritime Museum. Kon-Tiki boat : Thor Heyerdal crossed the Pacific with this raft raft in 1947. Vigeland Park : World's largest Sculpture Park made by a single artist. Norwegian museum of cultural history is a great place to learn about Norwegian folk life. Karl Johans Gate(Street) is nice to wander and many other things to do. Have a nice time in Oslo 😉

  14. I am soo excited but a bit nervous too… I am going to study in University of Oslo, Faculty of Law. Going for the Human Rights LL.M. programme there.

  15. Expedia, please film Zurich, Athens, Barcelona, Stockholm, Madrid and Brussels and you'll have Europe covered!

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