Osaka Travel Guide | One Day Plan for Beginners

if you’re looking for ideas on what to do in Osaka you’re in the right place in this video I’m going to show you how to spend a day in Osaka let’s start with Osaka Castle start there from 9:00 a.m. when it opens so we just made it to the gate of the castle they even have a water pavilion it’s pretty cool what’s interesting is that it was burnt down and then they rebuilt it in the 1920s and then now you have this building structure here so this is not the original building it looks pretty identical from when it originally was made but who cares there was a history lesson let’s just check it out I thought it was going to be more of like absol but it’s kind of more like a museum than anything it’s pretty cool it tells the history of this you know I don’t want to go to that at the end of the day if you come up here there’s like a great view of all of vodka I’m sure there’s probably taller buildings if you probably just go to the top of to see all of Osaka but you get a panoramic view here so we worth checking out if you are in on soccer all right let’s go next one that’s why we came over you don’t come early you’re going to have to wait in a long line peace so we just got to tennouji we just left the castle yeah I don’t know if you can see this but right there is to think up good we’re about to go through the tennouji park we’re going to be at $10 you do all I know it’s really really hot here we came in like just the beginning of summer but overall you know the people have been pretty friendly I really we’re gonna check out moussaka so town Shinde guys but I got office tennouji my kid walks in OG park so something kind of funny to me is just over there you have like a kids playground indoor playground but like right next to it there’s a park which kids can just play so I don’t even understand what you mean that kids play down when you keep you just play outside and then next to me right there dog area to like take care of your dogs and whatever but then here there’s a sign that says no uncaged animals on the lawn I know seems very weird to me this is that kids and animals be free maybe I’m just weird whatever so here’s the tennouji zoo we’re not going to go inside but here you may be we will check it out one day maybe not did I tell you it’s hot out here it’s super hot dying we’re almost there there is the tower it’s actually a lot further from the tennouji station that I caught we walked through the park just now and now on the other side of the park the thing is pretty hard but it was I going to be ten minutes late let’s go [Music] one of the cool things about place is it has all these like cool statutes check this out we’ve got this guy and at a bigger one okay ah okay you think I could I think it’s I don’t know it looks almost like Tokyo to power I don’t think it does big let’s check Google yeah it’s not a big place you just saw me walking around in it has a lot of restaurants and stores and it’s a pretty lively place it’s like really fun to just come out here hang out you know with your friends family you don’t really need to go all the way to the top but I recommend it just seeing that there because pretty fun well we’re going to have lunch soon but if you’re a little hungry like me you can pick up some takoyaki here – we had me there’s like this retro arcade game Center that doesn’t have like all the latest games like we are so used to now but as like almost funny [Music] oh wait drinking shop so just at all so I don’t think it’s for kids let’s go check out what’s inside I got a some new underwear finally lunch time hop on the Sakai student line and get off at new Mombasa to get to the number area I recommend this okonomiyaki restaurant tax season all these are private and you get to make it own okonomiyaki now we’re going to walk from number two though somebody there’s a cool temple that called hos ng and this little straight by UGS ng is pretty cool too don’t forget to check it out hope you’re all ready for a snack because we’re going to go to put them on ichiba you can easily walk down from the number area so no need to use the subway here you can enjoy street food from fresh seafood to fried food [Music] what’s up big that is huge it’s so creamy rustles what’s up this is like a leafy so I can finish this like in a second it’s so good shopping time even got pretty cool graffiti here you can check out I’m in Buda and Shinsaibashi they are right next to each other if you’re more in the tech or I’ll talk to stuff you can check out Den Den town so this is very similar to Akihabara we have all of these electronic parts HDMI cables USB cables and USB chargers now we’re going to have dinner at this kushikatsu Restrepo a schema in a mimoto how to order is interesting there’s no menu all you need to do is they stop when you’ve had enough if you want to know more about this restaurant check out my full video on Oh a SEMA [Music] if you have some energy left you should check out dotombori and be sure to check out the night neon lights you can pick up a beer and drink outside by the river if you like this video help me out and hit that like button if you really like something in particular in this video let me know by leaving a comment in the comment section below and if you want to see more of my adventures in Japan like always hit that describe it talk to you guys in the next one

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  1. Maybe the enclosed playground is for younger children and the open one for older ones, and perhaps you have to keep your canine friend on a lead or at the dog-sitting place. How can we go on a boat ride down that canal? Thanks. Love your videos and honesty (^^)

  2. I've been watching this channel for about 2 months now! easily one of my favourite Japanese channels.. I've been to Japan twice, making my third trip next year. You've definitely found me some awesome spots! Thank you!

  3. Ueshima is a famous kushikatsu 串カツ restaurant.
    The idea and of the chef is incredible.
    It's just like a Japanese nouvelle cuisine.
    The taste is great of course ,expensive tho.

  4. I live in Osaka.(near Tennoji Sta.)
    I think this movie is very great!
    How long have you been in Osaka?
    (My Vocabulary…笑)

  5. 日本語の翻訳の字幕下手くそ !! 実際にはうまく解説しているのに何だよこの字幕の言葉使い!! そんな汚ねえかっこつけた話し方してねえぞ!! アホかおまえは?出直して来いバカヤロウ!!

  6. Great's really helpful for one day planners.The places you recommend are amazing.. please make videos about one day planners about Japan's cities..loved it😘😘

  7. Hey Paolo! Really enjoying all your videos. Will be coming to Japan in August and found all your videos really helpful specially on what to do and what to eat. Hope it's not too hot. You're perspiring here, Kuya! More power to you! Salamat ng marami!

  8. What's the name of the first song; have heard it in a few videos and have desperately looking for the name; any help would be appreciated!Heading back to Osaka next month so thanks for the video!

  9. Thank for all the info. We were in Tokyo last week your video help us alot. We are planning to go to Osaka later this year was wondering how was the transits system is it the same as Toyko? Do i buy a pass? (We got a passmo card when we were in Tokyo)

  10. of my dream destination…hope i can go to Osaka..😄😄someone make my dream come true😄😃😃god bless😀😀

  11. When did you filmed this in osaka? is it going to be really hot on late june? were planning to go late june

  12. They use to have Playboy Panty gacha machines next to the ERO ones, but they took those out because they didn't sell as well.

  13. Dude, everything you said about Osaka castle was just wrong. Looks nothing like the original, it is supposed to be a reconstruction of Tokugawa Osaka castle not Hideyoshi's original. It was rebuilt in 1931 at one point, the current state was built 1997. 1920 is just completely made up nonesense.
    The entire purpose for that castle being there is to teach a little bit of history. Should have actually opened your eyes when you went there because Osaka castle was pretty much wasted on you.

  14. This is a really useful video for me, as I am spending two days in Osaka/Kobe in January. Thanks for the tips on where to eat, that final restaurant looked interesting! Arigato!

  15. Yo! It was cool getting to meet you in front of the UMESHIN Fried Chicken stand in Kyoto last week! Keep up the awesome work with the vids! 👍🏽

  16. What is considered hot temperature in Japan? Does it ever hit 40ºC? You're making me relive my trip last year. Craving to head back soon!

  17. Can you also do the 101 things to do in osaka? We've been contemplating Tokyo and Osaka and it's so hard to choose

  18. We been watching your videos and love it, also we are planning to go Japan this year first time so exciting. Please tell me Haneda airport to Kyoto the best way go there.

  19. loving it i mean he gets to smiley finally he looks like he went thru some ruff shit on this episode..gotta balance out that peppyness just a bit

  20. This was so funny watching you say its hot and your sweat dripping down lol. It was funny watching you struggle lololol sorry 🙂

  21. Thank You Paolo for making all this easy to understand video. Your video really make traveling to Japan easier. It’s a pity I learn about your video a bit late, had I know, I would have maximize our Tokyo vacation more. Just to let you know, your video have help me maximize our Ōsaka trip. Please continue making those wonderful video. 👍

  22. The play ground situation… so, when your kids are indoors driving you crazy on bad weather days, you can take them to the indoor one! 🙂

  23. Amazing video! Followed your guide on our Osaka day trip yesterday and we had a great day!

  24. Hey Paolo! Been watching your vids on guide around Tokyo, its super helpful, i hope, hahaha. Anyway, i'll be going to Osaka for 4 days, well, 3 days actually cause the 4th day we'll be heading to Tokyo. The thing is, any recommendation of places for me and my friend to visit? 1 of the day we'll be going to USJ, another will be Dontonbori and so we're left with 1 free day.. would appreciate much with your help. Thanks!

  25. Will go to tokyo , kyoto and osaka next month. Thank you for your videos, thats very cool and funny!! Keep pushing 😉 and Ganbei !!

  26. Kudos, yr vlogs are super. Very informative. I am so excited. Pls help help me choose which city to viait on a budget.

  27. If you're Nigerian and in Tokyo or Osaka please let me know, I could need some help on my 2 weeks vacation. I have avid interests in Japanese culture and history and what makes them very advanced in the tech industry.

  28. Love your videos Paolo!
    Going to Japan in Oct for first time…excited. This will help us plan Osaka day.
    Love everything you eat… makes me hungry. Keep those videos coming! Fun….

  29. mayb in the future, making videos on famous places (tokyo, osaka etc) tourist traps would be more fun & educational peace !

  30. Grreat video. I really enjoy your travel guide videos, but i noticed that there is hardly any easy access for disable people to get tru with like with a wheelchair. Would be nice if you can show us something that covers this situation. Thanks paolo!

  31. I was in Osaka last week, in the exact same spot where you were at the zoo and my friends and I walked all the way to that tower in 36 degree weather! I totally felt your pain and we were sweating so much. I should’ve came during spring haha.

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