Orlando International Airport (MCO) – Arrivals and Ground Transportation Info | Travel Guide | Ep#1

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Welcome to Hipfig’s Travel Guide Series on Orlando, Florida the city beautiful. If
you’re gonna take a flight to Orlando you got to watch this video from start
to end. In this video we’ll be showing you how to get from your arrival gate to
the main terminal and to ground transportation options for the Orlando
International Airport or MCO. Keep watching this Orlando International
Airport travel guide for travel tips to make your trip to Orlando a smooth ride There are two airports which handle
commercial passenger traffic in the Orlando area: Orlando International
Airport or MCO is the main airport for the Orlando area. The second Airport is
Orlando Sanford International Airport or SFB is located in Sanford,
Florida around 30 miles from downtown Orlando SFB operates low-cost airlines
and have limited choices in airline carriers. In this video will only cover
Orlando International Airport or MCO and it’s ground transportation. You can find
more information on both airports on our website hipfig.com. MCO has one main
terminal and 4 satellite terminals. All flights arrive at satellite terminals
also called air side terminals. Satellite terminals are connected to the main
terminal by the automated people mover or APM train also known as the
shuttle Once you disembark the plane at MCO,
domestic passengers or passengers from Canada who have gone through US
Immigration and Customs in Canada through preclearance should follow the
signs to the Terminal and Bag claim which will take you to the APM train station in
that satellite terminal. Arriving international passengers should follow
the signs to passport control and immigration. MCO uses automated passport
control kiosks and manned counters in immigration to help speed up the process
After clearing immigration, all arriving international passengers should pick up
their bags and clear customs. If Orlando or vicinity is not your final
destination and you have a connecting flight after clearing customs drop your
bags at the transfer belt for your next flight. If you Orlando is your final
destination, once you clear customs you can either place your bags on the
baggage belt for transfer to the main terminal baggage claim A or B, or you can
keep your bags with you. If you have large bags we suggest putting it on the
baggage belt to get to the main terminal Go to the APM station. All arriving
passengers need to take the APM train to get to the main terminal where baggage
claim and ground transportation is located. The APM trains arrive and depart
frequently. Once on board it will take just a few minutes to get to the main
terminal. The main terminal has three levels. The APM train arrives on level
three of the main terminal. On level three you’ll find a currency exchange
counter if you need one. Hey did you know that there’s a hotel inside the main
terminal? Well you do now. The Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport is
located right in the main terminal. I’s located in the center separating side A
and side B Baggage claim is located at a level 2
Follow the signs down to baggage claim side A or B depending on your baggage
claim area. If you have no baggage to claim follow side B signs to ground
transportation at level two Once you pick up your bags follow signs
for ground transportation to level one Please note that curbside pickup by
private cars and ride-sharing providers such as uber and lyft are on level two
on the baggage claim level. Escalators elevators and stairs are available at
all levels. The easiest and most convenient way to get into Orlando are
taxis. Taxi are located on sides A and B of the main terminal on level one. They’re
located at Lane parking spaces on the a side A 5 to 8, and A 22 to 25 on the B side they are located in lanes B 5-8 and B 30-34. Unlike
other airports, MCO also offers large taxi vans which can carry up to nine
passengers. Taxi should charge the same rate regardless of the number of
passengers. All taxi cabs picking up at the airport are regulated by the city of
Orlando’s vehicle for hirer ordinance which requires fares to be determined by
a taxi meter so make sure they use one If you’re planning to take a shared
shuttle they’re located on sides A and B of the main terminal on level one at
parking Lane spaces on A 19 – 21 and on the B 27 -29
Shared shuttles are a cheaper option than taxis that do offer a door-to-door
service but they have many stops. Free Airport Hotel shuttles are located on
the B side of the main terminal on level 1 at commercial lanes B 39. All other
Orlando hotels or resort shuttles including Disney’s Magical Express
buses are located at lanes B 42 42 through 47 towards the end of the
terminal. If your hotel offers our free shuttle from the airport
contact your hotel for detailed information about pick up times and pick
up places. If you’re going to be taking Disney’s Magical Express bu, s follow
signs on the ground-level main terminal side B. Disney’s Magical Express buses are
available only on side B. Public bus service also called links are located on
the a side of the main terminal on level 1 in Lane spaces a 38 to a 41. To get to
downtown Orlando, take links bus number 11 or links bus number 51. To get to the
International Drive area take links bus number 42. Please visit the official
links website for more detailed information. We think that Orlando
International Airport has made great efforts to welcome visitors. Their
well-organized ground transportation and beautiful Airport aesthetics makes going
through it a pleasing experience. Happy Travels. Go to hipfig.com for more
information or go to our Hipfig travel channel on YouTube and be sure to
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25 Replies to “Orlando International Airport (MCO) – Arrivals and Ground Transportation Info | Travel Guide | Ep#1

  1. If I land and get rental from orlando mco and have to take martin anderson beachline expressway, is there a toll?

  2. Thx for the video this is my first time flying alone imma go to this aiport on Friday imma be flying from San Juan Puerto Rico to here now ik where to go to claim by bag thx u so much

  3. when is an international fly, after inmigration area, what I have to do, I will take connection to Miami Airport?

  4. I was at the Orlando airport and it is easy to get lost. Need a guide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8bWuuUXhb4&t=1s

  5. After getting off the plane and retrieving your luggage from the baggage claim, is there a way to get back to the main terminal? Or are you not allowed to go back in?

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    4:17 At roughly this point in the video, something seems to go wrong with either the voiceover or the closed captions.

  7. When I get off the plane do I need to use this train to get to immigration? First time flying , from Amsterdam to MCO , no idea where or how to go when landed

  8. Here is my tip for MCO. When arriving to the airport, plan accordingly. Depending on which direct you come from you may get stuck in traffic on I4. I've missed a flight because of traffic. Also I've only been to a handful of airports (TPA, MCO, ATL, MEM) and this IMO is the busiest with TSA check points. It's always taken me longer to get through TSA here, but it's not drastic if it's early. (Though do plan an extra 10 minutes if you are parking in economy since you have to take a shuttle bus from it to the terminal.)

  9. My gate is Airside 1(jetblue) can I walk to main terminal without any issues? Or, will I have to go through security ect?

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