Omad Fat Fast | Low Carb What I Ate | 2020 Weight Loss Journey

hi it’s Mieka fasting weight loss and I’m
on a fasting weight loss journey to lose 90 to 100 pounds I’m not sure yet
I started at 273 point 2 and the current goal is 183 point 2 and my highest
weight ever is 297 I am aiming for a 30 pounds lost in December I am I don’t know
if you can see this trying to be in beast mode for the entire December that
means every day I wake up trying really hard to lose a pound or two because I
want to reach my goal and a shout-out to my brother for this shirt it is way too
big but that’s okay what did I eat yesterday I’m doing OMAD fat fast for three days um not all the way sure still what fat fasting
is but a little summary is you want to get most of your calories for the day
from fatty foods so that was my goal yesterday I think I did a little too
many calories I don’t know because I’m doing what Omad outlaw said I
yesterday’s video it’ll be in the in screen I chose one person that gave me a
diet idea in my video because I asked for it I picked one and I picked omad
outlaw he is on a fasting journey too okay so he said that fasting he said MCT
oil and other things but I am kind of like is the first of the month time so
my money is not abundant at the moment so no MCT oil but what did I eat I did
have coconut oil I had I’m gonna show pictures at the end I had ground beef I
had cream cheese and I had pepper jack cheese and I had two eggs
I had garlic chili sauce know that that has zero calories and zero carbs then
dessert was peanut butter coconut oil cups and in that was a little bit of
macadamia nuts coconut oil was the main ingredient I did put monk fruit and a
tiny bit of swerve confectioner sugar because I wanted his sweet
I think that’s three or four carbs I will try to put a screenshot of my son
my twelve-year-old wrote down my carbs while I was preparing my food for me and
then he emailed it to me so I’m gonna put a screenshot of that my carbs were
10 to 12 carbs for the omad high fat low carb meal okay
that’s it that’s all I had and it was very satisfying and I had it late at
night I’m not giving my weight for today but my weight yesterday morning starting
this sad fat was 220 point 2 pounds or ninety nine point eight eight kilograms
and yeah that’s it here’s the picture o exercise I did ten minutes in the sauna
and a thirty minute elliptical session and about fifteen
minutes of walking the track very light a lot of people when they told me what
to do for the diet they put their suggestion a lot of them said rest so I
feel that was kind of restful and I got come I got seven hours plus sleep which
is excellent in okay now here’s the pictures please like comment subscribe
to all that good stuff and let me know how you’re doing and I love to hear
details about your goal what you’re doing just I loved reading that okay so
if you don’t know I do dreadlocks or locks for a living this is the before
and after of one of my longtime seven or eight year clients he gets to strand
every time it’s my absolute favorite thing to do then I picked up my son
after work from basketball practice and there’s five deer in the background I
thought that was so cool then I came home and cooked my own mad fat fasting
meal it was delicious and small portion and then I had five yummy peanut butter
coconut oil fat bombs and my son wrote down the carbs I ate a total of about
ten carbs great job then my macros was all that red is fat so I think I did
good then we went to the gym and I did thirty minutes on that elliptical and my
starting weight is 220 point two please like subscribe and I’ll see you tomorrow
God willing

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    I think it is one of the best blogs on everything for Fasting and Ketogenic recipes.

  2. Hi, tolles Video 👌👍🔔, freue mich auf deinen Besuch und das wir uns gegenseitig unterstützen , wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende  und eine besinnliche Adventszeit. Liebe Grüße Siggi

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