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[music playing] ONEIKA RAYMOND: San Francisco
is known for many things. But, most notably, for
being a little bit weird. And I mean that in
the best possible way. So today, I’m going to show
you the weird, the unusual, the quirky spots that San
Francisco and the Bay Area have to offer. And for starters,
I’m sitting on it. The Wave Organ is
a sculpture that was constructed on the shore of
San Francisco Bay in May 1986. The Wave Oregon interacts
with the waves of the Bay, and conveys their
sound to listeners at several different stations. The best part? It’s completely free to visit. I think it said my name. If you’ve ever had a deep
seated desire to walk the plank, this next stop is sure
to hook your attention. From peg legs and hand hooks to
spyglasses and treasure chests. Land ho! This place is run by the
nonprofit A26 Valencia, which is dedicated to supporting
students with creative writing skills and inspiration. So while this is an
amazing place to visit, and it’s free to browse,
a little donation is a great idea. Aren’t you glad we came here? I’m judging the fish, guys. I was mopped. Why? Why me? If you are interested in a
quirky walk down memory lane, take a quick jaunt
from San Francisco to Burlingame’s PEZ Museum. Yes, that’s right folks. A PEZ museum. Let’s go inside. There are over 900 unique
pieces, as well as the world’s largest PEZ dispenser. I chatted with owner Gary
Doss to find out more. Hi, Gary. Hi, How are you? I’m so good. Thank you so much. So this is a great
place you have here. I would love to know
how you got the idea to collect these dispensers
in the first place? So I’ve been a collector
now for 24 years. Wow. I was at an antique show and
I saw somebody selling PEZ. And I said basically
the same thing. Who collects PEZ? Yeah. What a silly thing to collect. And that is why I collect PEZ. It’s a silly thing to collect. So the lady in the poster is
holding what the first PEZ dispenser looked like. That was introduced in 1950. They are 67 years old. Now, PEZ have always
been made in Austria. ONEIKA RAYMOND: Ya. GARY DOSS: It is not
an American product. When you bought the first one,
you only got one candy flavor. And that’s very sad. Well. If you liked peppermint,
you were very happy. OK. But a lot of kids
didn’t like peppermint. But this is how you say
peppermint in German. OK. Pfefferminze. Thank you. And it’s when you
abbreviate that German word that you get P-E-Z. Love it. That’s where PEZ comes from. I think I’m really into
this psychedelic one. That– This psychedelic
hand eye thing. I think it’s pretty groovy. For those of us that was
there, that screams 1968. So yeah. That’s called the psychedelic
eye or the love PEZ. Ooh. The love PEZ. All right Gary. Thank you so much
for having me here. Thanks for coming. It’s been a treat. In need of some entertainment
to cap off an already fantastic day in San Francisco? Well look no farther than
Aunt Charlie’s, honey. Not only does this
place have the cheapest drinks in the Tenderloin, it’s
also about the hot box girls. A drag view that’s
popular among hip locals and bewildered tourists alike. You must check out some of San
Francisco’s veteran drag queens and celebrate the
city’s fabulous history and proud culture. The show may just be $5. But tips are always appreciated. And reservations? They’re definitely recommend. Because this place gets packed. You’re totally going to want
to be up front for this one. [music playing]

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