Off-Season Travel: The Best Time to Book a Trip? – Travel Channel

PETER GREENBERG: You’ve heard Well, I’m here to tell
you there’s no such thing. You see, the off season is
when smart travelers get going. There’s a very basic rule that
I abide by– the best deals are when everyone else
isn’t traveling. Europe can be a great
experience in the low season, when air fares
drop and you don’t have to compete with crowds. Are you really going to
France to soak in the sun and get that tan? Of course you’re not. So bring a coat. Maybe pack an umbrella. You’ll save a lot in places
like Amsterdam and Paris in the winter. And no crowds, and better deals. Summer is a great time
to go to the Caribbean. Low occupancy at hotels and
resorts mean great deals. How’d that happen? Well, that’s where the idea
of the low season started. A bunch of escaped
garmentos in New York were freezing their
you-know-whats off in February and decided, great time
to go to the Caribbean. But what about June? You know what? The thermometer only goes
up about five more degrees. No lines, no crowds, better
service, better deals. It’s a no-brainer. And if you’re going
to the Caribbean and you want to avoid
the hurricane season, just go early in the summer,
when the weather is great and the crowds have
literally disappeared. The same goes for ski
resorts when there’s no snow. And May and October,
those are the months when cruise ships are moved from
north to south and from east to west. It’s also when cruise
lines offer great deals on one-way sailings. They’re actually called
repositioning cruises. That’s right, go
from Boston to Tampa for the winter by the Caribbean
or from Barcelona all the way to Galveston, a 17-day
cruise, or crossing, for a fraction of the price. Last but not least, don’t
forget about my favorite two weeks of the year. They’re call the dead weeks. Some of the best bargains can
be found in the weeks after Thanksgiving, when you’re
recovering from that dysfunctional family get
together and after Christmas– or, really, after New Year’s,
when you’re covering from, well, you know, New Year’s. Peter Greenberg signing
off and reminding you there are lots of my
videos out there to help you upgrade your travel. So find them, watch
them, and share them.

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