Off Camera Flash Travel Setup! (ft. Godox AD400 Pro & AD200 Pro)

Hey guys my name is Francisco Hernandez
and today I’m going to show you the awesome flash setup that I use for
whenever I travel like this upcoming week when I’m gonna be traveling to
photo plus if you’re wondering why I’m dressed up it’s because Halloween is
close by and I don’t think I’m gonna make a video close enough to the date so
I might as well just dress up now so at least have one Halloween themed video I
travelled quite a bit in the past couple of years and after all the travel that I
did I needed to figure out what kind of off cam flash would be able to travel
with me and give me the look that I needed without being too heavy in gear
so I finally figured out a solution that works best for me and hopefully for you
so that’s why I wanted to go ahead and just make this video all the gears I
want to be showing you today fits inside one camera bag it’s the peak design 20
LR Cole backpack I’ve used this bag for more than maybe two years now and it’s
absolutely worth every penny even though it is a little bit on the pricey side I
believe 250 I wanted to go ahead and just show you guys the bag when it’s
filled to the brim with father different gear that I put inside of it
so you guys can see exactly how it looks like it’s not pretty but it gets the job
done it has everything I need it inside this bag and it has well you guys are
gonna see right now what exactly has on the side of the peak design 20l backpack
I have a battery bag which is going to hold a lot of double-a batteries right
here you guys can see that I use the power X brand and I also have two extra
batteries for the Evolve 200 probe which is inside of here also known as the
Glocks 8200 Pro I actually can carry as many of these is I want inside of this
carry on bag because according to American Airlines the watt-hour of the
lithium-ion batteries if it’s as long as it’s under a hundred you can carry
unlimited amounts of it if it’s between 100 to 160 watt hours you can only carry
two extra batteries and if it’s past 160 watt hours then you need to contact them
to see if you can actually take that battery and if you’re curious how many
watt hours this has it’s 48 1.76 C 40 1.76 so there’s could be a little bit
clean I’m gonna go ahead and just put the things that I’ve already gone over
on the side so I’m gonna go ahead and put this battery bag on the floor on the
other side of the pocket here of the peak design bag I carry this
suitcase of a power charger it’s called Zen door
I believe it I’m not sure what the exact model is but I think it’s actually
discontinued so I guess there’s no point in mentioning the brand but it’s it’s
actually full of life it’s actually the max that you can take with you on your
bag like I mentioned before whatever the watt hour of the device that you’re
gonna be bringing or the battery it needs to be under a hundred and this one
I believe is ninety nine point two and it has a lot of juice I’ve used it to
charge my phones so many times and even my cameras so yeah I highly recommend
getting a big battery charger like this or whatever you wanna call it power
brake juice whatever the heck just get one of these because it’s gonna be very
handy so when it comes to this top section right here I always put the
Explorer 400 Pro also anonymously go down to 8400 Pro in this section because
it’s the most spacious room so I always put it there and I also put a couple of
other things in it as well among those extra accessories is the Evolve 200 pros
bare bulb attachment this is something that is gonna work great when I need to
use it as a main light and want to fill in the modifier as best as I can without
being too harsh like it would be if I use the front nail head the speedlight
shaped head this right here is actually something new that I’m gonna start using
it’s an infrared cut six stop ND filter that you can clip on to Sony full-frame
cameras this is gonna be helpful in case I want to use the Evolve 200 and not the
Explorer 400 but still get a good amount of power a good amount of juice from the
Evolve 200 I’ve done this before once just once before and I really really
liked it when I went to the Sony Kendall 3.0 trip I actually made a video going
over more about why how to use not use high-speed sync so yeah I wanted to have
a backup just in case I ever can’t use high-speed sync or whenever I just want
to use as much light as I can from the Evolve 200 if you didn’t know already
using high-speed sync cuts down the power of the light that you’re using as
much as one stop actually maybe even more than that so for example if I was
using the Explorer 400 Pro in high-speed sync 400 watts cut down one stop would
be around 200 Watts so in my theory here is if I use the Evolve 200
without high-speed sync that’s gonna be pretty much the same as if I use the
Explorer for 100 pearls in high-speed sync so I want to be able to experience
that and I honestly felt like I experienced that when I went to Sony
condo 3.0 and I took that photo I’m gonna show you guys this photo on the
screen right now I took this photo without high-speed sync because my
transmitter was malfunctioning and I had to use an ND filter instead and
throughout this whole shoot I felt like I was using the Explorer 400 Pro and not
the Evolve 200 Pro because I am so used to high-speed sync in that power loss
being there so when I didn’t feel it it was just normal to me so I want to go
ahead and just use as much power as my light has which is gonna be using and D
filters and this is gonna be very very convenient for me because you don’t have
to have an ND filter for every lens which is something that you would have
to experience with nd filters of course you can use one big ND filter and you
step down and step up rings but honestly think all that is a hassle in itself and
I’d rather just use this because this is gonna be the most convenient thing as it
just clips onto the sensor the very next thing I have is the r qu pro transmitter
for Sony of course because I use Sony and you want to make sure that you have
those little things that was protecting the hotshoe because that’s very scratchy
and I don’t want to scratch anything that doesn’t need to be scratched so I’m
gonna go ahead and just put this aside and then bring out the Explorer 400 Pro
and the battery I usually have them separate because it just fits better
inside of the bag oh yeah this is the Explorer 400 Pro this is the battery I
use this light whenever I travel because it’s nice and strong and not as big as
the Explorer 600 Pro but like I mentioned before I’ve always used this
light and high-speed sync and I’m gonna start to use the vault 200 Pro mainly
now and without high-speed sync and see how it handles and I feel like it’s
gonna get more juice from this setup right here from this light now that I’m
not gonna be using high-speed sync as much or at least experimenting to see
how that’s gonna work out so so far that was the top section of the bag right
there now it’s empty and I’m gonna go ahead and show you guys
the other sections the middle and the bottom section so now going on to the
mid section you guys can see you might have seen it earlier this is the sarey 6
section carbon-fiber monopod I use this one whenever I travel because it’s light
it extends nice and long and also is not that expensive either it’s
around $100 that is a little bit pricey but it’s honestly worth it because it’s
very light very strong and it gets very long and also if you want to use this
with a light such as the godox 8400 Pro the Explorer 400 Pro or if you want to
use it with the Glocks s-type bracket you’re gonna need this little section
here on top it’s actually something called a light spigot I’ll leave a link
in the description area below it’s just like five dollars and I’ve been using
mine for maybe four to five years now in the next section the mid section here I
have my sony a7r 4 I have it wrapped around in the peak design slide light a
camera strap I just find that it’s it’s a good way to kind of protect the camera
from being scratched so yeah I have the e 7r for setup like that inside of the
bag another thing that I have in this mid section is the Sigma art 1a 51.4
I’ll tell you guys real quickly how it looks like like this right there and you
might not be able to see the lens that’s next to it which is the samyang 35 1.4
so here’s the Sigma aren’t 105 1.4 it’s a beast of a lens and I also have the
samyang right next to it it was kind of hiding like this next to the next the
lens on the bottom there so I have those lenses there I actually would probably
pack one more lens the 55 1.8 the Zeiss 55 1.8 and it could probably fit also
somewhere next to the Sigma heart 105 1.4 just because of how big and spacious
that lens is it has little sections on the bottom for those mini lenses and in
this last section I have my backup light or my rim light in case I’m gonna use a
to light setup I have the the bulb 200 Pro also known as the Equinox 8200 Pro I
have it with the round head attachment I love this round head attachment because
it has a nice and bright modern lamp which is very important to me whenever I
do night shoots and I pretty much just want to use it as a continuous light
source I’ve done that in my last video where I show you guys how I took
pictures at the State Fair and the very next thing next to that is a 24 by 24
inch foldable softbox if you guys have seen any of my behind my building the
shot you would know that this is my absolute
favorite thing to travel with my favorite modifier to travel with because
it fits nice and small like this and it fits a it folds out nice and big so I’m
going to show you one quick thing this is a hair tie I’m kind of a big hair tie
and I usually just kind of wrap around and keep this softbox in place otherwise
it kind of folds out slowly like it’s doing right now but I’m gonna go ahead
and just show you guys exactly how big it gets this is still not folded out as
much as it’s supposed to so now it’s folded out as big as it can get and I
actually really prefer this size because although I typically thought before that
you know I would have to get a bigger modifier something larger than 24 by 24
inches for a nice soft light this does a great job a very very great job I’ve
used it a lot whenever I traveled and it gave me nice great photos and the great
thing about this modifier is it’s very very cheap I want to say it’s $20 on its
own or you can get it with a bracket which is maybe thirty to thirty two
dollars or you can get it with a Bowens mount which is actually how I got mine
because if you want to use these something like the Explorer 400 Pro or
something else that has a bonus amount you’re going to need to buy the one the
softbox with that Bowens mount combo so that you can attach the opponent’s mount
onto the light that you use and then fold the softbox and around it so I’ll
show you guys that in a second so this is the amount that I was talking about
this is something that’s going to go ahead on that that light that you use
that Bowens mount light that you use and then the softbox here is gonna go ahead
and be able to attach onto the phone’s mouth and then now I can go ahead and
just mount this softbox onto a Bowens mount light and again this is something
that you need that bones about or something that you need in order to use
this softbox with Bowens mounts Tropes so now that I’ve gone over everything
I’m gonna go ahead and just give a quick recap not verbally but listen it on the
screen so you guys can see exactly what’s inside of this bag it’s quite a
bit of stuff it’s basically a one light setup and a rim light but one thing that
you might notice that’s missing from this
setup is that I don’t have any stance so you will have to have somebody assist
you or what I would recommend if you have nobody to assist you is you go
ahead and invest and some sort of nano sands
there’s the Manfrotto nano stand and there’s a cheaper version of that stand
that I also have actually have both so I’ll go ahead and leave a link to those
in the description area below so you guys can check those out those are
something that I would pack inside of my checked bag and I would also recommend
that you just a kind of safe space inside of the bag of the peak design 20
L beg I would go ahead and get that Bowens amount that I showed you guys
earlier this one here I would go ahead and just pack this as well inside of the
check bag because that’s something that doesn’t necessarily need to be inside of
the peak design carry-on bag actually now that I think about it the zubur a
monopod this one here it also doesn’t need to be inside of the check bag or
the carry-on bag the peak design meg but I do have it in there because I wanted
to see if it fits inside there before whenever I need to go ahead and not just
go ahead and just rest inside of the hotel but have that set up with me in my
bag for whenever I’m gonna go on location and shoot wherever I travel to
in case you’re curious about how this setup looks like set up I have that
right now I have the Evolve or the Explorer 400 Pro with the 24 by 24 inch
softbox with that bones knot right there that allows you it to connect to each
other and they have the same amount of pod right here and I actually have this
set up on the wrong side but who cares this is how it looks like and then you
would have somebody or that nano stand that you might have gotten on the rim
light to provide some sort of separation between you and the background or the
subject in the background so I wanted to show you guys just real quickly how this
set up would look like I’m using the continuous mining labs on these lights
but you guys can get a good preview of the type of setup that would occur with
this set up so yeah that’s pretty much it so that’s pretty much all the stuff
that I bring with me whenever I travel it’s good for a nice one lights are
actually too light off can fly set up and all the variation and the lenses and
different things inside of that but of course it is going to vary depending on
what your going to need you’re gonna bring with you or what you
have so sometimes I will not bring this Sigma art window 50.4 and instead if I
need to be absolutely light I’ll use the Sony Fe 85 1.8 instead actually before
you go one thing I forgot to mention is if you want to use the vulture hundred
Pro with bones type modifiers you’re going to need to use the go Docs as
tight bracket and that’s something that I didn’t show you guys inside of this
bag because it’s actually something I would recommend you put inside your
check bag as well as chargers for the Evolve 200 Pro the got ox 84 in a pro or
whatever light you’re gonna bring with you okay so now I’m done I hope you guys
enjoyed this video I hope it helps you guys figure out what you’re gonna bring
with you whenever your travel I’m gonna go ahead and end this video with some
footage of the gear that I showed you today or different variations of that
gear so you guys can actually see I actually use what I recommended to you
today whenever I travel yeah hope you guys have a good Halloween and let me
know what your favorite house is in the comments section below and we’ll have a
voting battle to see which one is and of course it’s gonna be Slytherin
but yeah take care guys

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