NEW TRAVEL TRAILER TOUR (4.11.15 – Day 1107) |

– Good morning clan and
welcome to Lake Pleasant here in our brand new travel trailer. Did you guys have a good night’s sleep? – [both children] Mmmhhh. – [Clintus] Bed’s comfy? – Yeah, it’s kind of like our own little room because you close the curtains and then it’s all like caved in. I think the bottom bunk’s more caved in cause Bryce’s bunk is on the top so the ceiling’s lower on mine. – [Clintus] Gotcha, so is
it officially Bryce’s bunk? Or just tonight it was Bryce’s bunk? – I don’t know, I kind of like the bottom. – Hmmm, I knew you would. So, let’s see. Let’s do
some milestones here. Sierra was the first person to poop in it. I’m going to go take a shower. I’ll be the first one to take a shower. I don’t know, what other
milestones have we had? Has anyone stubbed their
toes or hit their heads? – [Bryce] I hit my head. – Bryce hit his head on the bunk, okay. Alright, yep, so we woke up in our trailer like it kind of like feels a little more like, yeah, this ours now. Nobody else is with us. You know, usually when we go camping, we have Jack and Chrissy
with us or something. So it’s just the four
of us woke up as if we were here by ourselves. Let’s give you guys the official tour of our new travel trailer. This is a 30-foot Bunkhouse Wildcat Maxx Trailer by Forest River. You come in the front door here. You have a queen bed for me and Tiffany. Alright, Serta mattress,
got some cabinets up on top. Cabinets on the side. Plug in, plug adapters down
here to charge your devices. Charge my phone at night which is nice. It’s got a separate AC unit
just for the front up here. It’s a manual, got to turn
it on and off right here. Double-sliding doors for some privacy. Privacy, privacy, get some privacy. Got all our controls here. All our tanks, this is our battery. That’s our fresh-water tank. That’s our black-water tank which is your poop and your, well your poop. Got your gray water which is the drains. And then they have a separate one called the galley, and that is strictly this and the sink I believe. So the gray water would be my shower and then the galley I think is
just this and the other sink. I don’t know, I need to look
at what specifically it is. I didn’t get a manual though so I can’t look that up right now. Sorry, a little bitter still
about this whole experience. Now move into the kitchen and we’ve got some cabinets here, some
cupboard space right. Actually, lipped space to
put like cans and boxes here as you can see, so it
doesn’t you know, fly around. Tiffany’s already started getting some stuff loaded in there, alright. So, there’s our pantry. It’s got a paper towel rack right here. Some more cabinet space up here. Nice size counter top. This is all counter top
here, this covers the sink to give us some more counter space. And check out this faucet. That’s better than the faucet we had, we just installed a faucet
like this in our house. But I mean, this is the standard faucet, that’s pretty, that’s pretty awesome. We got a three-burner stove, oven. It’s all gas-powered. We got a range with a light and fan. We got a microwave. Eight-cubic foot
refrigerator with a freezer. This thing’s larger than normal. Most trailers only come with
a six-cubic foot I believe. And so, that’s pretty awesome. We have a horseshoe dining room table. This is a new thing they’re doing. A lot of times it’s just,
you know, the standard booth. The new ones and the
kind of upgraded models come with the horseshoe. This comes up and that
table actually goes down and you use these cushions to make a bed. You can actually make a bed here. Not very comfortable, but you know, it’s good for kids or babies
or something like that. Or the guy that you don’t
really want to stay with you. Yeah that’s the bed, you’re
going to sleep there. Hopefully he never comes back. This is the one thing, I
was like, I don’t need that. I don’t need that at all. It’s a 42, 43, whatever
that size TV is, 42″ TV. Like what? Why would
you need a TV that big? That’s just ridiculous. 32″ maybe. But I think like a 25
is like the standard. All the other models we saw, it had a TV there and it swiveled, right. So you could watch it from the bedroom or swivel it and watch it out here. But it was like, the size
of that wall right there. 25″ maybe. 42, 43″. You know this thing comes off. It’s on a swivel arm so you can watch it from anywhere in here pretty much. It’s got a fireplace down
here which is kind of cool. Check this out. Oh, we don’t have power. Power’s off. Anyways, it does actually generate heat. It puts out a little like light fire show and does actually generate heat. It’ll actually heat up
this whole area here. Tons and tons of cabinet space. We got three cabinets up here. We got two down there, then one on each side of the fireplace. More over here for like towels and dirty clothes and stuff. Another drawer there. And then, of course, we have a leather pull-out couch. And this isn’t like your
crappy pull-out couch that you sleep on at your moms. The bed where you can
feel all of the springs and stuff underneath and the bars. This actually has a really
nice mattress on it. It just folds open once and then you use the cushions
on the back to make the bed. I layed on it, I can actually fit on it. It’s okay, it’s actually a lot nicer than any other couches I’ve ever slept on and that is saying a lot. Another air conditioning here. This is the main AC, it’s got a thermostat so it’s temperature controlled on that. Um, then we move back here. We have the bunk beds. The kids’ bunk beds. Each bunk bed comes with it’s own light, power outlet and a little
cubby hole, window. Same thing down here, right, nice, nice. Emergency exit there. And then we have this. This is the entertainment zone. Deep five-disk CD DVD player, MP3, and bluetooth. So I can actually hook my phone or iPad and control it from
outside and it controls the speakers in here and
the speakers outside. So, very excited about that,
very excited about that. Next, we move into the bathroom and again, another kind of like
plus on this one is that it has a full shower, right. So this thing actually opens up and I can actually stand in it and my head doesn’t like hit the roof so that’s a plus. Sink, little extra, these
are just little extras, things for soap, things for toothbrushes. A real toilet, this is a porcelain toilet. Not a plastic one that can rot and crack. This is like a real toilet. It’s again, another plus. Cabinet space in here, cabinet
space over here for towels. A towel rack. Like I said guys, this was the like wow. We walked in the door
and we were like wow. This has got, this looks really nice. We love the color scheme. We love the aluminum accents everywhere on the handles and everything. It had everything inside and out that we were like, oh,
that’s nice, oh, that’s nice. That’d be cool to have,
that’d be cool to have. It like had it all and
then the best part was it was in our price range and
I could tow it with my truck. It was a no-brainer, like why
wouldn’t we get this trailer. It’s the best one we saw for that price. But that’s the inside. Let’s go look at the outside, shall we? So coming around the outside. Starting at the front. It has an electric tongue which everyone says that’s a new,
that’s a must have nowadays. Saves you the trouble from trying to crank your trailer down on your truck. Two large propane tanks provided and filled up which is
nice, that’s a bonus. Got some LED lights on the front, light down here on the hitch. Pass through storage. Goes all the way through the other side. That’s a large, large storage there. And it’s got these special doors which apparently I can just drop it
and it’s not going to hurt it. It sounds bad but it
doesn’t hurt anything. We got an an electric
awning with LED light strip. I’ll show you guys that at
night when it’s all lit up. There’s an LED light strip across there. Which is funny because Mike Sr. just installed that on his trailer and he said it was like 150 bucks,
something like that (laughs). So mine came with it, bonus. This is cool, everyone’s kind of like wow this is kind of a neat idea. This is a door to the trash can. That’s the trash can on the inside. It’s on the cabinet, on the counter, you just pull the top up and put trash in. So you can actually pick
up trash from out here and it doesn’t smell as bad inside. As I said before, speakers on the outside right there, controlled
by the stereo out there. And the cool thing is there’s controls so I can like turn the
speakers off outside or turn the speakers off inside and just have music going on
which side I want, very cool. Power outlets, cable outlets. And then this, again,
another excessive like, I don’t really need it but
it’s really nice to have and this was like the top of the line. Full mini fridge, like this is the fridge. This is like the fridge we have in our house with our drinks and stuff. It’s a full fridge, that’s crazy. Little pull-out desk table thing, sink, two-burner stove. Cabinet space for your
spices and whatnot, right. It’s gas powered, right. This hose comes out,
comes underneath here. There’s actually another outlet for this grill that came with it. So I can legitimately sit our here, cook everything right here. We have a stove, we have a sink. We have a grill, we have a fridge. Our entire meal can be cooked right here for the most part like that is pretty awesome. We don’t have to go inside. We don’t have to track dirt in and out. We don’t have to make the coach stink. Like I said, didn’t really need it. But when we saw it, we were like that’s really nice, that’s really nice. And then of course, we
were just in the bathroom. It has a separate door for the bathroom so if you need to go to the restroom. You just walk right up here. You don’t have to walk
through the whole coach. And track dirt and whatnot. And then ending down here at the back of the trailer is this
little rack right here. This thing will hold 250 lbs. It was originally designed for mooses. For moose hunting, you
put a moose back here. So it’s 250 lbs, it pops down. You can put generators, I could put my dirt bike back there, whatever. and that concludes our tour of our Wlidcat Maxx. – Sierra was so sweet and she just walked all the way to the little
store to get me a snow cone. – What? – Thank you. – Hey. – Thank you, that was so sweet of you. – Flavor is rainbow. Cherry, lemon, I’m guessing lime. Or green apple, it
tastes like green apple. – [Tiffany] Try it. (laughing) – I know it’s got cherry, I think. (talking) (upbeat music)
(laughing) – So the girls apparently
forgot that we were camping. And they brought this special little, what do you call this? – It’s called the Infinity Pro
Curler I think, I don’t know. – But it looks awesome. Look at Sierra’s hair. – It’s really curly. – [Tiffany] Yeah. Turn, that is cool. We might have to get one Sierra. – [Sierra] Yes. – [Tiffany] Can we
loosen the curls in them? – So like you clip it here. – [Tiffany] So you put it in there? – You put it in the side where it says This Side Towards Head and you close it like a straightener. – [Tiffany] Oh my gosh, that’s awesome. That is so cool, ooh hot. – Yeah it just does like
perfect curls (laughs). – [Tiffany] Super cute. – Alright, so we brought
a BarkBox with us. This is going to be that
trailer’s BarkBox so whatever’s in here is going
to stay in the trailer. Hopefully, it’s trailer friendly. And it looks like it’s a movie theme. We’ve got a popcorn,
it’s a little squeaker. It’s a chew toy, have at it. What else we got? We got bacon hearts. From BarkBox presents bacon hearts, a delicious love story now
showing on your doorstep. It’s like heart treats, doggie treats. Oh, a fetch toy, there it is, there’s a squeaky one,
there’s a squeaky one. And we’ve got Nature’s Bits with salmon strawberry and sweet potatoes. We had this one before,
different flavor though. She’ll love those. And then, lastly we have
some toasted coconut. Who didn’t like coconut,
want to try coconut? There you go. – Yeah, I do. – Little bits, high in
protein chewy treat. No grains added, great for training. – [Tiffany] She’s like
just give me something, give me a treat, please, please, please. – [Clintus] Yeah dog you want some hearts. let’s give you some hearts. Ooh, looks so good. – [Tiffany] Ooh. I think
you should try one. – I’ll try the salmon ones. – [Tiffany] (laughs)
What do you think Babies? What do you think? (squeaking) – [Clintus] I’d throw
this but you’re tied down so that’s not going to work. So Bryce got this remote control Iron Man for Christmas
from my brother Austin and we’re finally breaking it out. It’s charging right now. You put six AA’s in the controller, then you plug this cord into the Iron Man and that’s what charges the Iron Man. So we’ll let this charge
for about 15 minutes and we’ll take it for a spin. (whirring) – Ha! You crashed him right away. – [Clintus] Wow and both
propellers fell off. Ha, so yeah. That was a big fail. (whirring) I don’t understand, I hit forward and it just hit the ground. (whirring) (buzzing) – [Bryce] Yeah, ahhh! (screaming) Cool! That’s awesome (laughing) Daddy, bring it to me. (yelling)
(buzzing) – [Clintus] Got it Sierra? – [Bryce] Daddy, I want to drive it. (buzzing) Daddy, stop it. – [Clintus] Okay, this is
awesome, oh, that’s awesome! (laughs) That’s pretty cool. Alright, hold on, hold on. This comes off. – That’s awesome! Can I try? – [Clintus] Do it, do it. (buzzing) – [Bryce] Daddy, can you make it go inside my hand? – [Clintus] This is to go
forward and this is to turn. – [Bryce] Okay ready, set, go.
– [Seirra] Set, go. – [Clintus] Turn, turn,
there you go, there you go. (laughing) – [Bryce] It’s hard. – [Clintus] It’s hard, yeah
you gotta figure it out. – [Bryce] Set, go.
– [Sierra] Set, go. – [Voiceover] Watch out,
watch out, watch out. – [Sierra] Watch out for the
poop, keep going, keep going. (laughing) – I thought it was going to crash but then didn’t so then — – [Clintus] Watch for the poop, ooh. We got piles and piles
of donkey poop out here. Tons of donkey poop. (laughing) – [Voiceover] Get him! (cheering, yelling) (generator running)
(talking) (basketball bouncing)
(cheering) (generator running)
(talking) – Oh you guys, dinner was amazing. Carne asada steak and just
all kinds of goodness. And, of course, as usual too much food. We’ll have leftovers for days for sure. This is where I’m going to
go ahead and end the vlog. It’s getting late, I’m getting tired. Who knows what the night’s going to bring and realistically it’s 10
p.m. so I should end the vlog. Hope you enjoyed it. If you did, be sure to
give it a thumbs up. Tap the eye in the sky right here for one year ago, two
years ago, three years ago. See what we were doing
and a quick synopsis. One year ago Sierra and Tiffany got into a spring cleaning frenzy and was just cleaning
the house like crazy. Two years ago we went to
dinner with Max and Victoria and just kind of hung out with them. Got some pizza, got some wings, whatnot. And, of course, three years ago, we’d only had Baby for a few months and we made the mistake of forgetting about her in her kennel
for like, five hours. Something like that, something crazy. So I was a little worried about coming home to a pile of poop. So check those out. All of them are in the card, if you tap on the eye right here. We’ll see you guys tomorrow. Vlog on.

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