okay y’all you’ve asked for it I think a
lot of people know that we bought a house and by we I mean luna bought
a house I just paid for it I just make payments around here but anyway this is
the house I’m gonna show you a little bit I gotta say don’t judge me on this
house yet because we just bought it we’re doing a little tiny bit of run oh
just some details that need to be taken care of before we move in today’s the
day we’re just like cleaning it and putting stuff together we don’t have any
furniture we have one bed and we have one table and four chairs and that is it
we are starting from scratch with have nothing but you know poco a poco
we’ll get there anyway here we go I’ll show you a little bit now this is the
main part of the house there’s literally nothing in it right now this is like
what’s gonna be like kitchen living room dining room there’s a bathroom there I
actually bought this fridge this week first time ever bought a fridge supposed
to be like really good on energy if you’ve ever lived in Mexico or are from
Mexico then you know that electricity is very expensive here and that’s why
everyone has this stove was here when I bought the house when I bought it the
woman who sold it to me said do you want what’s inside and I said I’ll take
everything so I got the stove and I got a bed out of it which is like and a gas
tank so there’s a few little housekeeping things like these windows
are all really old and the mosquito nets are really old and so those are being
changed right now and there’s some security stuff that needs to be sorted
out in the house because it’s quite old and you know just being a woman on my
own living in a foreign country with a kid like it makes us a little bit more
of a target so you do need to be a little bit you need to make sure that
you’ve got those like secured walls and all the locks work well and you can’t
jump the fence and you know cuz in some ways I wouldn’t say we’re easy to rob
but I think that morons might think we’re easy to
I actually think I’ll be very hard to rob especially since we don’t have
anything so we’re securing the house and then you know removing like all this
crap and the bars and stuff but this is what’s really beautiful about the place
just leaving it in the back this is the outdoor this will eventually be my
dining room and this was a real seller for us there’s a frangapani tree
here which means that we got altar flowers right in our backyard every day
Luna’s back here what you doing Bubba you’re helping him I think
you’re probably not helping but that’s okay just be careful okay it’s like a
little palapa out here and you know we’re building a wall that wall was just
a half wall you could see into the neighbors it was very easy to come over
here and now we’re making it very hard to
come over here so that’ll be all white like these other ones and there’s a
giant pool the pool is enormous so obviously there aren’t like the plants
that will be here eventually I’ll have some beautiful plants we’re going to
take all these off so that I don’t feel like I’m living in a jail this is one
bedroom and Lilliana helping me so that’s it this is like you know this
is how it starts this isn’t the first house that I’ve had to go through this
with I actually went through it and I don’t have video footage of it as when I
was pregnant but I found this beautiful cottage just outside of Antigua when I
was pregnant just like right by Caoba Farms if you know Antigua at all and I
found it and it didn’t even have a fridge and stove in it and no one had
lived in it for a long time and the garden was like really overgrown and it
was this beautiful two-bedroom vaulted ceiling cottage and I basically said to
the landlord you know I came down on the rent I think I asked him if he was like
five hundred Canadian a month I was like you put a fridge in stove in it I’ll
take him for five hundred Canadian a month I do it on a year lease I’m gonna
paint it and update it and do updates to the house but you never changed my rent
and he said okay which is the deal I’ve made in a lot of places
I got a gardener and I literally changed the soil there because it was all just
like nothing could grow there got a gardener and I had the place painted I
bought a couch I got these beautiful curtains anyone that saw that place was
like holy shit how did you find this how are you paying so little is this
beautiful massive two-bedroom one-bathroom cottage with a huge
wraparound garden really private and I really thought I was gonna live there
for years like I thought this was my place and I was hoping that I could
maybe buy it from this guy who inherited it and clearly didn’t care about it one
day kind of thing seven months later of course everyone knows the story you know
I pack my shit up in the middle of the night and drove or them over the
mountain range and had a baby in Mexico by myself in a cottage and when I went
to that house it was really beautiful at how it was lightly furnished but you
know I put a lot into that house too thinking we were gonna live there for a
while and that didn’t work out and so this isn’t the first time I put a house
together I gotta say this time even though it’s ours and we own it I still
my heart’s not in it because we’ve done it so many times and I’m like but it is
nice to you know like when I bought before I would buy things because
were affordable I mean these were expensive or anything but this time I
like really thought about what kind of bowls I want what kind of colors I
want and you know the vision for the home and you know I can’t afford to do
everything I want to do in one shot but over the course of the next year two
years I can pretty much do what I want and I’m really good at these
fixer-uppers so stay tuned our little two-bedroom two-bathroom
bungalow with the world’s largest personal pool is gonna turn into you
know a little bruja oasis with bruja uno and brujita here and yeah I’m
actually thinking about maybe getting like a little plaque front side that
says like bienvenida a la pussy palace anyway more to come this is the
beginning of the video will show you I’ll show you the process and what we’re
doing and and yada yada but here we go if you like it like it share it
subscribe if you want more about what’s going on like how to move to Mexico how
we did this there’s gonna be a series of videos showing them so you should
probably click that bell and get notified here we are outside of our new house and
I am just about what I’ve come on here for is the gas has been hooked up and
this is the old chain that chained the gas to the outside of the house so that
it wouldn’t get stolen so it’s the week before we move into our place and the
place is filled with workers we’re getting the wall finished I’m getting
bars take it off the windows and getting a door closed in and I’ll just show you
a little bit of that right now it doesn’t look like much it’s not painted
and we don’t really have any furniture but this is moving into a home in Mexico
right that’s my current workspace I came here in one of the bedrooms and
here you go this this glass and the mosquito net and the bars are on all the
windows here so these are interior windows before so I’ve had some things
done to the house before though there was half a wall in the back so
technically you can just kind of like jump over the fence from the place
behind and there was also like a metal door you know to go from the front
of the house into the back so I made the wall bigger like higher up and I closed
off that door because I don’t want to live with metal bars on my bedroom
window inside my house you know it’s part of the security here of course plus
of these things maybe these maybe these ones work oh there we go
ok so this is the only one I’ve ever tried ever tried that works also like
and this I’m like I felt when I first saw this – this is like a jail door and I mean it’s for security right but I
there’s a line between feeling secure and feeling jailed even though it’s like
really hard for homes like these to burn down because of the way they’re made
there’s like pure concrete even though like what if there was a fire in
this room at night and I needed to get keys to get myself out of my jail cell
to get out of my house I don’t think so so also a lot of these I don’t know if
you can see here but this is like very very old it actually looks like the
mosquito nets that were on the camp I mean it’s not even made of metal on like
when I went to camp as a child like this was making mosquito nets that were there
so it’s also like a lot of bulk and I just want to get more air in here
because we live at the beach and it’s basically 30 degrees year-round you know
it depends on whether it’s like some parts of the year it’s cooler at night
and in the morning in some parts it’s just straight 30 degrees like that’s the
difference here is the humidity and whether it stays hot day and night or
just in the day so we don’t need these at all it’s covered enough over they don’t
need to worry about rain and it’s one of those things where like if it in the
future if it rains really hard on like let’s say that window that’s coming out
completely on that window then like I’ll deal with it then but we’re not gonna
die from a little bit of rain getting in the house here you know so all of them
are coming out like I don’t want to live with bars on my windows in my home
inside my home and because this is a colonial layout that’s why it has it I’m
going to show you the wall behind that we just built that’s it while we built
it’s kind of you know a lot of my friends have been making my American
friends are making jokes that like I literally built a wall to keep Mexicans
out but really I built a wall to keep
robbers out wherever they’re from eventually like that will get painted
white you know right now that’s just the wall itself and it’s actually a really
good job the only thing is like this like we have to figure this out that
technically belongs to my neighbor but I mean I’d like to put they haven’t really
they have one in Guatemala I really like it’s like broken glass stuck in the top
so you can make it actually quite small like it doesn’t stick off a lot it
doesn’t feel like a jail but like you can’t get over that because it’s like
straight razors you can also do razor wire but again that has that jail
feeling I’m trying to get away from so this is coming off and the idea is once
you know my jail cell door and all these bars come off and new mosquito nets go
in and you know the air is flowing through here then I can decide what else
is going to do right now Luna and I are moving on Sunday we have a pool in a bed
and a functioning kitchen no pots and pans yet though and that’s it there’s no
table no chairs no couch nothing no place to store towels so we’re just
gonna you know poco a poco see what we do this is the door there used to be
just like a metal door that didn’t have a functioning walk like you just bang it
open to come back here and I understand when there was just like a grated door
there the people who lived here wanted more security especially with that just
that little third of a wall back there but I think that we can just secure the
exterior and I can live a relatively normal interior life so this lovely
man has taken all those glass pieces out the bars will remain on the outside of
the house of course but already this just looks so much more open here so I
am really looking forward to being able to like a look out into the backyard
with no bars on the windows at all and see how that works and already it feels
like there’s more air in here and he’s done one set of windows there’s like 20
sets to go here it is look they’ve taken all the glass and curtains down mosquito
nets out the bars on the windows there that outside one so those will stay but
these inside ones will all come off it just won’t happen till tomorrow because
they can’t take it all off without like putting it back together so here is this
one still got the old netting on it and the bars here but the glass is taken off
I’ll just show you the difference like feel the dip this room has no air
nothing is flowing in here and they take it used to have glass on these windows
and they’ve taken the glass off but look at this window this is going to old air
conditioner and it is totally glass dark and then when I go in the very next room
exact same size the difference I mean you can hear my voice is so much louder because
there’s less blocking it look at that it’s just this and when this is all off
when there is no bars there it must be like a nice big window I actually when I
first looked at this house did not feel like it had big windows and now like
even just back here this is to the bathroom that all had the glass slats on
it before and now that it’s all taken off it’s just the place feels huge
without it feels big and open and airy and of course aha curtains on these
windows to give some privacy instead but wow there’s like a really nice
breeze flowing through here now because these windows in the kitchen looked so
tiny and now look how huge it is massive windows in here just pure air flowing
through it’s great got all the glass and the mosquito net glass the place is pure
air now air and big windows well we moved in and this is our first morning
here in the house I found this table outside and these chairs they were left
behind we don’t have one yet but I’ll show you the kitchen and this is this is
basically it like our stuff so yeah we have a blender and some fruit and I
bought some fresh flowers for the house I put some things away so it still it
feels pretty homey nothing’s really changed here that’s Lunas room you can
see it’s through the bars they haven’t come off yet but there’s like a ton of
light in this room her little toys the bed this is actually pretty cute her little
things here my room there’s not much to it as I have an air mattress I
borrowed for now got these chairs will needs to fill up walls completed and
that’s it of course there’s like 10 million other things that need to get
done but this is the start here we are we moved in I’m gonna continue to take
you on journeys as we go things right now there’s no water in the back
bathroom and I think I don’t have something hooked up right so that it
there’s water from the feeds in there and you know there’s a
lot of learning curves here but I will take you on all the videos to show you
that along the way if you like this video like it if you want to share it
that’s great and you can click the bell and get notifications


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