New 2018 WILDWOOD Toy Hauler 180RT Light Weight RV Travel Trailer Colorado Dealer

Hey guys welcome to the great outdoors
RV my name is mate and today we are checking out the Wildwood fsx series
this is the 180 RT toy hauler edition that is under 32 hundred pounds dry I’m
gonna show you some features on the outside and the inside though so this is the ramp door right here and
this is a 7-foot wide ramp door and you also have some screen walls built into
this so this zips right down the middle and then it velcros on the side and then
you can walk through here from the door to the interior of the wheel well is 4
foot 9 inches and then from this wall to the back is 8 feet you also have a bench
seat right here that turns into a couch the way this works is the cushions can
just fit on the bed in the front if you want if you’re in the toy hauler mode
and then you also have a table here and this just fits just like that
this one has everything to be able to stay out and go camping for a while
including an air-conditioner a furnace all LED lights stereo system TV antenna
this is where you put a TV if you decide to go for that two burner stove
refrigerator this is a three way refrigerator so it can run off of both
electricity and gas as well as your front bed sink and then you also have a
full-sized bathroom with a shower and toilet this is also pretty unique for a
unit this size under 22 foot overall length including the tongue this closet
or pantry is huge and these are removable if you want to be able to use
the storage in different ways we also have a screen door which is also unique
for a unit this size outdoor speakers outdoor LED lights this is the power
awning we also have a solar plug so if you decide to plug in a portable solar
panel you can do that and it has a power tongue jack and look how high this
diamond plate is so all the mud and rocks this instead of your nice aluminum
you also have a large pass-through storage to put all your fishing poles
your chalk blocks and whatever else you can think of and then this has some
pretty good size storage tanks as 38 gallon freshwater a 30 gallon gray and
30 gallon black as well as a 6 gallon hot water heater so thanks for joining
me on the Wildwood fsx 180 r/t travel trailer toy hauler if you have any
questions you can reach us at 970.313.4337 or you can visit our website to
see all the different models we have
please give me a thumbs up if you liked the video have a great day thanks

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