New 2018 Toy Hauler STEALTH FQ2916G Travel Trailer RV Solar Panel Generator Off Grid Camper

hey guys welcome to the great outdoors
RV my name is mate and my name is Tom Hello folks today we’re checking out these
stealth Stealth 2916 G awesome all right mate so we recently just came
back from the show yeah and as always we go and we see our rep Katie and she
represents the stealth product and we’ve always carried the stealth at least dad
been here so for a few years now and stealth is a great toy hauler it will
flip the bill for whatever you’re trying to do as far as whatever well especially
on this one with 29 16 G because you almost have almost a 16-foot open deck
here where you can load up all your toys yeah a 16-foot deck it also has it this
is their number one selling floor plan yes yeah I think the reason this was so
popular to may is because it’s got the kitchen slide-out which which open
really opens it up a lot in the bedroom kind of more private that way it sure
does yeah couple things on this one so it’s got the fiberglass exterior it’s
all aluminum framed comes with these aluminum fenders as well the big
off-road 16 inch tires lots of things going on it’s got a forty forty gallon
fuel station a 200 watt solar panel yeah
there’s a lot of things going on with this yeah let’s show the people yeah so mate and I are gonna do something different for you today we’re
actually gonna start on the back side of the stealth and we’re just gonna lower
this room or yeah locks better than like the little metal kind that flipped down
that you have to put a padlock in these are already pre-built in with the lock
which kind of makes it nice yeah for sure so this little guy just folds right on
down and you can see it comes with the cables on here this can support about
1,800 pounds or so you can easily stand on it what a lot of people do both of us
at the same job right why are you closing what are you close to wait 18
well I mean we do you wanna the diet I’m on a diet program and I don’t like that
man you must be yeah so anyway back here a lot of people use this area right back
here as a port you can bring your lawn chairs down here and just kind of relax
and hang out a lot of people put the barbecue back here as well cables aren’t
gonna go anywhere they’re gonna support you and hold you in place mate are you
having fun with these little pull downs yes putting mine up so what’s really
nice about these is that these is velcro in along on the sides here and then you
got the zipper that’ll come on the interior part of it and what’s nice
about this too is that if you have a great spot such as the lake or some
place and you have a really good view back here but you know all of a sudden
you know nighttime starts coming around the mosquito start coming out and you
have a good view but you don’t want to you don’t want to close up the back side
your trailer you can bring this guy down you have the little screen that you can
utilize and still see outside plus it will allow breeze to come through as
well so you’re not sacrificing any part of that view the other thing that stuff
does differently than a lot of other toy haulers out there is one they have the
light back here but in addition they have this little spot where this is kind
of indented right here so it’s the construction is built out right here so
if the rains running down it’s it doesn’t have a chance to run into the
crack of the seam of where your ramp door comes up another thing that’s
really cool is these are the rubber is all the way around the corners
it doesn’t stop and have two pieces that meet together so again a spot that is
usually a place for leaks potentially yeah it’s kind of like a needle so if
you accidentally go over with a bike or four with or something you can actually
you can actually um did pinch your tire or something and caused it a flat having
that on there definitely present prevents that for sure yeah let’s start
around the other side let’s show people what’s also unique on the 2916G stealth
is you actually have power stabilizers so you can just hit it button
here and the jacks will come down now one of the things I wanted to make clear
to folks these are not it’s not a leveling system it’s just a stabilizing
system so what that does is that once you put the two down in the back of the
two in the front actually stabilizes the coach you’ll still have to level it by
using leveling blocks and stuff like that underneath the tires bring those up
another cool thing is the large grab assist handle so that makes it easier to
get in and out of the coach it does have the screen door built into it and I like
the combo of these two things because if you have like maybe a small kit or
something like that and they try to get out if you put this
across there it’ll stop somebody yeah Bruce when we
go plus when we go camping mate you’re the guy that’s always in the kitchen so
when we’re out here partying and we have mate in the kitchen cooking things we
can we can tell him just through the pass through screen here because mait your a non drinker you’re a non drinker so we can hey mate
can you pass me another beer and it’s easy access to get in for him to do that
yeah yeah yeah thanks for pointing that oh hey I just got to tell people the
reality of this right another cool feature on this particular coach is the
awning so the awning is a power awning and this one’s got the adjustable elbows
on here folks and the reason I like this feature is because when it starts to
rain or for example the Sun comes at a specific angle you can block the Sun
from you know having your interrupting your
dinner or whatever you’re having out here you can block the Sun and it’s also
going to allow you to shoot the rain off in one direction or the other it’s also
great so if you’re out there and it starts to snow snow doesn’t pour on the
canvas either because we all go camping when it snows right we live in Colorado
sure right so don’t be afraid to deploy this guy and and use it all you want
yeah speaking of snow this does have the Arctic package which means it has the
fully enclosed underbelly the heated holding tanks through forced air from
the furnace as well as the g-series package that means that it has the
fiberglass exterior the aluminum Rims the upgraded stereo and the appliances –
and the appliance upgrade yeah for sure walking along this way we got the big 16
inch wheels so that’s gonna give you a higher profile as you’re pulling it down
the road so. nitrogen filled tires filled tires i had a customer mentioned
that to me yesterday he’s like you know what he’s like man I rarely have to fill
up my tires since those are filled up with nitrogen he’s like it’s like it’s
great I checked him like twice now on the two trips that I’ve made and I have
yet to have to put extra air in them yeah they just maintain the PSI a little
bit better yeah 110 outlet right here your freshwater and then this is your
furnace so they give you the extra-large accessibility here so that you can pull
the furnace out this way instead of having to take apart cabinetry on the
inside you know what I like out here maze it’s nice led like oh yeah and then
scare late as well scare likes nice so this is you know being LEDs it’s not
gonna it’s not going to burn as hot it’s not gonna attract the bugs it’s a
grating ambiance feature out here at nighttime great little touch black tank
flush right here so this means that you can end up having to when you have to
clean out your sewer tank instead of having to drag a hose into the bathroom
down the toilet put a wand on there to spray it all out you can just hook it up
right here your water and it has sprayers built into the
tank so it’ll flush it all out for you second entry doors so if you want to be
able to get out from your bedroom you can easily do that to cut down on
traffic flow or to take a nap well the good thing about this mate is that you
know because it’s such a large coach it’s about a 35 foot in length it’s
great because you know you can have your privacy in the front bedroom and the way
that the bathroom is centrally located in this coach and we’ll show you that
here in a few minutes is that you can actually have a couple come and stay
with you they can sleep in the back side of the camper a couple even more long
yeah yeah you could have six use two sets a couple back there if you want to
but the thing is is no one’s interrupting each other’s privacy
because the bathrooms gonna be located right here there’s gonna be a bedroom
door in there it’s gonna separate everybody so you have that maximized
privacy you also have storage under the front
bed it does lift up the front bed does and so you can access things through the
bedroom or through this side as well yea know it’s also great on the stealth
yet I think just let me double check yeah two thirty pound bottles u looked well I
just know, how do you know okay I do my homework man you do your homework
you’ve never been fooled I’ve actually been fooled once or twice o look two thirty pound bottles
must have came out here just to be sure right I should have done that i will tell you
the new feature that this is our first one is this new fiberglass front cap
yeah we can either option it with or without this I don’t remember the option
cost but it’s yeah a nice feature to have if you want to spiff up the front
end oh you got to go with this front cap way cooler way off absolutely hands-down
yeah you got the power tongue jack on here you’re also going to have a docking
light so if you’re gonna a dock at night over there – yeah so if you need to
unhook at night during the day or I’m sorry at night or early in the morning
then you have this light to help you hitch up and also got the
that eliminates the hand-cranking although you do have an override system
if you were to lose power to this guy there’s a hand-cranked in there that you
can put right in here and that’ll help you get on your way as well you also
have a battery disconnect here so if you want to be able to disconnect your
battery so that you don’t discharge your battery although with this having a 200
watt solar panel on top yeah it does I mean it’s gonna be hard to discharge
that battery that’s like over that’s the largest panel that you can buy in the
industry so that’s pretty nice yes they’ll provide those with the campers
so that’s that fantastic that they do that this what does this weigh Tom OH
let’s double check do you want the dry weight mate really okay so the dry
weight on this guy is gonna be at 9,179lbs and the GVWR is 12,100lbs so yeah over just over a couple grand in weight capacity right
yeah three thousand yeah and you’re definitely gonna want to check your tow
ratings especially for folks that have like a 3/4 ton truck or whatever want to
make sure you can definitely pull this thing safely so definitely check your
towing rating for sure to make sure that that’s something that you can do 4000
watt evap Onan cummins generator so this generator will run everything in the
coach so your microwave your AC air conditioning your 110 outlets you name
it this has a built in fuel station mm-hmm and that fuel station will either
feed this and it also has a second pump that you can fill up your tanks too for
your four-wheeler yeah what’s important about that to me
is that actually still puts a 40 gallon fuel station on board so that’s that’s
quite a big difference from a lot of the competitors are out there as well
because they’re only doing 25 or 30 mm-hmm so this camper is also going to
feature an outside shower both hot and cold water and that’s great if you
decided you’re out riding and of course with being a toy hauler you know dirt
bikes and quads and all kinds of things that people want to bring out you’re
gonna get dirty you’re gonna get nasty you can get sandy depending on where you
going being able to rinse off before you go in
the camper will make will keep the inside a lot cleaner as well and you can
hose off your toys and all that stuff too over here you’re going to have your
water heater now this is a 10 Gallin direct spark ignition both gas
and electric features on here so you can run it off a bowl but this will provide
you with a ton of hot water it’s on board and this is gonna be your city
water connector too so if you’re not running off of your portable water your
fresh water tank which by the way gives you about a hundred gallons on board so
that’s that’s a huge amount of water to have on board and your written your
fresh water tank but if you don’t you’re not out boondocking you’re at an RV site
you want to utilize the city water connection you just hook this guy up
with a water pressure reducing valve and then you got continuous flow of water
here is that gas pump that I was telling you about so this works just like a gas
station you fill up your toys there is a button that you push to turn on your gas
pump for a five minute time or 15 minutes yeah and this one’s great mate
because the the the one that they put inside the camper that activates your
pump is on the inside of the coach it’s good for 15 minutes yeah and what’s
great is it’s not gonna allow someone to come up here and steal your fuel while
you’re out riding people that are what do I call them campsite watchers when
people go out and they whoo hey hey our neighbors are gone let’s go over and
steal some of their gas although yet to have there to be a campsite Watchers be
honest hey everybody’s watching everybody buddy okay you may not think
that but trust me being my background people this I know okay this I know so
anyway for fuel for competitors that all offer their their fuel pump on the
outside you can easily break into that turn on their pump and still all the
fuel and having that switch on the inside it’s they need to feel that bad
they can have them you think so sure why not right okay all right there is a
walkable roof on here a collapsible ladder and that is super nice because if
you don’t have this type of feature then you’re having a ladder you either one
don’t have a walkable roof or two you’re having to store the ladder where all
your toys are and everything else and it’s just converse them to be tripping
over it so this collapsible ladder is the way to go all right come on inside
there’s some awesome features in you all right well welcome into the 2916
stealth as you can see it’s very open and very spacious in here
I think main are you gonna take it off in there sure I could show off you do
have the rocker the cool thing about these chairs is they’re movable so if
you want to be able to take these outside underneath your awning you can
do that you can also move these in case you want all your toys inside here all
the way up to here is that 16-foot mark you could put these all the way in the
bedroom if you wanted to to add more space inside here and you’ll have to do
that if you load up your toys well what’s really cool about this particular
coach is it’s gonna come with the carpet okay now folks don’t worry about it you
can roll this carpet up when you load up your toys this is just down so that we
can show you how the living room set up is on this guy and then it also has
tie-downs throughout the entire floor I think there’s like six a bunk yeah
there’s a few throughout the entire floor and they’re underneath the carpet
and you’ll be able to easily identify those but back here is gonna be your
happy jack system and remember how we mentioned before as far as the privacy
aspect if you decide that you want to bring folks with you I may not be able
to do this with this bed up here well here I could push the button so if I
lower it right here no get the pins in oh go for it all the pin air we go oh
yeah they’re still right I got it I got it okay good yeah so if this top bed is
lowered down is this a bed as well yeah this is a bed this converts into another
bed so you can see the privacy curtain that you’re the people that are coming
to camping with you will have their side oh it’s kind of nice too because if
you’re at the lake and you need a changing area you could easily fold up
these chairs yeah you know what else you could do mate and I never thought about
this you can use this as like a screen curtain yeah as a stage curtain you can
come out and do all of your acts so I’m gonna do a play for us now all right Tom
have you ever seen the comedian? welcome to Tom and the Tom show the Tom show all
right how you doing I don’t even get started on no I’m too scared you’re to scared?
you don’t want to see my. you don’t want to see my stand up I mean I came out of
curtain and everything oh please edit this if you know this is going wrong oh you
already wrecked it for me I was gonna go on me and then you just totally wrecked
it and you know what it’s probably not family-friendly anyway the way these
tables work they do remove and then these poles remove out of the way yeah
I’ll grab this one for you mate and then this folds away
oh this was another cool thing I learned just recently so if you are a stealth
person and you’re like dang it if there was only a way that these beds like met
in the middle so it was one giant bed you are in luck boom you are in luck
this poles and may just learn this like he just like learning yeah we had a
couple days ago that’s right yeah and then today you can bring them together
you can keep it separate if you have the kids that are coming with you and they
don’t want to they don’t share the same bed or whatever that’s fine you can keep
them separate okay all joking aside mate let’s really show the people how this
thing works so Octavio is pushing a button for us
this is lifting up these are going out of weight there’s to cotter pins or I
don’t know what kind of pins you call them Pins you have a locking pin
snapping pins because what this couch is gonna do is when you load up your toys
folks is this this couch is gonna fall flat up against the wall for you yeah folding up the legs are we ready
do we dare yeah okay and then this will fold like this and then that way this
gives you the access to bring all of your toys inside and this keeps on going
up all the way up all the way up – yep so that’s how that works
well that’d be kind of cool just to sit up there like this so honey now I
wouldn’t try it either but it’s kind of cool right but that’s some more things
in this couch over here this is all your control so this is for your to
start your own and generator your bed lift system up and down how much fuel
you have your fuel station turn on and off your slide-out room in and out your
water heater both gas and electric the water pump and then all your lights are
over on this side yeah one of the things you’re going to get is a lot of cabinet
space in here and of course a toy hauler would never be complete mate without a
TV and the TV off or this guy’s gonna go right here there’s all your hookups yeah
come with it doesn’t come with the TV but so you put one in here and complete
its like longing for you know I you know I figure I found out the reason that a
lot of coaches don’t come with TVs anymore okay because the ones the Coast
coaches that come with TVs most people are anyways gonna put a big old
60-inch TV in here that rotates out and it’s just it’s not user friendly anyway
so people get for a home yeah that’s gonna work best for them right yeah I
like about cabinetry going back to cabinetry is this does have a pretty
good lip on the top of here so if you wanted to put some netting up here if
you wanted to throw your chips and bread up there it’s like a whole extra set of
cabinetry to work with you know in my house you know it would be up there
foo-foo stuff it yeah I mean you’re talking like you’re talking with the
decorative plants a little the plates that you put up there now of course
you’d have to but that’s that’s me a little disastrous my whole goal would be to get to
your campsite oh yeah well you take them down for
transport but yeah I guarantee that’s what will go up there so one of the
great things on this particular coach too is you got the accordion shades on
here what helps you block out the Sun now one
of the things that stuff is doing twos are also doing a new stitch material in
here and this is a new color for stealth as well along with the the tables that
you see here Hershey or chocolate yeah it’s like a cocoa type of a color which
I think it really blends really nice with the cabinetry that’s in here and
and the flooring combo so I think it’s I think it’s like a marshmallow like a
s’more because you got we can call the s’more coach that’s right you know
what we’re gonna have somebody come in say hey I like look at this yeah I don’t
remember the model number but there’s more one coach yeah we got remember that
it’s the style 2916G over here this is probably the coolest feature because a
lot of toy haulers do not have nearly this nice of a kitchen look how much all not
even close that you have you have the pulldown sink faucet this is a one basin
sink so it’s ginormous inside there and then again lots of hidden hinges
full-sized fridge 21 inch or 22 inch oven this is all flush so you have lots
of extra counter space the cup type pullout drawers this is all pre done for
you for your utensils the toe kick lighting underneath here is ginormous
really a work ginormous oh it is you can look at is in the dictionary
do you and I need to play some Scrabble is that what you’re probably so I know
almost really a work here it is is it it is right probably okay you know it’s
what she said I don’t you know tweak it okay that’s you totally forgot the
refrigerator the refrigerator is a 2-way refrigerator to a refrigerator stainless
steel check out this bad boy folks eight cubic foot fridge and then here’s the
freezer yeah and it’ll run off of both gas and
electric so do you pick your poison when it comes with that so obviously if
you’re running off the generator you have the ability running this guy or if
you don’t want to run your generator and switch it over to propane this is your
solar power right here so this gives you your readout so this will tell you that
our battery currently is 73% it’s a flooded battery and how much solar
you’re getting on top it’ll tell you that it’ll it’ll say everything right on
here so right now we’re getting four amps because it’s kind of a little bit
later in the day and then you have a two-way entry into the bedroom /
bathroom so this is one way Tom show them the other way yeah this is the other way and this is
the Jack and Jill and this is what I meant by the bathroom as far as having
the privacy so you know I’m assuming whoever owns the coach is gonna sleep up
here and then the guests will be back there but while everybody’s sleeping all
the doors can close everybody can have their privacy you have a nice radius
shower it’s pretty spacious in here lots of headroom lots of headroom yeah I’m a
tall guy six to taller than average I guess and this is a porcelain commode
porcelain commode foot flush lots of cabin sinks in here and you know what
this is a great spitters sink – spitter? see remember how I well I I learned that
from one of my customers that came in because a lot of coaches what they’ll
have is have like a little shelf that comes out and then when you go to spit
your toothpaste you always boink your head so I thought that was hilarious yeah it’s got
an open spinner sink so you’re not gonna worry about bumping your head you know
those little things are important you know things like this come up why were
there camping trip if you have this red weird line on your forehead
right yeah yep for sure and you got this medicine cabinet back here too so
there’s a lot of space in this bathroom right here mate what you got going on so
this is that storage we were talking about that is accessible from the
outside or the inside come on through I also like how this is kicked in a little
bit so if you wanted to put all your shoes along this back end here you can
have two foot of the bed it does have the struts to help you lift this up if
you want and then this goes down and then this is a nicer
mattress so this is a Denver mattress so not your entry-level mattress not a sort
of mattress not a sort of Denver it’s a denver and you know what’s really
nice about this too I think you’re thinking of a different brand there I am
you’re supposed to say it’s not a sorta it’s a Sirte this is certain small it’s
not sort of sorta it’s a Denver mattress right they used to come with mattresses
and then this is your hamper acts actually got a laundry chute down here
you just put your laundry basket here this closes up and that keeps the the
dirty clothes away and then this for sure on each opposite side not only do
you get the mirror to make sure that mate before you leave the camp for you
that you’re looking good but you know you can hang your clothes in here hey
can actually comes natural does it yeah I’m I’m past that point
yeah but yeah lots of cabinet space in here for sure
and one of the things that we want to mention too is that over here and octs is
showing a picture of it is you have a place for a 12-volt outlet you also have
a place where you can charge your cell phones CPAP machines are huge nowadays
so you have a 110 power outlet there that you can utilize that system and you
also have a spot to put an additional TV if you want a TV in the bedroom as well
so a lot of cool features going on for sure you know Mait when we go to the
shows every year in Indiana we always have the opportunity to see what we’re
selling and we always like to go out and see what other people are doing and
still by far the stealth is still doing the best that we have seen on the market
when it comes to a toy hauler definitely reach out to us if you have any
questions on this particular coach you can call it the s’mores camper if you’d
like because the mate just came up with that it’s 29 16g stealth you happy to
show it to you can reach out to me in an email at [email protected] or you can always pick up the phone nine 970.313.4337 and if you like this video give us a thumbs up mait works
hard getting me out here to do this videos believe dragon pull it’s a battle every day but
he makes me do these folks so please just call me some my efforts are hard
worth something take care and have a one see ya guys 2018 2916G Stealth Tom & Mait

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  1. Great video but the whole no tv situation imo is more of a poor layout to have a tv period … the spot that's prepped for it is in a terrible spot :/

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