Netherlands Summary Travel Video – Amsterdam, Utrecht, Leiden, Delft, Rotterdam, Haarlem, Holland

I’m taking you on a tour of the Netherlands. I’ll be spending three weeks traveling all
around primarily by train and staying in some of the main cities especially in the western
part of the country, of course Amsterdam but you really want to get beyond Amsterdam if
you want to get a true taste of the country, so I’ll be taking you to many other cities,
For my itinerary I picked about 10 of the main cities in the Netherlands
I’m going to take you on a grand journey through this wonderful country
Starting with a visit to Haarlem, travelling then down to Leiden, spending three nights
in Leiden, doing a few day trips out from there. Then I’ll take you to Delft for three more
nights and excursions out from Delft such as to The Hague which is the political capital
of the nation. And then on to Rotterdam the great modern
city of the Netherlands, continuing to Utrecht, a university town with a very large historic
center and then down to Maastricht in the southern part of the country. I’ll also be going up to the Alkmaar cheese
market which is a lot of fun. It happens once a week and it’s a big touristic
event. They re-create what it was like in the old
days with the cheese market and the guys running around carrying her sleds full of giant Gouda
cheeses, but here in the Netherlands they don’t say Gouda, it’s ‘Howda.’ I’ll take you to that town of Gouda as well
and show you where they make the cheese. And then up to Amsterdam for the grand finale. I’m staying two nights or three nights in
place, in Amsterdam six nights, so I’ll be providing quite thorough coverage showing
you the shopping streets and the museums, the old historic neighborhoods, the old brick
buildings and going on some canal boat rides as well – that’s one of the real fun things
to do when you’re in the Netherlands. In each of the towns I’ll be walking because
these towns are compact and historic and have so many things to see while walking around. And occasionally you can hop on a tram or
hop on a bus and that helps you get along. Maybe you want to rent a bicycle. Everybody here is on bicycles. The Netherlands is a land of canals and bicycles
and beautifully and preserved old towns such as Delft and Leiden seem like the architecture
hasn’t changed in the last 300 years. And it’s really quite a revelation to see
how modern everything is at the same time The people of course are highly educated. They have some of the top universities in
the world in the Netherlands, and the higher education is all but free for those who are
interested. And it’s just a nation of friendly people,
smart people, very productive people as well. Fortunately for us, just about all of them
speak very good English, so it’s very easy to get by when you are visiting here. I’ll be spending three weeks traveling by
train, and the Netherlands has got perhaps the best train system in Europe. Yes maybe even better Switzerland. It’s phenomenal. The trains are clean, fast, frequent. The foods are great. You can have a reasonable lunch for about
€12, say the equivalent of no more than $15 – often it’s a good hearty sandwich
and a cappuccino or a beer. Of course the Dutch love their beer. And they also drink a lot of wine as well. They don’t produce wine, but being in Europe,
in the center of Europe, it is very easy for them to bring in wines from not just France
and Italy and Spain but all over the world actually. You see always a good variety on menus, but
especially it’s the beer. They must have dozens of varieties of beer
that are brewed right here in the Netherlands. Now people also call this country Holland
and that’s a common mistake actually because Holland is just part of the Netherlands. It’s two provinces on the Western side but
the country actually the Netherlands. And the people are Dutch, they speak Dutch. It’s a unique language. It’s a separate language but has similarities
to German and to Danish. I’m traveling in the in the month of September
which is a good time to be here, and I got real lucky with the weather so far, it has
been perfect. It’s been let’s say 75°F 20° 22°C,
just very comfortable and actually a bit warmer that should be at this time of year and that’s
a good thing, sometimes you get lucky. So it’s a real excursion through the Netherlands,
not just visiting Amsterdam. Even if you are only going to Amsterdam you
should spend 4 to 5 days there so you can do some day trips because the country is pretty
small and you can travel all way to the Hague for example by train in about 45 minutes from
Amsterdam, so it could be a home base for you. Traveling for three weeks in this wonderful
country was a great experience, including all the way down to Maastricht at the southern
tip of the Netherlands, and a little side trip over to Aachen in Germany to see the
Cathedral dating back to the year 800. You’re going to love this upcoming series
of movies about the Netherlands. We will focus on Amsterdam, of course. I spent a week in this wonderful city. We will have pictures of the museums, the
restaurants, the canals, the streets, the old buildings, Rembrandt’s house – and yes
it took a lot of walking to get these shots. It was three weeks on foot. The Netherlands presents the visitor with
the wonderful variety of sights to see. There are the old historic buildings and there’s
the modern parts of town as well. The Netherlands is a very progressive country. It’s steeped in tradition and history that
goes back over 1000 years and yet it’s also one of the most enlightened and tolerant nations
in the world, and one of the wealthiest. Their high per capita income ranks them among
the world’s most affluent countries, and this rich tradition is all there beautifully presented
for you from the most modern to the very historic. The Netherlands has got something for everybody,
and very friendly people. Most of them speak English so it’s easy to
communicate. It’s easy to get around by train, a very modern
system, and then you’ve got the canals and the walkways and the art museums and the restaurants
and the beer and the great food, modern skyscrapers. You’ve really got everything in this one small
country. It only takes a couple of hours to go by train
from one end of the country to the other, or from one major city to the next it can
be done in 15 to 30 minutes, so it’s so easy to get around and offers such a rich variety
of experiences. We upload a new travel movie every week, so
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62 Replies to “Netherlands Summary Travel Video – Amsterdam, Utrecht, Leiden, Delft, Rotterdam, Haarlem, Holland

  1. Why didn't you visit Schiedam?  The Dutch-gin capitol of the Netherlands with the 7 highest windmills of the world, canals, and for example the oldest cityparc (1767) in the Netherlands

    They do produce wine; quite a lot actually. But apart from that, an excellent advert for this wonderful land. The Dutch tourism industry should sign you up. You encapsulate everything clearly and succinctly. I am a Dutch citizen, having emigrated from the UK. Brian Fenwick. PS Next time try the east of the country. We live in Arnhem, which I can objectively and subjectively prove is the best place to live in the world. Sounds ridiculous, but I can explain if anyone is interested.

  3. Great video!!👍😀 One day I will visit these beautiful places myself and make a video on every one of them (I hope😉) Thank You so much!!🙂

  4. The trains are not that clean. If one goes to Maastricht try to visit a concert of Andre Rieu.

  5. Leiden were many Pilgrims used to live before move to England to go to America. The Netherlands was just to liberal to religions.

  6. I love there so much one day i will to go back again and if have a people to stay there say hi for me

  7. NO better way to see that part of the country then by train. What a great job to have that helps fulfill ones love of travel.

  8. You need to visite Spakenburg the hidden jeem of Nederland on saterday there is a weekly market. And 1e saterday of September it's then fishery day in Spakenburg. In the middel of Nederland near Amersfoort. Take the train to Amersfoort and then the bus 176 to Bunschoten Spakenburg

  9. Of course we produce wine. Quite a bit actually. I live in the east and there are several good vineyards here. Too bad you stayed in the west though (except for Maastricht that is) because the east is beautiful too with beautiful cities and nature.

  10. Sorry, higher education is not free in The Netherlands. But you can easily get a loan from the Dutch government.

  11. Nice video. Glad to see you do not only visit Amsterdam but also other cities. Amsterdam is far to crowded these days because there are too many tourists. The Netherlands is a small country with excellent public transport. There are some small cities in the east of coutry that are also very charming. To name a few: Zwolle, Deventer and Zutphen. If you are interested in Medieval buidings than you will like these cities. They were members of the Hanze treaty and were the wealthiest cities in the Netherlamds in the 14 century.

  12. There is not just Dutch spoken in the Netherlands, there is one province, the province of Friesland, that has its own language, Friesian. It’s to bad that all these travel bloggers/vloggers don’t do any research

  13. The next time jouw viste the Netherlands you need to visite Spakenburg the hidden jeem of Netherlands. On saterday there is a weekly market whit more than a 100 stands. It's a old fishing town at the Zuiderzee. #Vaarerderfgoed #EEMMEER #BOTER

  14. Holland is a country of Cheesy (Fromages-en Français) ……..Gouda Cammambert and all other Cheesy(Fromages) are soo delisious………………………………..

  15. Amsterdam and his Flowers and his Canals are unfogettables………..And people also soo kınd and sympathıcs tooooo…………………

  16. İn 2006 we I and my wife we made a Turıstıc trıp to Holland for 3 days…I and My wife we fall in Love wıth Holland…Funny to say but its True……………

  17. Oooooo I forget to Write you a Famous person in Holland from Maastrıcht Mr Andre RİEU and his Johanns Straust Orchestre that I am İn Love……He is Genius Fantastics……..

  18. dutch is actually more close to english than to german. but the pronounciation makes it hard for english speakers to understand, but when you read it, you'll see it.

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