MY VLOGGING SETUP 2019: Camera Gear For Travel & Food Videos

– Hi there. If you are new here, my name is TJ. I’m a travel and food vlogger, and this is my vlogging setup. I’m filming this in
collaboration with Skillshare. If you do not know them yet, okay, they are an online platform
with classes including growing your Instagram, turning your
creative hobbies into money, and taking your video skills
from zero to over 9,000. They’re giving the first 500 of you a free two months trial. That’s right, that’s two
months of free classes. Even after that, it’s
just about $10 a month for an annual membership. That’s a little for a lot of knowledge. You can take advantage of
that freebie and grab it by clicking the link in description. (TJ claps twice)
All right. Let’s talk gear. Number one, this vlogging
setup is for people who wanna create higher-quality videos. Number two, if you’re looking
for a more compact setup, you can check out my older
video for minimalist travelers, and number three, you do not, do not, do not, do not have to
buy this entire setup. This is just what I use, and hopefully you guys
can get some good ideas. I will be offering cheaper
and free alternatives throughout the video, because I know that this can get very, very expensive. All my money goes into
video making or food. That is why I have worn the same outfit in many, many videos.
(TJ laughs) Wassup, mm. Okay, let’s talk camera. (jazzy instrumental music) My camera is the Sony A6500. It’s light and small,
two very important things when filming on the go,
especially when you’re traveling. Video quality is great. It’s got 4K, 120 frames per
second for sexy slow motion, and you get a range of
lenses to swap in and out of. Also, a microphone port for better audio. It’s much better audio than
the smaller vlogging cameras, such as the Sony RX or Canon G7 X. I had this one for about three years. It’s pretty much broken. Check out this big hole
to Narnia on it, ha. If we wanna talk camera
terms, 24 megapixels, it’s cropped, which
means it’s a step smaller than the full-frame, and it
has great image resolution. For the price, the size, and the quality, I just found this camera unbeatable. However, a camera can’t be that perfect, because this one doesn’t
have a flip screen. Why? So I can’t call it the
perfect vlogging camera, but it is a great camera. So, to combat the fact that
it doesn’t have a flip screen, I did buy a monitor. This is the Sony monitor. This was great for my recent
vlogging series where I was filming alone and needed to
see how I looked in the shots. But, I don’t love having this monitor. This one didn’t even come
with a battery in the box. I’ve heard good things
about SmallHD monitors, but they are I think $500, and that’s 500 McDonald’s one-dollar cheeseburgers, yeah. So a free way to see
yourself is just to connect your camera through your
phone through Bluetooth. The only problem with this is
sometimes it’s a little bit laggy, so it’s not as
real-time as you want it. Another way to effortlessly vlog is to have a lens, a wide angle lens. Getting a super wide angle lens is something you wanna do in vlogging because you can get a lot
of that background goody. The one I purchased is
the Sony 10 to 18mm. PS, I recommend a great lens for half the price at
the end of this video. I love this lens so much. It is so wide and autofocuses well. I love the zoom in and
out effects when vlogging. The only thing that hurts
about this lens is the price. But, when I’m walking in a rush, just need to pick up the camera
to vlog, having this wide angle lens ensures I will be
in the shot no matter what. (jazzy instrumental music) I used to the JOBY GorillaPod a lot. This is what it looks like. But JOBY came out with a new
line called the TelePods, and what I love about the
TelePods is that it’s a tripod, so you can see it on things,
and it’s also a selfie stick. So the Asian in me is
screaming, oh my gosh, oh. (TJ laughs) Because I’m a food vlogger, I often have a table setup in front of me. So I set the TelePod
on a chair or a table, and then I extend it to
kind of get the best angle. It’s basically a portable setup. It’s so much lighter
than carrying a tripod, although if you’re interested
in the tripod I use for proper gigs, I’ll also
link it in the description. Audio. Audio is very, very important, and good audio is difficult
to get when vlogging. People will tolerate shaky
footage and blurry footage, but they usually will hate bad audio. While we can’t get
perfect audio every time, there’s a couple of ways you can ensure that you get better quality. I used to use a Zoom H1 with a lavalier. It’s a great external
recorder, but it was annoying, because it doesn’t clip to
you, and bumping into it means hitting this part, which
broke a lot of my lavaliers. I upgraded to this Tascam. It comes with its own
microphone with a condenser. It’s so compact and has never
failed in capturing my voice, even with loud music and
chatter in the background. This is a huge investment, though, for people who really want
that sweet nectar of audio. You can also just get
an on-camera microphone. This is best if you’re vlogging on the go. This is the Rode VideoMicro. It’s powerful. It plugs right into your
camera, battery-free, and it’s so small. VideoMicro is supposed to come with a poof so that when the wind
blows, you don’t hear that sound, but I lost mine. One thing to know about this
microphone that is great is if you just use your iPhone to vlog, which you totally can,
you just need to make sure to get a different connector. So I’ll link it all in the description, but this one has a gray tip,
and that’s for the iPhone, and this one, you can
connect to the camera. Cheaper alternative two. Get a lavalier for your phone. They cost around $20. You can plug it into your phone when you’re recording with your camera. Because the lavalier
is just closer to you, the audio will be clearer
than from the audio in-camera that’s two,
three feet away from you. You just need to sync the
audio in post-production, and I have an editing tutorial coming out, so I’ll show you guys
how to do that in that. My full Transformers-looking setup with everything looks like this. One thing I didn’t mention because it’s not necessary unless you get everything is the small rig
cage you see right here. This allows me to attach the monitor and have space on the side
to attach a microphone. My everyday go-to setup when I don’t need all of that looks like this. I have super small hands, so
the equipment looks really big, but trust me when I say this is quite the compact setup for most people. Again, you don’t need the whole thing. Let me suggest to you
guys some combinations. If you already have a
smaller vlogging camera like Sony RX or G7 X, the
biggest problem is the audio, so you can just get the Tascam, or you can just get a
lavalier with your iPhone for situations where you need clear audio. If you have a nice camera
but no flip screen to vlog, get an app that connects the screen to your phone, or a wide-angle lens. The Sigma 60mm f/1.4 is
half the price of the Sony, and the quality is truly sickening, bruh. There you go, you guys. That is my vlogging setup. I’m really saving up and
hoping to get a new Sony. I think they just came out with a new one. But in general, for all my videos, I love using the Sony A6500. Even the videos where
someone is filming me, that’s usually also filmed on the A6500. I hope this gave you guys some good ideas on what to use for your
own vlogging setup. You know, you can really get creative. You can go cheap on some things and just invest in something better. You don’t have to get
everything high-quality. We just gotta learn to
make it work, you know? Thank you guys so much for tuning in to my vlogging setup for 2019. Please be sure to give
this video a big thumbs up. Oh, one more thing before we go. If you guys are really
interested in vlogging and starting your own YouTube channel or growing your own
YouTube channel, I do have a travel vlogging course
called Viewing to Vlogging. It doesn’t focus on
cinematics, which, good thing Skillshare is sponsoring
this video, because you guys can actually get a lot
of good cinematic classes there for like, $10 a month. Well, it’s free right now. My class focuses a lot on the branding and marketing aspects of it, and then the business part of having
your own YouTube channel. If you guys are interested
in learning more, be sure to check out the description, because it has a link to the course, and it has a free training for you. All right, time to go. My stomach has been growling this entire video.
(TJ laughs) I hope the microphone didn’t catch it. But I will see you guys next time. Thumbs up this video. Thank you so much again
for watching, and bye-bye! (jazzy instrumental music)

92 Replies to “MY VLOGGING SETUP 2019: Camera Gear For Travel & Food Videos

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    I can't wait to see you back in Asia. Take care and safe travels! 👍✌

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