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so after a long time, we are heading towards a place that lures us to visit again and again. and this time with my brothers first mission top station. Highest point on the Munnar kodaikanal Highway The panoramic views of tea gardens and valleys from topstation is insane. but that was a cloudy evening. So sunset was not much colorful. So next morning sunrise mission After sunrise section, we headed to kundala lake. 10km from top station. A beautiful lake and dam besides huge eycalyptus trees next stop echo point. 8 kilometers from
kundala lake. A picture perfect landscape beauty. Mattuppetty Dam is 6km near from Echopint. Built in 1953. Amost visited destination in munnar. Next day we headed to Lockhart Gap road. 15km away from munnar through Munnar kumily highway, you can enjoy this stunning Lockhart Tea garden Then night roaming around Munnar town. Streetfood, markets, chocolates, shopping in freezing cold. next morning headed to Marayur. But on the way to marayur we had to stop the vehicle many times. Because the views are insane. at last marayur. The only one natural sandalwood forest in kerala Marayur is also famous for its own Marayur Jaggery. Made from natural grown sugar cane. next stop chinnar wildlife sanctuary. 9km from marayur. A forest without network coverage and food. But vies are amazing And sunset in forest is always insane. next morning we headed to Thoovanam waterfalls. 4km from marayur, and a 1 hour hike through jungle. After 1 hour hike through the jungle, the refreshing Thoovanam waterfalls. After thoovanam waterfalls, next stop Anakottapara. 5km from marayur. Dolmens from megalithic age and surrounded by mountains. A perfect place to see marayur from above. next day we headed to Vattavada. The market of kerala. Famous for its organic fruits and vegetables On the way to thenmala we founs this dope place. It’s a private property. next day Mankulam. Mankulam is not so famous among munnar visitors. But once you visit Mankulam, you will love it. And this is kottappara. We were waiting for an epic sunset, but rain ruined it all. So next morning sunrise mission. next stop Anakkulam. A place where elephants visits daily to drink water. A place where you can enjoy the whole day in water. This beautiful landscape is on the way to Anakkulam next morning the best ever sunrise view in Munnar Yes kolukkumalai thanks for watching everyone. If you like this video, don’t forget to click the subscribe button. see you in next one

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