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Hi I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re
Chasing a Plate, today we’ve come to Petaling Jaya in Selangor and we’re
trying a dish that we really don’t know too much about but a lot of subscribers
have told us that we need to try it so here we are, today we’re trying nasi kukus, let’s eat! we’ve come to restaurant Ilham and I
love these types of restaurants that just do one dish and do it well let’s
find out what this nasi kukus is all about something we really like
about traveling and eating is working out how to order cos often it can be
quite confusing this particular restaurant you seem to line
up at this little stand to get your food over there there’s another little stand
where you can get a drink and then there’s another place where you can pay
and then you just sit wherever you want but sometimes it’s table service,
sometimes it’s multiple stands you never quite know but as a traveler don’t let
that put you off eating at these places because I think a lot of people find it
quite intimidating and we have in the past as well but if you just give it a
go they’re always going to help you out
because when you really think about it you’re eating at their business they
want you to be there so don’t be intimidated by the way you have to order
just get in there and figure it out, if it takes you a minute to just see what
other people are doing just do that just stand there and look confused
that’s what we do all the time but it always works I’m beyond excited to be trying this
dish we were waiting in line for a few minutes because the chefs were frying up this huge wok filled with fried chicken and it looks like it’s worth the
wait the chicken has been marinated in what looks to be a number of spices
and it’s sitting on top of this steamed rice, it’s been freshly steamed and then it’s been covered in all these
delicious-looking sauces, I think they might be gulai which is similar to a curry sauce but slightly different they’re usually
flavoured with turmeric to give it a bit of a yellow colour and there’s also this sweet
caramelised looking pineapple on the side and also some anchovies and then I
can spot here I think it’s some sambal belacan which is a fermented shrimp
chilli condiment, oh my gosh it looks to die for I’m gonna dive right in and then
give this a go, I’m using my hands today because everyone else is so
it’s the way to do it I think. I’ll just give this rice a bit of a mix up with
that gulai and just taste the rice it’s steaming hot there’s so much flavour coming through from
those sauces I’ve no idea what they are but I did see that the abhang put about
three different types of sauces on there next I’m gonna try the pineapple because
that just looks too good to be true it’s bright yellow it’s gonna add a bit of
sweetness I’m gonna grab some of those anchovies oh my god I honestly don’t know why we
have not heard about this dish until now that is what I love about Malaysia the
cuisine is so varied and you our subscribers have been so amazing in
recommending dishes to us, if there are any more things that we should be eating
like nasi kukus whilst we’re in Malaysia we’re here for another few months at
least please let us know in the comments below and whilst you’re down there we would
love you to subscribe When we were at the drinks station we saw
this ridiculously coloured drink being poured out so we had to try it
it’s called jagung which we are not quite sure, we think that’s corn we’ve never
had it before so I’m gonna try it it looks milky but it’s kind of water in
texture hahahaha that is so good
it’s definitely a corn drink it tastes like popcorn gone wild it’s so good oh that’s amazing, I’ve had something that tastes like this before I can’t quite
I can’t quite pick where, somewhere in Asia I think in Taiwan I think it was
some sort of ice cream dish maybe in Thailand there’s a corn ice cream that’s
what it tastes like that’s super good that’s gonna be a good accompaniment to this because from what Sheena said I’ve got just flavours building in my mouth
for this dish I can’t wait to dive in I’m just gonna do no explaining because
I think Sheena has done a good job I’m gonna do a whole lot of eating, the rice
is really like held together and firm it’s quite moist maybe that’s cos it’s
steamed to order in that big tower of stainless steel steamers what should I try
first? I’ll get some anchovies and some rice there’s no words it’s incredible how
have we not known about this sooner like Sheena said thank you to the subscribers
that have let us know because what a winner, I’ve had one mouthful and I’m hooked
for life this is incredible I’ve just peeled off some of the fried
chicken and it is incredibly tender I’m gonna have rice, fried chicken and a
piece of that pineapple which is so yellow I don’t even understand how it’s
so yellow that had sambal belacan on it as well which had a really good kick, the rice is
incredible the way that that sauce is just soaked through the rice but not
ridiculously it’s still got a lot of white rice there so you’ve got the ability to
chop and change how much sauce you have it’s not just soaked. The chicken- next
level, the pineapple’s got some crunch but some softness, I’ve still a bit of
pineapple in my mouth oh man this is good this is gonna
disappear in seconds, absolute seconds this is one heck of a dish unreal, again
Thank You subscribers for this information and on a subscriber note,
if you’re subscribed and you’re not getting a notification about our videos
which I think is happening sometimes there’s a little bell beside the
notification button or beside the subscribe button
make sure you hit that bell so you’ll get a notification and you’ll know when
we’re posting. I’m a massive fried chicken fan, I’ll eat it for breakfast,
lunch, dinner, supper, I will eat any type of fried chicken so I am super excited to
try this, so I think it’s called ayam goreng berempah please correct me if I’m wrong and rempah means spice mix so I gather that the chicken is just marinated in the spice mix and then
chucked into the hot oil, the skin is so crispy it’s perfectly cooked it’s not dry, it’s so moist it’s got that beautiful crisp skin that’s been marinated and you can really taste those spices oh my gosh I feel
like I want to go up to the chef and ask for another piece and I have only had a first bite of my my first piece that is so good I’ve gotta
try this highlighter yellow drink it looks so wild that’s so crazy it’s like a milky corn drink, it’s quite sweet but as Thomas said it’s gonna wash all this down really well,
we’re gonna stop talking and we’re just gonna eat because this is far too good
to be sitting here waiting. that was an unreal lunch, that place is a must visit, so good so good. It was phenomenal, I have no words, that fried chicken was out of this world so fresh we were lucky
to get there just as they were bringing out the fresh batch but even if that had been
sitting around it would have been in epic because it was so juicy and so
crunchy so flavoursome the rice every everything
in that packet was absolutely top notch, unreal, what a meal. Thank you so much to our subscribers who recommended we check out nasi kukus and also that place
there we loved it. We hope we inspired you to eat and explore like a traveler,
not a tourist, if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and thank you
so much for watching we’ll see you next time, jumpa lagi! Oh remember details below for where this restaurant is, jumpa lagi!

100 Replies to “Mouthwatering NASI KUKUS- Malay food in MALAYSIA | Food and Travel Channel | Selangor, Malaysia

  1. You should try Warung Cikgu, Bandar Bukit Puchong. The main dish known as Nasi Mmangey and you can have a coconut shake as well πŸ˜‹

  2. There's a nasi lemak stand in wangsa maju that also has nice ayam goreng berempah. Its only available after 7pm and there will definitely be a line for taking away so it's faster if you just eat there.

    53300, 2-24, Jalan 1/26, Taman Sri Rampai, 53300 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

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  5. There is a good streetfood nasi kukus stall in front of public bank in ampang just across the train station open every morning, people line up every morning just to eat it. It has been like 2 years since the last time I ate there, but their nasi kukus is superb.

  6. hey man, dont worry too much about the many kinds of services. even us locals get confused sometimes when we arrive at new places..

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  8. I feel hungry watching you guys eat that. By the way,please be careful and take a GOOD care of your bags and belongings because nowadays,the crime rate in Malaysia is pretty high.

  9. I was sceptical at first about subscribing but 5 minutes into the video and I'm loving your enthusiasm about our local food. Subscribed!

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  16. Just had this Nasi Kukus at Ilham's, always amazing, somewhere at Mutiara Damansara, got barbershop beside the restaurant…

  17. Actually you dont have to eat it with hands cause like malaysia is a multicultural country but its mostly for Muslims. Muslims eat with their hands because its a i think prophet. He eats with hands so we need to follow. Try to eat the classic nasi Lemak. I like how you put $ beside RM πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Us Dollars are So Expensive hahah. If you give $1000 you can get nearly RM4000 Try buying the Iphone X here πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  23. I'm watching this barely few minutes post finishing my dinner and this is making me want to eat more. If I were there now, I would just order a plate of that fried chicken…looks so good. 😁😁

  24. I love your videos! Malaysia is indeed a food paradise. I doubt that there's someone that already tasted all kinds of food existed in malaysia. the food range is tooo wide! n u need to travel to each part of Malaysia to get the best taste for each dishes! just make sure to wash your hands properly before eating n exercise a lot to burn the calories. u need to be healthy to enjoy all of the foods! πŸ˜†

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  28. hi thomas and sheena……i have traditional food to offer u guys…and it call lemang…..seem the hari raya puasa is near so they will be many bazaar ramadan even me myself is selling food at bazaar ramadan…..they will be a lot a lot of variety of food that month

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