Hi I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re
Chasing a Plate today we’re in Penang, Malaysia we have
been here a few times and we have some absolute favourite dishes and some must
eats that you have to try so follow us as we make our way in and around
George Town and its surrounds and show you some of the best food Penang has to
offer like in all our videos details for where we’re eating will be in the
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subscribe for more food adventures, we’re starving let’s eat our first stop is the Tan Jetty for the Tan
Jetty prawn fritters and lor bah so all along the George Town waterfront are
different clan jetties named after a different family so Tan Jetty is the one to
come for these gems so this Uncle fries up huge batches of
amazing fritters so we’ve got the prawn ones to try as well as lor bah
which is roughly minced pork which is so juicy and then it’s wrapped in bean curd
skin these are to die for, I’m gonna dive in and try the lor bah first they also
have this incredible, incredible homemade chilli sauce and you have to dip let’s give
this a go the pork is so juicy it’s quite roughly
minced so it’s got a bit of chew and that crisp beancurd on the
outside adds this beautiful texture that chilli sauce is both sweet, sour but has a
really fiery kick that is amazing I’m gonna try these prawn fritters now so
the fritters are quite doughy I can see there’s some bean sprouts in them as
well as maybe some shallots, I think it’s made out of a rice flour batter
and these prawn fritters and pork rolls are really well-known because the
Uncle actually supplies a lot of the stalls around George Town let’s just give
this a dunk and pop it in my gob mmm that’s so good there’s that crunch
and crispiness from the outer of the fritter where it’s hit the oil but the
inside is still really soft that prawn is sensational because it’s been crisped
up by touching that hot oil but it hasn’t been overdone so the meat
is really tender and fleshy it’s not just all hard shell you absolutely have
to come to the Tan Jetty to try these fritters and pork rolls when you’re in
George Town they also do tofu fritters and they’re worth a go too but
if you only pick two prawn and pork next up we’ve made a small walk out of
George Town for a coconut shake these are super refreshing and remember we always
put details down below in the description so you too can find these
places and here is the incredible Joez coconut shake, the ingredients list is
so good on this so it’s made up of these tapioca balls in the bottom and then in this shake
itself he adds sugar syrup, ice, coconut flesh, coconut water, coconut milk, evaporated milk,
a whole lot of ice, vanilla ice cream if I didn’t already say that and then on
top he puts another scoop of vanilla ice
cream so once all those ingredients are zizzed up in the blender combined together
and then it’s all poured on top of these tapioca balls, it is the most refreshing
shake you could ever imagine let’s give it a go Oh it’s not too sweet it has a very very
solid coconut flavour it’s got a slight vanilla taste from the vanilla ice cream
the little balls pop up through the straw it is the perfect combination of
those ingredients sometimes with these types of shakes there can be either too
much ice cream or too much sugar or just you know something’s not quite right
here at Joez he gets everything absolutely perfect when you’re in Penang
you have to try asam laksa, laksa is a a noodle soup and asam laksa
is made with a spicy sour fish broth you can get some fairly good bowls in
George Town itself but we reckon you should either drive, catch the bus or
grab a car and travel to Air Itam which is a little bit outside of
George Town to sample Air Itam’s famous asam laksa,
let’s go and grab a bowl asam laksa is a noodle soup full of
bold and punchy flavours so the soup gets its sourness from tamarind and
it’s made with an oily fish in this case mackerel sometimes they use
sardine and you can see the fish flakes in there, there’s also some sliced chilli
there’s some torch ginger, this dark thick paste that you can see on the top is a sweet prawn paste and then I’m gonna give it a huge old mix up
and you’ll see what else is in this bowl there are thick white rice noodles there’s
mint, there’s cucumber, there’s red onion it is going to be wild and so
flavoursome I’m going to try this broth first mmmm it is so vibrant, it’s spicy or pedas
which means chilli hot in Malay it’s sour from the tamarind and it’s also got that
really strong fish flavour let’s give these noodles a go, I’ve also got some cucumber, there’s that fish which has coated the noodles and also
some lettuce and mint you have to eat this when you’re in Penang, there’s just nothing like it, sweet sour spicy oh and it’s so vibrant and bold those noodles were so slippery there’s real crunch and texture from the vegetables I’m gonna go again I got a huge mouthful of that red onion
and that was so fresh and it added that real texture to that bite, this bowl is something you cannot miss when you’re in Penang the next thing we’re including is the Famous Penang Road Teochew cendol but this one is a bit of a warning so cendol if you don’t know what it is it
is an ice desert so it’s got shaved ice, gula melaka or palm sugar, coconut milk,
cendol noodles which are the green noodles and this particular one has red
kidney beans also we first had this cendol when we were in Penang about 5
years ago and it was absolutely amazing and everything you search and
everywhere you look for Penang food it will pretty much tell you to eat this
cendol, however we’ve had it since having it that first time and it’s just not up to
standard so we thought we’d include it in this video
just to see what it’s like today to make sure let’s give it a go I’ve mixed it up
a lot so the coconut milk’s gone very brown from the the gula melaka or that palm sugar I stick by it it’s not actually that
great so the coconut milk is very mild, very mild a really good cendol should
have a very thick, very coconut-ty coconut milk and this is lacking that
punchy thick flavour, rich flavour that you should get with a cendol and it
actually has almost a coffee taste from the gula melaka but it kind of just
tastes like Nescafe not strong just softly of Nescafe and there’s really no
coconut flavour I see that they have a big tub with sort of pre-done coconut
milk which looks very runny with the cendol noodles in it so a word of
warning when you’re searching for things to eat you’ll definitely find this but
we advise you not to put this cendol on your list save your tummy space for some of the other amazing things that we’re showing you in
this video char koay teow, a wok fried noodle dish is another must eat when
you’re in Penang this dish is made up of a tonne of
ingredients so we’ve got rice noodles we’ve got bean sprouts, chives
there’s some big juicy prawns in this one, some cockles, we’ve got a duck egg
in this one usually it’s just chicken egg but we’ve added the duck egg for
extra creaminess and there’s also some pork lard which has been used to really
get those ingredients together I’m just gonna give this a go that’s amazing, it’s spicy, it’s savoury
and what makes a really good char koay teow is the wok hei, wok hei means
the breath of the wok, it being stir-fried over really hot wok infuses the noodles
with that savoury, smoky charred flavour of the high heat and the wok this one is
really good you can really taste that smoky flavour I’m gonna give these big
prawns a go perfectly cooked, a little bit sweet,
still crispy this is a really great dish now we have come to Ah Leng Char Koay Teow to sample this one, probably the most famous char koay teow in
George Town is the Siam Road char koay teow we tried this dish in February and we
can confirm that it is sensational we had to wait 45 minutes for that plate
of char kway teow but since then the Uncle has won a
street food award and we’ve now heard that the wait is over two hours long
we’ve also heard that since winning the award the Uncle is not keen on
cameras and so we’ve got to respect his wishes and so we haven’t filmed there
this time you would have seen some footage of that incredible plate of
char koay teow and we highly recommend it if you have the patience and the
inclination to wait for over two hours to try it, it’s worth it but this one is really good too so those are just a few of our
favourite spots out of the thousands of incredible dishes there are to eat in
Penang you have to come here and you have to try those particular dishes but
there is so much more to try so remember to check our playlist where you’ll find
more videos about food in Penang remember to give this video a thumbs up if
you enjoyed it and hit that subscribe button for more food videos thank you so
much for watching we’ll see you next time, jumpa lagi, jumpa lagi!

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