Mike of MikesRoadTrip.com shows why Los Cabos, Mexico is the Ultimate Seaside Escape

Get off the road!
All right. Hi, I’m Mike of Mike’s Road Trip here in
beautiful Los Cabos Mexico on a very exciting assignment for Travelocity. My
enviable task is to show you why you should pack your bags and get here right now. With 350 days of sunshine and a
coastline that stretches from the Sea of Cortez to the Pacific Ocean. Los Cabos is
Mexico’s ultimate seaside escape. So come along with me
and let me show you around. For starters the scenery is stunning.
Located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula Los Cabos is as far south as you can go.
The brilliant blue skies, warm waters and white sand beaches beckon sun
worshippers and outdoor enthusiasts. You will feel pampered at any number of
world-class resorts here in Los Cabos. My home base for the past week has been
here at the Hacienda Encantata which is situated on a bluff perfectly suited
to take in the dramatic views. This place is going to certainly provide some
unforgettable memories. Whether you just want to relax on the beach or in the spa
or have a fun-filled week of activities like me Los Cabos has you covered.
While I was in the area I took an exciting ATV tour that went from the
desert to the sea. Cruising down this beautiful stretch of beach was simply
breathtaking. On another day I went golfing at one of
the most premier courses in the area, Puerto Los Cabos. This was a unique
opportunity to play nine holes designed by Jack Nicklaus and nine holes by Greg
Norman. While the entire course is certainly remarkable, the holes next to
the ocean are unforgettable. Something else that’s pretty unique about Port of
Los Cabos are the taco bars. Along the course you can get a taco and a
margarita on route to the next hole. One of the most unique spy experiences I’ve
ever had was at the Grand Fiesta Americana. For special events they will set up a
chaise lounge chair on the beach in a semicircle facing the ocean with a
bonfire blazing. Guests then step into a wine barrel
where they stomp grapes to detoxify the feet. Then they lay down while a
therapist cleans and massages the lower extremities. Once complete a sommelier
enters the circle and describes the wines being poured for the perfectly paired
amuse-bouche Something that Los Cabos is well known
for is its Baja inspired Mexican cuisine which consists of fresh fruits,
vegetables and seafood combined to make culinary masterpieces. Well, sadly my time is coming to an end
here in Los Cabos. It has been a fantastic week. If you’d like to book a
similar vacation head on over to Travelocity.com or click the link
above or below in the description box. If you have any questions at all feel free
to leave a comment below. Well that’s it! gracias Los Cabos, and until next time
we’ll see on the road.

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  1. I have to say this wasn't how I envisioned Mexico to be. It looks like a beach heaven. Stunning scenery. Would definitely love to visit this place.

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