Miami Restaurants: Lure Fishbar South Beach

Welcome to Miami! So you’ve escaped the winter
cold. And you’ve made it to Miami. You’ve just arrived. You must be hungry? Come along
with me to one of the newest restaurants on the Miami scene…Lure Fishbar. This is John McDonald. And this is Josh Capon.
These two have just dropped anchor on their newest endeavor, Lure Fishbar Miami. Nice to see you, welcome. Thank you! So, in
Miami, at Lure, brand new! Give me the tour. This building is the St. Mortiz tower which
is considered one of the most prized architectural landmarks. We took the whole idea of yacht
architecture and filled it with great artifacts and then you know, make it fun. The scene stealer at this seafood joint is
their raw bar, luscious platters of oysters, and mouth-watering sashimi galore. Into the
kitchen with Chef Capon to prepare a dish, perfect for South Beach. A grilled whole Daurade
with watercress, grilled lemon and an agradolce. Courtney Scott everybody! In the kitchen at
Lure, making magic. Ready? Ready. Give it a nice gentle flip. You’re
hired! Ladies and gentleman, the newest line cook of Lure Fishbar Miami, miss Courtney
Scott! There you have it the grilled whole daurade, perfectly cooked and ready to enjoy!
Let’s go! Nice, what do we got there Robbie? This is
the “Catch and Release,” it’s fresh-pressed watermelon juice, lemon juice, orange bitters,
vermouth, Absolut vodka and that’s a watermelon radish and watermelon ice cube. Chef, thank
you so much for having us in the kitchen today, this looks too good to be true so I think
we should dig in! You always go raw first. Of course, the fish
that I helped prepare! Actually you can just take full credit, that’s the grilled who daurade.
Mmm. That’s the jam! Fried oysters, fresh hearts of palm! Hearts of palm on the half
shell. Literally, palm trees and we’re eating hearts of palm. What is this beauty over here?
This is what Iike to refer to as the Greatest Lobster Tempura Roll in all the land! Anything
with the word tempura in it, I am down! I like to say we’re above sea level now, and
a much better view here in Miami! Cheers to that! Cheers everybody! To book your next Miami vacation, go to

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