Mera Bhai Series | Life and Journey of Fnatic RonaK | PUBG Mobile | Part 2

* Mera Bhai RonaK | Part 1 * * Mera Bhai RonaK | Part 2 * kRaT – I recently came across your stories because I follow you, You’re a famous hotshot and there are a lot of girls with you *blushes* How many girlfriends have you had till now? RonaK- Not many actually, I just had one, Only one girlfriend kRaT – Still now?
RonaK – Yes – Then what do you mean by ‘had’, you just specifically said ‘had a girlfriend’ – ‘Had’ because I met her through PUBG Mobile and we used to talk but soon after we started getting into arguments I’ll tell you something about the arguments
*kRaT sad look* I’ll just jump in towards the end of the relation It was during the time I was playing PMIS It was the 3rd from the last game and Owais was just next to me asking me ‘ What are you doing? ‘ Owais had also seen me texting and enquired who are you talking to and then he saw the messages and said ‘ You’re talking to her?! We have a match going on! ‘ ‘We’re leading the points table here and you are in the middle of an argument’ I said ‘ OK, I’m not texting anymore!’ and by that time I was done with my relationship, It was over I had removed her, and told her that we can’t talk anymore I had even blocked her and peacefully focused on my games and luckily we also won the games. I was happy – Yeah, you guys won 30 or 40 Lacs, I guess 30 Lacs! but did this conversation have an impact? Was happy-face ronaK sad a bit too? – No, not exactly sad at the time, not at all on the contrary, I was happy I called up my mom first of all my mum and brother were overjoyed and crying on the call So, I was happy, that thing did not affect me much – So, how are things going now, How’s life? – It’s awesome right now, all good – You happy with the love?
– Yes, all of it
– Love life is good?
– Yes, Absolutely! *RonaK Blushes*
– Look at him blush, his cheeks are pink! – Very well spoken till now, you must be thirsty, NODWIN Gaming has made a special arrangement for you here for Mera Bhai Series Please come here, Sir Varun – Sir, Big FAN kRaT sir, BIG FAN Got some for everyone *gets MOGUMOGU*
I had stalked you on instagram and know you love this drink.. krat used to put up the stories and you were tagged there kRaT – You mush drink and let the audience know if you liked it RonaK – I am ever ready for this! * excessive flattery * – Hope you liked the drink I had a word with your mum that you and Owais went to buy some MOGU-MOGU in Mumbai but couldn’t find any – Yes, we get it in a few stores so I’m thinking that I should
– Take a crate from Delhi – To my home, yes – Moving on, We have seen happy-faced RonaK and also love-life sad-faced RonaK I also got to know a lot about you especially RonaK’s journey wasn’t that easy and till date you have a lot of pressure on your shoulders If you would be comfortable sharing, please tell our audience about this – It is basically what we talked about just now I used to play a lot on my PC my parents used to be worried about the fact I did not go to college What will I be doing in life and such So, there I was playing PUBG Mobile, Season 2-3 time So, I had a squad and everything and played day and night! Basically I spent the entire days playing PUBG Mobile at home not attending college too My dad spoke to me harshly in December 2018 he said that These are your final months of playing games after this you will have to study and also get a job and if you dont do this, I will chuck you out of the house! *silence* This was when I decided to convince my mother I told her that there is an event coming up She had supported me in my past events too I played CS events too, wasn’t this awesome but she allowed me So I pleaded with her to let me go to this one and this time I would be giving my best shot here and my mom supported me and permitted me to go, not letting my dad know at that time! I even had to lie to my father, I told him that I am just going out with my friends After that, I won! About the first game I had won with the four players, the first thing I did was send my mother the winning picture she shared that moment with my father who at first was angry that I had gone without telling him, later he was happy that I achieved something and that was the point where my dad started supporting me But it wasn’t all that great the good thing was there were lesser restrictions on my playing and participating Then came the big events like PMIS It was good, and after we won contrasting my dad to 2018 and after the PMIS win, he had changed He used to be very angry regarding gaming but now he was telling me to focus on my game since he understood this is now my career about my education I completed by B.Com recently and I was planning to go for Aviation with my brother needed to work on my physique for that too was planning to join the gym for that But now my parents understand esports is my career they are a bit tense in this regard but they support me alot as well you just can’t imagine the level of support I have! kRaT- This is a very good thing, there are a very few parents in India who push their kids into esports and I guess LUCKY YOU! Your parents did a lot, but there was a phase where you had some financial problems at home you came out of a huge setback.. would you share something about that? So, I’m from a middle class family My mom used to work in call centers My dad used to own a business, and it was a new business which he had just started on the whole, everything was going fine then suddenly, there were some issues with the business and he started making a loss, and we faced some struggles we even had to sell our home and ever since that time we have been living in a rented house till now and I dream of gifting my parents a house some day and I will do anything to achieve this dream! So I still remember my mum worked for 12 years at call centers So my mum worked really hard for me and my brother to support our education and life coz at the time, the business was in a loss and my father was not keeping well, my mum was alone taking care of a lot even doing night shifts at her job but this made me realise that my mum did a lot for me and my brother and we have to pay her back, me and my brother! Right now, my only aim is that I give my parents a new home! For now, my mum has quit her job She’s now relaxing at home Soon, my dad is also gonna be relaxing at home, and I will be at peace and more than happy to provide them the comfort – What is your age ?
– I’m 21 – At the age of 21, the children are so caring! These are the things about you and Owais that make me love your personalities! I remember when Owais first came to NODWIN Gaming office, and he said ‘ krat bro, I need a room where no one enters with their footwear, I need to say my prayers twice a day!’ It just hit me that he is so far away form his parents, there’s no one to check on him But he still adheres to his father’s will
– Yes, absolutely He says his prayers timely, in the mornings as wel Me and Owais usually share a room when travelling So, when he’s praying I know that I do not have to walk from there. and he’s absolutely particular about all the things and does them timely I never thought that there is so much going on behind this happy-face RonaK! Thank you for sharing so much with us, Our audience has got to know so much about you as well! * Getting Emotional * – I’m lost for words right now being 21 years old and thinking this far out, Kids that age are usually in college having fun – I usually had a lot of pressure over the past year, First the ex-girlfriend part there were more things that happened but there is one thing I stick to what I’ve talk about before That I always want to see my parents HAPPY! I have to excel in my career and keep my parents happy, nothing more I need! – That is absolutely correct! The people who have shown us the world should be priority #1 and #2 is passion! you will reach heights, for sure show your jersey please, you earned it! Love the way you show it, awesome, Okay, so since your mood is not happy, lets get you something! one more… Please drink it, have a sip, real quick this one is cranberry how is it? is this good or strawberry – Both are good for me
– Okay well, keep it here it is now time for a rapid fire question session So, I got some info about you from my sources, called em up and pulled up some information on you, let’s see if that info is correct What is that one thing about mumbai that you miss when you’re not there? – Mumbai, Misal PAV!
– Ah yes, Souce was absolutely right! What is your favourite vegetable dish of all time, something you love to eat? – Paneer!!
-Source, 2nd fact also correct! What else did the source tell me… What is your favourite movie? – Favourite movie.. MS DHONI! – Source’s third fact, absolutely correct!
So last question now.. Let’s find out if our source knows everything about RonaK or not Which is your Favourite Series? – Series… Mr.Bean – Oh my God, 4 out of 4 our source had all the right answers today do you know who the source is? – Who is it?
– I want to you guess – I’m just bad at guessing – No guess?
I called your mom *RonaK Blushes*
I talked to her and asked her about you So she told me that you are very choosy when eating Loves eating Paneer and Misal Pav whenever he’s eating outside, Loves watching Mr. Bean You cried when watching MS Dhoni when there was the Disha Patani scene going on.. awww.. Are you feeling bad? Hello, Sir please Our RonaK sir is feeling emotional Please come a little close, and throw Please have a sip
– wow different flavour – Just look at the amout of money NODWIN is spending on you, If they would’ev done on us we would’ev been at a different level So, Thank you so much RonaK Before leaving, I want to hear a message from you to your fans and family! RonaK – So everything is going great right now but There’s always that one thing bothering me it pains my heart too, that Everyone keeps saying ‘ why did you leave Team SOUL’ what you have to understand is that There are certain things we have no control over and what has already happend has put me on this level, this team and it is a part of who I am, but at heart, I am always Team SOUL and I can never leave it! I just need your constant support.. .. I see a lot of hate comments for me at times and that affects my morale, my motivation at times while playing I care for you and love to hear from you, and want your optimistic support, rest everything is good kRaT- The indian audience is very loyal, if they are hating you today You lift the next trophy, they will shower you with all the love! that I know for sure
Thank you so much for coming here! I wish you great luck for the future, Make a great name for yourself and your mum and dad! You have to gift a house
– Yes , definitely! So, guys we will return with another episode of Mera Bhai Series! with a new celebrity! Till then

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  1. Once someone said – "Dosti seekhni h toh ronak se seekho"
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