MasterCard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index 2015

what are the world’s most popular destinations in the Muslim travel market let’s find out halal tourism has become one of the biggest phenomena in the global travel industry in recent times what started off as a niche market a decade ago is now one of the fastest-growing markets in the global tourism sector worth billions of dollars annually MasterCard and crescent rating have come together to release the global Muslim travel index gmt I the most comprehensive research that has ever been released on the halal tourism sector the GMT I has looked at in-depth data covering 100 destinations across the world from Asia Middle East Europe to America creating an overall index based on a number of criteria to reveal a fascinating insight into the industry the criteria for the reports were suitability as a holiday destination family friendliness and safety Muslim friendly services and facilities available at the destination halal awareness and reach out to Muslims at the destination the GMT I 2015 shows that Malaysia is the number one destination across the globe with a gmt i score of 83 point 8 in the muslim travel market it is followed by turkey UAE saudi arabia and qatar how about the non oh I see destinations well in non oh I see destinations Singapore came first with a gmt i score of 65 point 1 and the ranking also saw Thailand UK South Africa and France make the top 5 in 2014 Saudi Arabia saw the highest number of Muslim arrivals into the country with 10.2 million followed by turkey at 7.6 million and Malaysia with 5.9 million the MasterCard Carson rating global Muslim travel index today has set a real precedent for the tourism industry not only is it the most in-depth research that we have undertaken so far on the fast-growing Muslim travel market but it has provided all stakeholders with some invaluable insights into how the halal friendly tourism sector is growing and developing from a global perspective we have seen a huge shift towards more destination targeting this sector like Japan and Taiwan recently and it is a trend we expect to continue the GMT I study also revealed that in 2014 Muslim travel market was worth 145 billion dollars with 108 million Muslim travelers representing ten percent of the entire travel economy this is forecasted to grow to 150 million visitors by 2020 and eleven percent of the market segments with a market value projected to grow to 200 billion dollars MasterCard is delighted to be partnering with Crescent rating and a development of the global Muslim traveler Index this is part of a series of information bulletins that will be putting out in support of our traveling community to ensure that they get safe secure and reliable advice about making informed travel choices travelers are very important and growing segments in this part of the world and the muslim traveler segment especially so we’re very excited about the potential of the syndics and happy travelling the GMT I is the most important research and benchmark to date for destinations across the world to download the full report please visit crescent rating com /g MTI 2050

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