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If you are invited to dinner in Marrakesh, make sure you don’t go empty handed. a good gift to bring are some figs shokran that’s what you do It is customary for people of the same sex to greet each other with a handshake once they know each other better, a kiss Men do not shake a woman’s hand unless she extends her hand first I find the longer it takes to prepare the better it tastes. Which means Morrocan cuisine tastes fantastic. Always remember when you’re eating out here Always use your right hand only It’s very important to wash your hands before you have any tea my hands are washed and I’m ready for some tea. Tea is an important part of Moroccan tradition. and you’ll find
that will be invited for a drink often and in Marrakech you say Tagine for cheers Or basaha When you’re invited into a home in Morocco, it’s very important to take off your shoes. a good way to get a feel for Moroccan
customs is to stay in a traditional riad We stayed in this riad in the Medina, a term used for the old city of Marrakesh Mm tres bien, tres bien The main languages of Morocco are French, Arabic and Berber. It’s polite to learn at least the basic phrases and greetings before visiting. What we know in Arabic is we know Shokran, Salam alakum, Alakum Salam, Afwan, Yala Yala, A Ma Salama, it means goodbye. So I know 6 words in Arabic, that’s not too bad. What was the Berber word? Azul So there we go, I know a little bit of Berber and a little bit of Arabic. Well done, Thank you

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  1. Nice one. Hope you enjoyed your stay.
    Just so you know when dreaking tea, we sure say Bessaha but no Tajine! The latter means the dish you ate previously on the video either weat chicken or with vegetables. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hey! I was just wondering if you think Marrakech is safe for a 19-yo female to travel to? I recently came to love the culture there but I don't know a lot about the people yet and am not sure about it. I'd probably go there in february, so not that many tourists (like in summer).

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