Man v. Food: Minneapolis Travel Channel Shoot

well here’s an odd spot to be in I’m actually playing two roles today that of Andrew Zimmern host of Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel I’m also interviewing the Rookie of the Year my new best friend Adam Richman man vs. food Travel Channel Wednesday night ten o’clock we’re having to lunch we’re shooting a little man vs. food and lo and behold I show up and doesn’t everybody always have a Minnesota connection you lived here did I did I lived here I was at a training program at the Guthrie and lived on Hennepin between 11th and 12 and then met a girl and felt touch over teakettle in love with her and then I used to come and stay with her in Emerson in 26th and she worked at 1st Ave I’ve performed on the stage at first AB and the seventh Street entry I’ll have you know I was the narcoleptic Argentinian in the Moulin Rouge stage show I think here what is the thing that you missed the most about the Twin Cities you you showed up on a winter’s day but it’s about 35 degrees out so you got lucky summer’s here are magical with the exception of the fact that you have mosquitoes big enough to pick up a small infant and fly away with them Isles buns oh my gosh Isles buns Sebastian and Joe’s ice cream Cromartie sausage katha Liza at nice polonaise Kwong’s deli those amazing sweet potatoes shrimp haystack looking things oh my gosh I’ve had dreams about those I survived living very sheltered life little teaser for the folks who are watching this now the Minnesota episode is going to include what you challenge and I’m going to mispronounce this place is it zoom get off behind the harmful gas to observe Gamila kite that would be it I’m sorry my Judaism prevents me from had a good service we have an amazing biking sequence that we filmed in Loring Park that is just beyond imagination and then I will try to eat a 3.28 long footlong bratwurst originally the idea was always get you to eat a lot these days you’re doing a lot more exploring of the place you are and more storytelling and assuming that that’s the direction it’s going I think that there’s a human element that would get lost if it was just a study on abject make sure I’m going to eat I love to eat I get to travel any amazing food like the food here at Brasa but it’s really much more about a dude a regular dude who’s got some food experience meeting and eating great things great people not eating the people adam richman man vs. food travel channel it’s on our TiVo it should be on yours too see you later I love the twin city is quantity quality quality blondie wanna see

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