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  1. Pls show the dark side reality in malaysia so it's fair enough for foreigners to evaluate about this country
    like you buy 1 product …there is a review pros n cons over it then the people can decide whats the best for them…

  2. Malaysia decieve The whole world because malaysia grab sabah from philippines and now they want to annex mindanao and southern thailand soon

  3. RUBBISH, this is western propoganda! Malaysia is dangerous country, people get kidnap for ransom, rape crimes are very high, it's a ISLAMIC country FFS! this is American and Australian BS trying to make the country looks great and undermine China at the same time. Malay people are lazy and racist and there are a lot of them are criminals. They don't practice Islamic religion correctly! there are CLASS in Malaysia, where Malay is first class, chinese second class and indians are third class citizens, only the first class get to go to public universities. Chinese and indian race have been discriminated in Malaysia. And they are burning down the reinforest for PALM OIL just like Indonesia!

  4. Malaysia is thoroughly the melting point of West and East, North and South, this and that religion or culture. Such a beautiful land, such a beautiful people. Not sure whether you go to heaven or not  but, You haven't seen a corner of Heaven, if you die before travelling to Malaysia!

  5. I suppose the man who washes his face isn't Malaysian because if he was Malaysian he would respect the culture and NOT WASH HIS FACE in the budhist pond. I bet anything he is MAINLAND CHINESE TOURIST. So sad, they pollute people's environment and destroyed other cultures again. That's MAINLAND CHINESE

  6. Una culla I tagliata da mani Malesia I con 2 civette e due gufi. Sarebbe utile ad accogliere una nuova generazione con 7 denti di felino

  7. Love how the narrator make colonization all pretty and nice for the country…its not like that for the local…why do you think they seek independence

  8. In Melbourne Australia they have kept the facade of the old buildings and built the glass towers towers behind. Sometimes it looks and feels good but sometimes I don't like them.

  9. BBC using wrong Malaysian people..most of them are Malaysian Chinese and Indian..they not origin here same as in US there also Chinese and Indian.

  10. What a great documentary! I've been to Malaysia three times already and i can't wait to be back. Magic place and nice people really!

  11. The malays sultans refused their subjects to be used by the Europeans in mines and farms, due to Europeans laziness, they had to USE, Chinese and Indians, these explains their presence in Malaysia. Europeans are like prostitutes, they went all over the world using natives of the lands they went.

  12. 'Malaya' was a better name. Malaysia sounds much like 'malaise' – a general feeling of discomfort, illness, or unease whose exact cause is difficult to identify.

  13. Masjid Negara 08.19 , according wikipedia Masjid Negara Kuala lumpur: The original structure was designed by a three-person team from the Public Works Department: UK architect Howard Ashley, and Malaysians Hisham Albakri and Baharuddin Kassim. It's not Master Builder- Le Carbusier.

  14. ooh such romantic british global colonialism/ communism media propaganda. making the greedy western emulating 3rd worlders and tropicals feel "special". not at all reflective of actually having to live in their mindless archaic places. archaic jungle caveman monkey "cultures" of greedy 3rd worlders and tropicals whose everything is a flawed emulation of others, living in the places they overran, that others created from wilderness, jungles, swamps, deserts. archaic "cultures" of millennia stagnate trivial physical performer singing, dancing, drawing, language/thought, food, clothing.

  15. Islamic country, that is enough to keep me away. I used to like Penang, but I am told that has now changed and Muzz have taken over. I do my best to avoid everything to do with that most dreadful ideology.

  16. MALAYSIA, wonderful Thank you lovely yes Love you Kisses Berlinale Germany yes Japan, yes NEW YORK CITY .U.S.A.yes Columbia

  17. 8:25… A practising a moderate brand of islam? Now Daud Abdul Kadir..are you saying there are different type of islam? Islam is islam. There is no moderste, liberal, extreme, etc of islam in quran. Al-imran QS, 3:103.. "And hold firmly to the rope of Allah and do not be become divided.."
    (The narrator didnt mention what position Daud Abdul Kadir holds).

    8:39.. males and females are freely mixed during prayer..? Daud Abdul Kadir, you've got to be kidding me.

  18. 14:07 That guy is on another fucking level.

    If he started doing the rest of the face he would instantly be contrived. Keep doing ONLY noses, dude.

  19. 39:24 "Hello" cute girl
    49:32 "ladder" for single girl – lol

    Whole video is so informative, covers a lot. Didn't know Malaysia's history, culture and nature so diverse and enrich!

  20. What a wonderfull country to visit !! People are so friendly and pacific food is good malaysia is rich in fauna and flora i saw many new things i hope i can come back to malaysia my favourite destination because everything is halal💗💗💗💗

  21. Allah set boundaries for each and every field of life nobody can not change it how can they say that they don't practice some rules there i am realy surprised to listen the talk of Masjid care taker islam is complete code of life it does not allow us to mix with man and woman even while prayer i wish Allah show them right path before death

  22. Sadly, Malaysia is not "reserved" ; it is backward and brutal, made and kept so by barbaric, oppressive, suppressive religion, hostile to and controlling of women. Additionally its government is controlled by Malays to the exclusion of Chinese, Indian and indigenous citizens. If you visit, be careful not to be raped. Beware especially of the Religious Police. They are fanatical and very danderous! Religious police raped my friend visiting from another country.

  23. Revelation 1:18
    I am the Living One; I was dead, and now look, I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades.

    Region of Aswan 

    Isaiah 49:12
    See, they will come from afar– some from the north, 


    some from the west, 


    some from the region of Aswan."

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