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my name’s Abby and this is my boyfriend
Tyler we’ve always loved to travel and explore new places so in March of 2018
we decided to convert a Ford Transit commercial van into a tiny home this
would allow us to travel full-time and follow our dreams we’ve put a lot of
blood sweat and literal tears into this van but with a lot of hard work we’ve
been able to start living your dream we used to be a couple of ordinary kids
from the Midwest but now, now we’re a couple of ordinary explorers hello so I
know there’s an intro to this video but I just want to introduce myself a little
more my name is Abby I’m 25 years old I live in a van and I work remotely
so I actually work in digital marketing I work for a small agency and most of
what I do is building websites designing print materials digital ads marketing
automation text message marketing a whole slew of stuff and I’m not gonna
name the place where I work but I actually worked there for about six
months eight months. Probable about eight now eight months actually worked for about
eight months in office before I started working remotely so when we moved into
the van and started traveling I asked if I could go remote and my boss was super
cool about it he basically said yeah everything you do now you could do you
know with your computer and good internet connection so I’ve been working
remotely for about three months now and I work this job and then I also have my
own business side hustle as they call it where I basically do the same thing
building websites designing frame pieces and each sort of design pieces that
people might need so if you need something like that I’ll put my link
contact link down below hit me up I’m here um but over the past few months
I’ve kind of developed a routine and figured out what works best for me
especially living in a van when I’m working remotely so I just kinda wanted
to take you through what a normal day is like for me disclaimer all of this
footage was shot on the weekend when I’m actually working I
don’t have time to film a video so I have to log on by 9:30 (EST)
so I usually wake up around like 8 o’clock sometimes like there sometimes
earlier and Tyler is usually asleep and first thing I’ll do is I’ll go to the
front of the van kind of like my own little room and it’s really nice to have
some like alone time peace and quiet sometimes I’ll put on makeup sometimes
all I’ll do is just watch videos on YouTube but it’s really nice and
relaxing for breakfast I’ll have either like an apple with some peanut butter or
grapes and walnuts I’ve been doing that recently the morning typically we will
go to like a coffee shop recently we’ve been going to public libraries because
they have you know free internet they have outlets and you don’t have to buy
anything Which is nice on the wallet but I’ll usually work there for the first
half of the day unless I have a call scheduled usually if I have a call with
like a client or my boss scheduled I’ll try and stay in the van just so I have
plenty of peace and quiet and I have stable internet connection and then
we’ll have lunch sometimes if we’re at a coffee shop we’ll buy something but
we’ve been trying not to buy things and then usually the second half of the day
we’ll spend in the van and we’ll go to like a park or something so we have our
own internet connection I guess if that’s what you want to call it so the
equipment I use to work remotely is I have my laptop it’s a MacBook Pro I
tried going Windows do you say Windows or PC. PC/Windows.. same thing
yeah anyway I tried using Windows / PC and I just couldn’t do it I had to come
back if you work in design you probably know what I’m talking about
like nothing compares to a Mac it’s kind of a battery hog which sucks
especially since we’re going off solar power here but other than that I love my
macbook I also used my phone again both of these are my personal devices I know
there are a lot of jobs that will give you some sort of stipend or pay for
your devices but it’s kind of just something I took on myself knowing that
I was able to go remotely so I just use my personal devices I have the iPhone XR
I use that for phone calls emails you name it and then this is our router
Tyler knows a little bit more about this than I do so I’ll let him tell you about
like it’s actually called like specifics so it’s a Netgear go ahead this is the
Netgear Nighthawk M1100 it’s a mobile hotspot and you can insert
an SD card (SIM Card) into it and or you can get one from AT&T and hook it up we had our
own so we just threw it in there so yeah usually in the afternoons after lunch I
will work in the van like I said we’ll find a park or somewhere kind of quiet
with a nice view however if it’s raining or just really cloudy and we’re not
getting solar we usually will stay like in the library or in the coffee shop all
day which should be kind of annoying but like I said my computer is such a power
hog like I have to I have to plug it in at least once in the afternoon when I do
work in the van, I work back here on the bench we have a bed that converts up
into a table so it’s really convenient it’s like I’m working at a desk it’s
great sorry we’re right next to the road and yeah I mean there’s really I mean I
don’t know that many other people who work remotely but there’s really not
that big of a difference I would say from working in your home and working in
the van it’s just having like a stable internet connection and having enough
power oh that’s kind of what my typical day looks like I don’t know if you have
any other questions I’m sure there’s probably some questions you have but I
can’t think of anything what do you do when the Internet’s not good oh good
question Tyler that’s not good well usually the night before we will try and
find a place that has good internet just so we’re not like rushing around in the
morning but that has happened before and like we’ve had to just make a mad dash
we have an app that shows us where we have good coverage because we are
through ATT open signal what are you doing with your hands yeah so sometimes
we have had to like look it up really fast make a mad dash somewhere else that
has good internet but that rarely happens we’re pretty prepared and it’s
not hard to find a place with good internet especially when you’re around
civilization which we usually are during the week so yeah that’s kind of what a
typical day and work day in my life looks like if you have any questions
about working remotely or working remotely in a van please leave them in
the comments and I’ll answer them if you’re not following us yet you can
follow us on Instagram on Facebook on Twitter I don’t even know where they’re
gonna go so this might be totally out of order you can follow us in all those
places or you can subscribe to our channel right here to see more of my
content that’s all I have so we’ll see you in the next video bye

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