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welcome to walking distance Madrid we hope you’re ready for the most exciting vacation you can possibly do [Music] Madrid will take you in for an unstoppable urban experience that may perhaps begin only in the late morning hours but will absolutely carry on deep into the night do you want to know where you can catch up this exciting view stay with us to the end of the guy then find out so come and join us for a wild vacation full of food shopping culture style beat and people lots and lots of people just before we start we’d like to invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel click now on the subscribe button here on the screen and you’ll enjoy lots of other guides to fascinating destinations you can also click on the link to our website which appears right now in the upper left hand side of the screen or through the link in the description to make Hotel and flight reservations to any location you choose back to Madrid our tour of Madrid will be divided up into three days and we’ll arrange the whole thing around the city’s main street looking on via on the first day we’ll visit the lively street famous square Zenda palace will dedicate the second day to iconic buildings the museum triangle and parks and then on the last day will visit exclusive neighborhoods and the coolest part of town so come on let’s dive right into Madrid and start where else on the Main Street good idea this is the bustling central street of the city there are no tourists who haven’t walked along it and no local who hasn’t spent time here if you are in the mood for shopping this is definitely the street for you you’ll find stores from all the leading brands around the world in giant complex is located all along the road along with hotels restaurants cafes and cultural venues it’s all on the good on via this cool street starts at the corner of Calle Bella Coola which we’ll come back to later and then continues to plaza espana and right at the central area of the street found the bustling pathetic ayash in the evening street lights at plaza de cacao are lit in the square and giant screens around it are lit up on every side reminding us of similar squares in big cities all over the world like Piccadilly in London or Times Square in New York we’re on our way to the two central and most important squares in Madrid la puerta de thoux and plaza mayor less than five minutes walk separate plaza de cacao from La Puerta del Sol Lapuerta the sole means gate of the Sun this square is one of the most crowded in century and it’s actually located at one of the gates of the city from the 15th century the old post office the statues of King Carlos the third and the bear eating from a strawberry tree which is the symbol of the city of Madrid are all found here in this bustling square [Music] about another five minutes walk away according to Google Maps and were at Plaza Mayor building of this square began in the year 1617 this rectangular square and the buildings around it serve as an important centre of the city which in fact has nine gates [Music] in the center of the square stands a statue of philip the third which has stood here since 1616 but that’s not the only thing you’ll find you more guests are hanging around in the square and for a small tip you’ll get to enjoy a show with a few familiar characters [Music] and others that are less familiar we feel like this is the perfect time for lunch [Music] just two minutes walk from plaza mayor brings us to one of the most interesting markets in the city welcome to San Miguel market believe it or not this covered market has been here since 1916 but recently it’s been updated and today it’s a center to which Madrid locals and tourists alike come every single afternoon to eat special tapas and drink with friends the unique atmosphere and fashionable area is so full of typical Madrid style the fragrances and flavors will surround you from every side and you won’t find any kind of food or drink here that you won’t want to sample take the time to stroll around among the different stalls try to grab a table and most important leave room for dessert [Music] [Applause] brains now that you’ve rested up a bit and the a seven minute walk from the market will take you straight to one of the most important sites in the city the Royal Palace of Madrid this impressive building has gone through many incarnations since the ninth century to get to its present form and it’s considered one of the largest palaces in Europe the palace is the official residence of the Spanish royal family but serves mainly for ceremonies and hosting festive celebrations the amazing floor area is 350,000 square meters and that includes about 3,500 rooms without a doubt this site is a must-see visiting the inside or even just from the outside we recommend getting to the palace early because the line gets very long especially in the summer not very far away we can head on the tour of the Sabatini gardens spreading out right next to the palace these unique and tranquil gardens have grown peacefully here since the 18th century and are named after Francesco Sabatini an Italian architect who was responsible for part of the palaces design a romantic hedge maze is an excellent place for an afternoon stroll [Music] facing the royal palace stands proudly the al-madinah contended up [Music] the plan for building this Cathedral started in the 16th century but only in 1993 yes that’s right 1993 was work finished and it opened to the community but it was well worth the wait the cathedral is an artistic creation in its own characterized by modern design in which there are also works of local artists on display in the cathedral itself there’s also a museum and on the upper floor you can view Madrid and the palace plaza an excellent place to wrap up our first day but don’t head to sleep just yet [Music] because after all there’s Madrid by day and Madrid by night if you feel like discovering the nightlife of Madrid and also getting to know people from all over the world we recommend that you join a pub tour from Mad write travel every evening year-round other than Christmas and New Year’s there’s a guided tour to the coolest and most fun bars and clubs Madrid has to offer these tours include free drinks and admission to the pubs and clubs all with and experienced God so it’s time to put the map away and put yourself in the hands of a true model [Music] it’s fantastic that we don’t have to drive anywhere because on this tour there’s going to be a lot to drink and not only that some tours also include traditional tapas and a fascinating flamenco show at the La Table scroll the tour is also the best time for dipping churros in chocolate – ready yet chocolate Edea has been making life sweeter for tourists and many locals since 1902 imagine how much chocolate has passed through the sweet little cups here [Music] [Applause] [Music] a link to the Madrid site appears right now in the description let’s start our second day in Madrid back on Gran Via at the corner of Chaya that collage this famous building by it’s better known name the metropolis is one of the outstanding symbols of the Spanish capital it was built in 1911 for an insurance company but today it’s privately owned without a doubt this is the most photographed corner of the city starring in many people’s Instagram feeds both by day and by night only four hundred meters away and five minutes walk separate us from our next destination plaza de cibeles if you’re a fan of the soccer team at of a on mother date then you probably already recognize this famous square from various victory celebrations as with the rest of Madrid this square puts on a totally different face at night [Music] let’s keep going with our tour plaza de cibeles is also the entrance to the Golden Triangle of local museums which are all located along Paseo Del Bravo Boulevard Madrid is rightfully known as one of the great art capitals of the world one example can be found in the first museum we’ll visit together the teason this museum opened in 1993 and you can find artistic works in its various spaces that used to belong to Baron teason and his family the spacious areas of this museum will take you on a journey through time in the world of art among the many artists whose works are on display you’ll find outstanding names like Vincent van Gogh Edward Hopper Rembrandt Roy Lichtenstein and also a Roberto Mantha without a doubt that Tison museum represents some of the greatest art work in the world and passing through the museum is sure to inspire you at the end of the boulevard you’ll find another important museum voter Dana Sophie this Art Center is named after Queen Sofia mother of Spain’s current King Felipe the sixth and was established in 1992 the interior space of the museum is dramatic and inspiring in its own right every hallway is decorated with arches and large windows facing onto a green interior garden space among the major works on display at the Reina Sofia you can find art by Picasso Madero Rosso Emanuele rudnitsky better known as Man Ray and Salvador Dali the last museum you can visit here is located on the final corner of the triangle and that’s the Prado Museum the Prado Museum is also one of the grandiose and magnificent buildings in Madrid in the museum space there’s so much art that due to lack of space only about a seventh of the museum’s collection is on display to the public at any given time let’s close out this day with a visit to win a theatre park this is the largest and most central park in the city on weekends this park draws locals and tourists alike who come to enjoy sailing on the lake shows an urban nature walks one of the most popular areas of the park is the Crystal Palace this fragile transparent structure was built in 1887 and served mainly as a greenhouse for exotic plants but today it hosts our chips the park itself is a great place to rest then to wrap up another day spent enjoying Madrid our final day here will be dedicated to two different and outstanding neighborhoods Salamanca and Bala Sonia the luxurious residential buildings and their stalwart tenants turn Salamanca to the most exclusive part of the city luxury brands and the leading designer boutiques from all over the world decorate the streets of this neighborhood so if you consider yourself true fashionistas even just gazing the store windows is a must [Music] a few metro stops away from here we’ll get you to mala Sonia [Music] this is one of the trendiest most fashionable areas of Madrid the atmosphere is so different from the touristy parts of the city that it will offer you a unique glimpse into where the Madrid locals actually hang out cafes and street vendors of secondhand goods bars and specialty stores it’s all here [Music] check out this fabulous restaurant where you can eat and drink and do it all while sitting on the sand right by the beach far away from the sea here in Mela Sonya of course we can’t finish our tour of Madrid without a repeat visit to the greatest lookout point in the center of the city during the Golden Hour which is also the perfect time of day for a glass of sangria we recommend you return to Plaza de queijo and go up to the top floor of the el corte thing list department store there on the upper floor you’ll find a fascinating delightful dining area which offers an impressive view over the city from one side to the square on the other hurry to grab a seat near the large picture windows the perfect way to end your tour of Madrid just before we continue we would like to share with you our special guy – one more beautiful place in Madrid all you need to do is go to the description here below and click on the first link then put your email address and we will open our special guide to one more amazing place in Madrid so go to the description click on the first link and put your email address we hope you’ve enjoyed this guide and we welcome you to subscribe to our YouTube channel click on the walking distance logo that appears now on the screen and keep on enjoying other guides to all your favourite destinations so don’t waste your time it’s all walking distance

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  1. Casa de Campo is a huge and amazing park with great running/biking trails. Also, and nice relaxing lake with good restaurants surrounding it. Don't miss it!

  2. Hello!! I just subscribed:-) I am planning trip to spain this December.
    In which region or address is better for someone to book a hotel in order to be near to all these?
    Also about life in Spain is cheap or expensive? Thanks 😀

  3. Madrid is fun, however, you must be aware of madrid airport tax refund scam under company of global exchange. they will cheat customer by telling that you can only get home country currency and USD, unable to take euro, and offer you a very very bad exchange rate, coz they wanna make money from the exchange rate, so they will cheat you that you won't be able to get euro. If you face such issue, please be firm and be angry! they will be rude to you as well, just insist that you wanna take euro ONLY. If they still don't want to refund you euro, tell them that you have already check with their service manager in head office MARIA JOSE LOPEZ PEREZ, confirmed that you can get EURO.
    lastly, enjoy your spain trip!!!

  4. I love madrid spain because you know the club the is the club won so many 13 UEFA champions league and 33 laliga titles

  5. Too basic! So many things missing! Of course this is just a 3-day tour…still, where is Chueca, the gay village? Lavapiés, the multicultural "barrio"? The Sorolla Museum? Ponzano Street for the foodies? La Latina? Where is Picasso's Guernica inside the Reina Sofía? How could you miss showing that?
    So, don't rely on these epidermic videos and get well informed before you travel. Madrid is a very recent city, if compared to older places in Spain (Valencia, Bcn, Seville, Zaragoza, Toledo etc) or in Europe. Don't expect the usual concentration of sights that, say, Rome has to offer. Nevertheless, it has managed to turn into a great place to live: the level of energy, street life and "aliveness" you would never find in Rome! Also, it's one of the top cities in the world for LGBT+ rights (again, Rome losing here). Its transport system is great, there are wonderful green areas apart from El Retiro, interesting less known neighbourhoods (Conde Duque, Madrid Río), awesome day trips from the city (Toledo, Segovia, Aranjuez…) Difficult to squeeze into 3 days I know!
    What about the language? Why is this never included in guides as a travelling experience? Shouldn't you try and speak to the locals? In Spanish? Spanish=a global language (Italian is not).
    If you have extra time, head for Valencia on the high speed train. Tbe perfect alternative to Barcelona and such a contrast to Madrid=the enriching variety that is Spain.
    Saludos de un valenciano-madrileño! :)!!

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  7. I prefer Madrid over Paris at any day. Paris is so dirty now and full of 3rd world country ILLEGAL Refugees. Paris is now called "Parishithole" .. so sad !

  8. I do not know much about the brexit deal, but there's one thing I've heard about and really infuriated me ! Spain demands Gibraltar back, as part of the agreement, after it was conquered by the British in the 17th century. The Spaniards are the most fascist , liars, truth hiders and hypocrite people on earth .In the 16th century, the land now called "Spain" been Islamic khalifa . They occupied the area , killed all those who did not agree to convert to Christianity (Inquisition) Then they simply expelled 400,000 Muslims who lived there (Muslims now demand their right to return to Spain by Islamic organizations and through The UN ) They are hiding the pictures of the Spanish soldiers pulling from the hair Catalan women so they will not vote for the liberation of Catalonia. They have two enclaves on Moroccan soil, they keep the Basque region – all these territories are occupied and do not belong to Spain ! first let them return all the lands they stole , before they preach morality to the world and demand additional areas in extortion. Im anti globlism and right wing . But Im honest man , Two countries has not right to exist one for stupidity -sweden …and spain !!

  9. Madrid is so beautiful, I lived there in the 70’s and recently did google earth to see my old apt building, neighborhood looked about the same but where a great restaurant used to be has been replaced with a McDonald’s

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  11. Hello. I need some advice. Is it possible to get a taxi from Baranjas airport in Madrid during the Christmas week? Cannot see any cheap transfers available.

  12. damn dude, dislike for too damn long in your self promoting intro….. get to the damn point.. we know what subscribe is…

  13. I’ve traveled to Madrid before and I think this video would’ve been helpful if I had seen it before I went

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  15. I ran the R&R Madrid Maraton Media the day after you published this video. For runners like me, El Buen Retiro is heaven. Great for trail running and bicycling in the early morning.

  16. Excellent guide and breakdown by day! Love the visuals, can tell you put a lot of effort into the vids. I’ll be seeing Madrid end of this year 🙂

  17. Anyone know if I can just get a job for 2 months there? Also how good is it for busking/street performance? Me and my girl are going to meet there in a few months and I will need to make money there as I am to spontaneous to save lol

  18. I love Madrid. Thanks for uploading this video. It s most informative and the footage is gorgeous

  19. I'll be there Monday! Super excited.

    Una Mexicana en España, quien cree? Mis sueños se an cumplido. Ojalá que me encuentre marido. JK hahahaha xD

  20. "Refugees Welcome"…. It took Spain 800 years to finally rid themselves of their Muslim overlords. I guess it's been long enough that Stupid is back…. they now welcome back those same invaders.

  21. That was a brilliant watch! Will definitely take some tips from this guide during my solo trip next month!

  22. I wish i could go to Madrid and visit all of Spain! It looks like an amazing country!! Greetings from America!! 🙂

  23. I must take another trip to Madrid but I haven’t been to the mainland for ages. I prefer Paris

  24. Madrid is one of the most beautiful and monumental cities in the world. Most tourists visit the Historic Center but they have no idea of the suburbs where you find monumental places, El Escorial, Aranjuez, etc. You can take a train and explore the beautiful landscape and green mountains that Madrid has.

  25. One of my favorite things to do in Madrid is to go to Mercadito San Miguel to eat tapas! Just an amazing city.

  26. I've lived in London, Paris and several cities in the north of Spain. Madrid really is the city that never sleeps: you go out on a Wednesday to have a drink with a friend, meet other people and have a fun night out and get home at 7am. Wonderful city.

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