Hi everyone, in this video we will see some
tips to visit Macao, a colony under Portuguese control until 1999,
now become the top destination for gambling tourism.
But Macao hides much more for a traveler! Let’s find out how you can spend a couple
of days visiting this city! In Macau there are many attractions to see,
all very close together. Here you’ll see a route easy to follow and
that passes through the 10 attractions that I liked the most. Kun Iam Temple, is one of the oldest temples
in Macau and inside there is a statue of Marco Polo,
of course exciting to see for an Italian like me Then you can move in Lou Lim Ieoc Garden to
see bamboo plants and pagodas everywhere. In the fortress of Guia Lighthouse, with its
breathtaking view, I saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time
in my life. In Monte Fort you can admire the cannons of
the colonial era. When you arrive in Ruins of St. Paul’s you
can’t think of the ruins of the Igreja do Carmo in Lisbon, the capital
of the past colonial empire. Senado Square: is a part of the UNESCO Historic
Centre of Macau World Heritage Site. And you have to see this historic residential:
the Mandarin’s House, a relaxing UNESCO World Heritage Site We end our route in Avenida da República,
in the south of the Macau peninsula, full of colonial houses. But, if you want to visit more, here two more
ideas… Taipa: an area full of skyscrapers and casinos,
the main attraction of Macau. and Coloane: not being good players,
we went here in this fishing village where we found our dimension,
walking around and eating a pastela pastry, a very good Portuguese cream cake. But why visit Macao? The real attraction of this city is its diversity,
both architectural and ethnic. Macao is the mix of two cultures: that of
Portugal, today a small nation, once however the center of an empire that
arrived here. And that of China, once in crisis, closed
in on itself and today the second world power. How variable the history is, isn’t it? That colonial architecture of small Portuguese
churches near the modern skyscrapers creates this memorable
picture of Macao! Have a good travel!!

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