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– Hold on. [inaudible] – He’s sovereign citizen– not real like bad or anything,
just passive aggressive kind of deal. He’s suspended. The truck’s suspended. We wanted to at least get one
of you county guys out of here. – All right. Let’s do it. [inaudible] – The registration on the
truck is registered to a name– same first as yours– Douglas, but a
different last name. But it’s under your driver’s
license number from California. – So I went down and cancelled
the driver’s license. It had been suspended. I wasn’t driving,
but I canceled it. And they told me– this was after it expired– you cannot cancel it. It’s not suspended. It can’t be suspended. It expired. It’s done. – OK. Well, the truck’s
registration is suspended. – That’s all I’m saying. – So here’s what’s
going to happen. You’re going to see right here. You’ve agreed that
you’re going to appear before court on the date
that’s listed on the citation, correct? – Sure, I’ll– as attorney
in fact, I’ll show up. Sure.
– OK. Now I’m advising you, I’m
going to walk back there. You’re not able to
drive this vehicle, because it’s not
registered and insured. – Can I get someone
to come get it? – You can get somebody to
come tow it– absolutely. – OK, so here’s– – I’m going to go back
here and work for a second. I’m going to let the deputy
talk to you about that. – If you want a contract–
this is all about business, I understand what’s
going on here. I don’t want to cause
any controversy. I’m– – So let’s not. And if you have a private party
tow you, you’d like to call, let’s get them en route now. OK? – I don’t know that– – Because it’s got to be towed. – See, I won’t argue
law, and I know you don’t want to argue law.
– I don’t. I don’t.
– And I’m not– – It’s a one-sided argument. – And I’m not saying
I’m above the law, but the law does apply
to those who want to contract with government. A driver’s license
is a contract. It’s a contract. I don’t have a contract. – Well, you’re choosing not to
do it and it’s against the law. – Well– – OK? So you made those choices. – A license is a license
to break the law. – You’re perfectly aware
of making those choices. and that’s giving you what’s
coming, which is citations. – See, licentious behavior
is illegal behavior. So when you have a license,
you can break the law. If you don’t have a
license, it’s impossible. – So you could just
go the wrong way on– – This is why you’re
saying it’s suspended when I haven’t had one– – So you could just do like
80 right through here, right? – Well since 2006,
I haven’t had one. – No, that would be ridiculous. – How could you– – That would be ridiculous. – Why do I have a license? I need to get rid of mine.
– Was I speeding? Was I doing anything unsafe? – I just got in trouble
earlier today for speeding. – But you know what? – I need to– I need to–
– I’m serious. I wasn’t speeding. – So if I don’t
have a license, I don’t have to follow that law. – You know what he
pulled me over for? Did he tell you what
he pulled me over for? No license plate on the front. – Which you don’t have. – Right. – Valid reason. – I can find any number of cars
that don’t have a license– there’s one right there– the black Jeep. But that’s irrelevant. – Uh-huh. – I’m not going to, you
know, argue with you. – He had a perfectly
lawful reason to stop you. – I wasn’t speeding though. If I did something
unsafe, totally. I’m not doing anything illegal. I know you say I am. I say let the judge decide. – Yeah, and your beliefs– your beliefs are just
different than the law. – But to take the vehicle– This is what I should have
had on the back of this. – That would’ve got it
pulled over a lot faster. [laughter] I mean– – But that, honestly,
that’s the– – You’re better off trying to
get away with the suspended plate then– you put this
on the back of your car, every cop is going to get
you within 10 feet of pulling out of your driveway. – You know what? I’ll tell you something
that’s funny, is that– well maybe it’s not funny– – Oh, no, I think it’s funny. I, actually, I think
these are hilarious. – He seems to have
his own beliefs and why he can be on
the roadway and why he shouldn’t register his vehicle. But now NHP has
issued him citations for the suspended
registration and license. They’re choosing not
to tow the vehicle. – I’m telling you, you
can’t drive this vehicle. When I leave, what you do with
it, that’s on you, correct? – All right.
Yes–yes, sir. – OK? You’re free to go. – Thank you, sir. – He doesn’t like
to be associated as a sovereign citizen,
but their belief line is similar in the fact that they
don’t abide by the Nevada laws. They don’t abide by state
laws, because in their mind, they’re not owned by the state. Anytime you’re dealing
with those guys, you have to be confident. You have to know your
laws, and you have to not get caught up in their
legal tongue twister, and you’ll be just fine.

9 Replies to “Live PD: Just Traveling (Season 2) | A&E

  1. Just abide by the law. How hard is that? I'd like to choke these people who think they are above it.. I'm positive he probably doesn't pay his taxes either. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. I don’t have a license plate on the front, I know! But I didn’t break the law! Cause laws don’t abide to him at all!

  3. So long as a person is traveling peacefully- there is no victim. To break the law requires an injured party or no relief can be given.
    I know it's the statute and code to comply with the states enforcement, but I disagree that there actions are just. I charge that these are acts of revenue generation are withstanding to the rights of the people.
    The right of a person to travel is there before government to give, so the act can neither be permitted or not permitted. Those bringing complaint must establish the nature of the offence, mense Rhea , did knowingly and willing act upon or cause to happen upon, another, in such a way intensionally. To occur harm. All these elements must be established on record to the court, these elements must be satisfied before authority and power is used to take freedom freedom of liberty. If these elements do not contain the elements, primia fascia the court is not within it's power to interdict.

  4. If the argument is the no contract with the government…then you can't use the highways, sorry sovereign citizens YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS

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