Link Invoice is the tool every travel agency needs

People who say every day is always the same
have never worked in a travel agency where we always face a number of challenges,
including having to offer customised solutions to each client. And we’re not talking just about prices, but
also the best travel packages adapted to each traveller’s needs. Every client is unique, and so is every trip. I can’t even begin to imagine how we’d offer
top notch service without the help of technology. Technology gives us access to all available
information in the market. It allows us to choose the best travel packages
and provide our clients with the greatest experiences. And the result is the best. When a client gets a personal service, we’re
one step closer to making them a repeat customer. However, a personal service requires an extra
effort. And, sometimes, this effort is too heavy. For example, combining all content from different
suppliers in an invoice and not making mistakes takes a lot of time. And what about making those invoices look
professional? Think about it. That’s why we created Amadeus Link Invoice. Link Invoice is a very simple tool that allows
you to create quotes and invoices in an automated and personalised way. Link is part of our Amadeus Business Management
Platform, which is a web-based platform that allows us to do automated capabilities. Thanks to Link Invoice, you can produce very
professional-looking documents which you can customise with your logo and customer contacts,
as an example, you can also add banners to your receipts and invoices when you send them
out to your clients. This tool allows you to confirm or cancel
an invoice, update a payment and print a receipt. Moreover, you can use Amadeus Link Invoice
for all travel services that you offer in your agency, whether or not they’re booked
on Amadeus. Amadeus Link really does help you consolidate
your business transactions in one place, saving you time when it comes to administrative tasks,
so you can dedicate more of your efforts to serving your customer.

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