Life In The World’s Most Traveled Tiny House

if you’re passionate about tiny houses chances are you will have already heard of tiny house expedition a couple of filmmakers who are traveling in the United States in their tiny house filming the documentary series living tiny legally today we’ve had a chance to catch up with the couple here in Vancouver to find out about what life is like for them in their own tiny house on the road [Music] hi Alexis hey how’s it going Christian see you mate nice to see you it is incredible for me to be seeing this tiny house now in person this has got to be the most travel tiny house in the world right now doesn’t it I think so yeah we’re about 28,000 miles and and I think the next one below us might have been tiny Australian journey 25 oh that was twenty I was about 25 so yeah we think we just passed them so yeah feel it definitely feels like we’ve done a lot of miles for the house so many tiny houses that get built now I just built to be parked up in one spot and never take advantage of the fact that they’re on wheels but you certainly cannot say that about this house can you absolutely not it’s been two years of pretty much continuous travel twenty-nine states and one Canadian province now when we first started dating we took this really great road trip to Michigan of all places and on that trip we learned we really love to travel together and that we work well in small spaces and at that time was just a tent in a car but got us thinking of how we could do more of that and both of us and particularly me was in a time of big change in my life I had been divorced for about a year and was looking for a way to turn a fresh leaf and to have more adventure and more flexibility and also to be able to own my own home Christian got me down the path of researching tiny houses on wheels and several months of doing research non-stop I came out of it deciding that I wanted to build my own home and that I wanted to travel to visit all the great community projects that were using tiny homes to make a difference in the community or filmmakers and I saw that I didn’t think anyone was really telling that story and I’m kind of an all-or-nothing person as Christian would tell you so I gave him a call and I said hey you know I want to build a tiny house and I want to travel around with it to do this documentary film do you want to do it with me and I said yeah absolutely yeah you had me a travel was so yeah it was the the travel aspect and the meeting the people and all of it sounded like something I would have to absolutely be into so it was absolutely worth worth are worth our while to build the house and make this journey tell me a little bit about what actually went into building this home a big thing that took a lot of our time during the build was material gathering because we use a lot of salvaged event claim materials so the great thing about that is you get to save things that would otherwise go to the landfill in many situations you could add a lot of character to your house and save money but it takes hours and hours if not weeks longer to build and well actually before you even get to build to collect the materials prepare them and then build them like even just this decking this decking turned into also our flooring inside but this was given to us by a friend who had it just in a tobacco barn on a piece of property in North Carolina and it had probably been sitting there for like 50 60 years everything in our house has this kind of story to it you know it’s all connected to other people we know and people we don’t know so because of them we’ve been able to build this house we have two propane tanks that one is for our hot water heater and one is for the propane stove that’s inside the house and then there’s another box that’s basically where our external water heater lives so how big is this house actually so it is a hundred and thirty square feet it’s on a 20-foot trailer but it’s only like seventeen and a half feet of house on the inside because we wanted a porch you under the front porch so we feel like you know this is one of the things that makes a home how do you actually find traveling so much with a house this size have you run into any problems on the road so far problems most of all a couple of problems but most of the problems have been like with the actual mechanics of the trailer we had a rim crack so we basically gives us a flat tire one of those was on the way to Burning Man that’s a story in itself but as far as the like structural part of the trailer with the house on it it’s been it’s been fun the biggest thing with the house is it gets dirty you know it’s it’s filthy we actually again after Burning Man we actually had to pull this into a car wash and wash the whole thing off which was great so it’s at that point again where it just gets it just gets Road grime and stuff but it’s nothing that just can’t be you know cleaned off that’s all the sort of stuff that you don’t even think about potentially how cool that when your house gets dirty you can actually just pull it into a car wash and spray it down how many people have it that easy cleaning your house yeah we were the only house with the car wash that well I would love to go inside and check out the rest of your design welcome come on in thank you all right so this is it yeah welcome this is amazing this letter oh my gosh I love what you’ve done with the wood in this yeah the wood for this lighter actually came from trees that fell in a tornado in North Carolina right on a property behind my parents house we call it tornado would we call it tornado would and you’ll see the countertop and actually the one thing you can’t see is all the two by fours in the house actually came from all of that wood and I just noticed there is another person up here how’s it going hi I’m Bryce what’s your name Garrett Garrett’s my 10 year old son and he’s a part-time dweller so when he’s not with us he’s with his dad in Raleigh North Carolina but he gets to come out on school breaks and right now he’s with us for the summertime sleeping loft it was important for us to give him that space and we involved him in the design process so he told us you know I need a table and a toy box and then he came up with a really good idea because he was learning about simple machines at school so he said what about a toy box on a pulley that way he could bring toys up and down without worrying about falling from the ladder so that’s a brilliant idea buddy so so we made that all happen for him and and he seems to enjoy it pretty well so since Garrett isn’t with us full time the necessity was to have a ladder so he could actually get up to his loft so we made it so it actually sits on the sofa right here so he can to its loft but when we’re not using it we’ll take the ladder out sometimes we’ll set it here or set it outside put the cushions out and make it so we’re gonna actually you know all hang out on the sofa yep and we have a slight l-shaped sofa it’s a very tiny house though it’s not a full l-shaped but it’s big enough for all of us to lounge and for a 62 man to take a nap I can totally check on that yeah but and it’s also full of storage just like every other sofa and we made the sofa so is taller so that we could sit at our table mm-hmm that folds up here and we can all sit and have dinner and if we have a guests over we can pull up a chair so or even – we’ve had dinner with five believe it or not it was a little tight and so Christian designed this table based off that IKEA table you see in every tiny house right except that he made a very important change which is this part right here I made it just big enough with the drawers the drawers actually just go out one end so I put my hard drives in it so there’s as of now a little bit over 24 terabytes of storage in this table right now and it’s got power on the bottom so all I have to do is come under here and grab my USB cord plug it in and everything’s on and I just start working and then I put a little another outlet over here just guess I need to plug in my computer so it works really well yes believe it or not we’ve edited two documentaries from radio cable but next two hard drives shoes are important I think more important to me because I have more well yeah I think we’re now we’re even even but we do like downsizing but you know there’s so many occasions for shoes so I was really thrilled when Christian had this idea for our shoe rack behind you we can fit 20 pairs of shoes in a very small space a vertical space that’s only about a foot or so wide and all the shoes are in bio holds so the funny thing is depending on how bumpy your road is is how many shoes fall out and you’re definitely right for tiny house people you have a tremendous number of shoes amongst the two of you almost ridiculous so another special feature of our living space is our unusual staircase what you might not realize is a staircase but because I’m sitting so yeah so the bottom step we actually knew we were gonna make it so you could sit down at this table right so this this is actually a seat right here it’s also storage that opens up and believe it or not it also moves but what we did for the second step and this took me forever to figure out we made it so it slides out from the wall is that just can’t leave it in there exactly yeah so I built it so it has enough you know wood behind it where the pressure the downward pressure actually makes it so it’ll stay just fine and it’s a piece of inch-and-a-half oak so it’s it’s perfectly stable so this is our steps to get upstairs so you just do this makes it super simple and we also have a regular queen bed so it’s nine inches tall and we only come up here to sleep yeah so it’s downstairs is to hang out up here is to sleep so it’s perfectly fine for me and we spent quite a bit of time making these beautiful light fixtures at a plumbing pipe upstairs and they feature some really beautiful Edison bulbs and it was a pincher success story you know you hear about people doing Pinterest fails but this is one where we sell the inspiration made it happen on her own but because we only sleep upstairs we never turn them on so anyway you live and you learn and then behind us here we have your beautiful kitchen with this incredible butcher’s block countertop look yeah this is also that what we call the tornado wood this I actually spent like four days or something cutting it all gluing it together and making this big countertop which came out amazing Christian really slaved away making this and the most stressed out I saw him probably the whole build was when he had to cut the hole for the sink it was like the one chance you get it to not mess it up and so what we ended up doing was taking that piece of wood and creating a cutting board with it so this is it usually hangs on the wall but we when we we can put it here I like Roger cook quite a bit do a lot of cooking and that’s why we made the decision to do a oven so we have a 20 inch apartment oven that has even has a broiler drawer which is great so I even made us a great little Thanksgiving feast from this small kitchen and then it looks like you’ve done some really clever stuff with your storage there as well yes we love our kitchen shelves it’s a beautiful live-edge tornado wood and cushion came up with a very clever dish rack here this used to be a grilling basket that we took apart and our plates fit perfectly see they’re so snug snug in there which is great for travel so all the plates stay put when we move and we have a basket for our bowls that this also stays put when we travel this is screwed down so it’s nice and snug so we really only have to take off the rest of the items during the travel because that’s definitely another thing that you really need to think about in this space as well you’re a traveling tiny house so actually thinking about how everything is going to be secure and stay secure when you’re traveling it’s a big deal like this one this is actually our bathroom door and we have a little latch right here so it’ll actually keep what’s behind the door safe so let me show you what’s behind the door this is our pantry space it’s built into our bathroom wall which is a non structural wall the bathroom door not only keeps everything in the pantry and when we travel but also latches over our closet door to keep it snug while we’re moving so surprised this is a closet space Christian made these beautiful milk crates we each have three the closet also has some great hanging space which is nice particularly for Christians dress shirts very clever idea and meanwhile whole Christian has been trapped in the bathroom are you alive hey this is actually a pretty big bathroom for such a small tiny house that’s definitely a decent sized shower yeah it’s actually the pan in the shower is actually 34 inches deep by 36 inches wide so it’s a super big shower and then I see you’ve got the composting toilet there as well yeah this is actually a nature’s head we used to have an actual self built composting toilet but it took a lot of maintenance so what we’ve decided to do was to get a nature’s head because it’s we were emptying the other one out maybe every four uses five uses and this way it can be two weeks to a month depending on where we are so so it works great so we like this a lot one thing we also did is we had somebody actually volunteer the build of these cabinetry so there’s little little cabinets in here it’s got our you know our bathroom things but the best thing is is that an Alexis uses this everyday is this just a piece of wood right here on the wall and this actually goes over and it comes down over the toilet so if I need to use the mirror and shave I can use it right here but like I said Alexis use this every day and once she’s done she puts all her stuff away and then puts us right back up one of the things that really grabs me about this home is how functional and homey you’ve made it while still actually being able to travel with it full-time that is a real accomplishment thank you very much you know my favorite thing is wherever we travel I wake up in my bed which sometimes leads to forgetting where we are but wherever we go we have home with us and we feel at home so living in a tiny house is one thing but traveling with it full-time like we do is a completely different story but I think we’ve come to the realization that we’re probably gonna be traveling for a really long time you know started out as a documentary and community outreach project and that’s our project tiny house expedition but is now just completely morphed into a lifestyle a lifestyle of of travel and right now we are working on living tiny legally part three which is our educational documentary series Christian and I our team of two and every single day we live dream and tiny-house community and we feel incredibly lucky to have this opportunity to travel and to experience our growing movement in such an intimate way and to really give an opportunity to showcase the positive impact tiny homes can have in every community so yeah so we feel really passionate about that and we do think that in our little way that we’re making a positive impact and and this that’s why we do what we do already over the last couple of years I’ve really enjoyed following your adventures I really can’t wait to see what’s next for you both whatever it is though I’m sure it’s gonna be really exciting and I’ll be right there following you thank you so much for showing me your beautiful one yeah no problem our pleasure this is a tiny house on wheels and what I especially love about the tiny house expedition project is that those wheels are being put to exceptionally good use with an astounding 28,000 miles already behind this house and many more to come I am very excited to see where this journey takes them you [Music]

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    What is stored in the uHaul?

    Could you not remodel it to add additional space say for video editing etc?

  5. Everyone should watch this video! October 2018 Donating this to a museum tomorrow, thought you might enjoy this ad 'Jardine, Matheson and Co. Japan, LTD. Import, Exports, Shipping, Lumber, Engineering. 'Jardines', founded in 1832, established their first branch office in Japan in 1859, in Yokohama. mr. William Keswick, a nephew of one of the original partners of Jardines', arrived in Yokohama in June, 1859, and promptly established a branch office there on a site which soon came to be known to the Japanese as 'Ei Ichiban Kan' (Number One British House). The Silk Centre now stands on this site, Jardines' office in Yokohama being on an adjacent property. Vessels of the Indo China Steam Navigation Co., Ltd., for which Jardines' are General Managers, are well-known in the Port of Yokohama where they are handled by the Firm's Agents, The Senwa Shipping Agency, Ltd. London Correspondents: Matheson & Co., Limited, 3, Lombard Street, London, E.C. 3

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    I don't like that wood step, too much can go wrong, as well as the bathroom door holding the closet and pantry. It's a clever set up, and I admire the creativity but I see too much going wrong. Also having the crates behind each other while utilizing space well is not very accessible. Neither is the dining space for moving around the house or getting to the restroom.
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