LEGO Teardrop Travel Trailer Custom Build MOC Tour

Howdy everyone! JAYSTEPHER here with my latest custom build. It is a Teardrop Travel Trailer that can sleep up to two minifigures. Off to the left, we have Jay the Camper enjoying the Sierras. It is a very small trailer. Let’s take a closer look. I have a white top on the top Tan sides. I like the way I did the contour. This took a while to figure out. I have some Palisade bricks on the side for siding to give it a log cabin feel. Have golden windows inside some dark green frames. This is the point of entry into the trailer. We have a stabilizer on the front to keep it level. Here’s the rear. It has two brake ights. This does open up to reveal a small outdoor kitchen,. It’s mainly just a grill for cooking. It is a small trailer. Let’s take a look at the inside. The top does remove. Here we have a small bed and a little TV. Let’s place Jay inside. I should have used something smaller for the pillow. He does fit comfortably. It is a nice teardrop trailer. Let’s see how well it performs with the truck. This has to be raised up all the way. It does snap into the receiver. Everything is level. This trailer took about a week
to put together and figure out, but I like the way it turned out. A small simple build. That is my small Lego Teardrop Travel Trailer. Thank you for watching!

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