1. Am i the only other person watching this from Leeds, that is thinking WHERE ARE THEY? the brewery…where even?!

  2. great video about Leeds! Though a proper pub crawl should hit a few more bars., go on for a bit longer and you probably shouldn't feel like getting up before noon if you do it properly 🙂

  3. Nice visit to Kirkgate Market where I started my first real job as a chicken cutter 50 years ago. Late afternoon our front saleswoman would leave and I had fun   and replacing her barking to sell the "last" chickens..Kirkgate Market is where I first got lost aged four and found my way home which was maybe  seven miles away. It was also where I got my first "Beatle cut"   at the barbers by the  underground toilets  instead of the usual back and sides.

  4. Born in Leeds, but it never looked this good, nice piece of film. Might even go back for a visit, you make it look really tempting.
    Well done .

  5. I'm glad the two lads survived Leeds, I was born there in 1979 back when all the buildings were still black with soot and nobody had even heard of 'craft beer'..! Tetleys was always the order of the day…and Samuel Smith's. After emigrating to Perth in Western Australia for the last few years…I am going back 'home' in three weeks, for a few months. And you know what…I cant wait!!! Leeds has always been a rough old hole…and as a native I can say that lol…but it does have a charm of its own. I like how complete strangers will just always come and speak to you (whether you want it or not) which I have missed over here. The people of Leeds are certainly down to earth…and although it can be a bit chavvy at times, it's also very inclusive in it's own way. They don't do snobs…as they will often remind you! And yes as the guys said in the video, you may get a feeling of 'Oliver Twist'. Leeds has a working-class culture and does lack the cultural finesse of cities like York and Cambridge…but in its own way it is beautiful….it is also a city which likes to have a good time. A great place to visit is Otley…for a slice of old-style Yorkshire…dont forget the Otley delicacies… hot pork pies, and beef and dripping sandwiches! I have dreamed of these in Australia

  6. Honestly, how long did you film in Leeds? How come you always have sun and sky?!?!

    BTW g8 vids mate. Really make me miss my University time!

  7. Bradford is a segregated shithole! No wondor everyone`s pissin themselves laughin their fuckin arses off!! Just throw a ring around it and set fire to the whole thing and put it out of its rotten misery once and for all.

  8. Funny thing is the guy making the noises doesn't even work on the market he just walks past has a chat with everyone on the stalls and then makes the noises to get more people over

  9. I visit Leeds quite often been to all of the places showcased here ( Friends of Ham Leeds and Ilkley lovely places) – it's a much improved city and that's my point I've never been to Harehills or any of the housing estates and probably never will neither will any other tourists – same with Hull Liverpool and Newcastle we only cherry pick the best bit and that's the centre

  10. I lived in Leeds for 10 years, went to university there and never left until las year. One of the BEST experiences.

  11. I just found out about this city called Leeds in England – and I absolutely fell in love with it! It's astonishing, beautiful! I'm definitely visiting it when I go to the UK.

  12. Interesting to see some of the newer bars in my home town. Seems to be a lot of these springing up. And a shame you missed some of the older classics (but I´ll keep secrets like Whitelocks, the oldest pub in the city, to myself.. it´s a real gem, but too small for lots of tourists 😉 ) But a small correction regarding what you said about the Victorian markets and how the enabled people to buy "fruits from around the world".. this increase in product diversity didn´t really occur until well after WW2, after rationing was reduced and transport improved… my own parents, who were born at the beginning of the war, often tell stories of not know what bananas were, and how they were rationed, how fruit such as oranges was considered a luxury item, given at Christmas as gifts. Before that, and certainly in the industrial revolution, what would be available would be mostly home grown local produce. It´s nice to see the city I grew up in presented in a positive, modern way though, so a I think you did a good job here.

  13. Absolute bullshit 'how much did the drinks cost at the bar? I wonder how many times these two yanks were asked for cash by beggars and what about a trip to one of the many food banks in Leeds middle class high school bullshit

  14. Statistically, Leeds has a higher crime rate than Bradford, but bradford is the bigger shit hole! ah ha ha!!  but, having been there recently, i noticed how similar leeds is looking to bradford.

  15. Leeds is a great city but somehow the locals don't seem to appreciate it. We visit a lot and there is so much to see and do… It's changed so much since the turn of the century and is Very underrated.

  16. Very nice size city, how many miles wide and long? I was wondering where nice flats would be to rent for a couple of weeks.

  17. I live in the uk and am British and everyone knows Leeds is not shite it's a great city along with Liverpool , Newcastle, Birmingham the list goes on visit the North it has tons to offer ..I do love London but the North has more Britishness about it than London which is so cosmopolitan give or take a few enclaves of real cockneys left there !

  18. As a proud "Loiner" i have to say that this film was impressive, i loved watching it and would like to thank you for portraying Leeds in a good way! It is a great city with great people, an outsiders positive perspective is very refreshing, Thank you and please come again….

  19. Best pub in Leeds is North Bar. Best beer selection and it's unpretentious. Corn Exchange used to be good before they kicked out all the small alternative vendors.

  20. How REALLY refreshing to see Americans (esp of the Highly Intelligent variety) getting into – and genuinely appreciating – some of the FANTASTIC range of real ales that we do in the UK now.

    Bravo, Chaps !!!

  21. Wow – nice to see you guys had such a good time in my mum's home town! You should definitely do a road trip across the south of England too!

  22. Leeds has changed in all the time that I have known it.All these "craft beer,hipster joints"I remember when Tetley was king and You could still buy Capstan cigarettes.

  23. You should start a reality show of travel, just like the U Tube video you show.  So "enchanted" with your videos and commentary.  I'm visiting England summer of 2018 (5th time) and will now enjoy these areas because of your experiences!  Thank you.

  24. Thanks for your look at Leeds. I've only been there once, and it was just a day trip. I didn't see most of what you've shown.

  25. It’s so refreshing to see people visiting the North of England, especially my home county of Yorkshire. I watched your Liverpool video too, where I went to university and the last place I lived in England before I moved to Mexico five years ago. I usually look for videos of home but none are as well informed, interesting and beautifully edited as yours. Thanks for killing off the homesickness for a while longer 🙂

  26. Well Brothers id like you to know I like not only the editing of your videos but also the no set rules as to how you you make them so interesting!!!!!!

  27. Sorry but how are you gonna make Leeds look so nice, it is one of the biggest cities in England but it's still a shithole, I know cause I live here. But don't get me wrong, it's still my home and I will always love it here

  28. If you ever come back to Leeds get in touch with me and I will show you the other places, there are places you can go only if you know about it

  29. Would have loved to have seen you go to spencers on match day!!!!! That would have been a bit of an eye opener for you lads

  30. I was born in Leeds back in the day with outside toilets and tin baths. Some how I ended up in the USA but still miss my old town. Find myself surfing the net for the old leeds I knew. When I go back home I always make sure I have a pint in Whitelocks and take my american wife around the market. She loves the vendors shouting out their deals on produce. You can take the lad out of Leeds but you cant take the Leeds out of the lad. 🙂

  31. I’ve been visiting Leeds for 17 years now and it is always amazing for its food such as Fish and chips and the market itself!

  32. They have some good drag bars down by the railway line. I think one's called the Showbar, and as a straight white male I can honestly say I've never had so much fun on a night out.

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