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Hi, good morning everyone~
I’m Khoai, welcome to Khoai Lang Thang channel! I woke up early today, at 6 AM And… After I finish my morning routine, it’s about 7 AM now Now I’ll go to observe the terrace field The terrace field here are gorgeous, they’re like the combination of the terrace field from Northern Vietnam and Bến Tre (Western) Because there’re many coconut trees among the terrace field Then you and I’ll go to find something for breakfast And I’ll go to some famous temples in Bali Wait for me When I come there, I’ll film for you guys
I have to have breakfast later, too In the hotel where I’m living, they have this huge area For guests who want to live in… Normal rooms And where I’m living is like an isolated villa There’re also bigger villas for 4-5 members family My room is only for 2 people In Bali, you can easily see temples or trees that are wrapped with sarong like this So… Do you notice that this sarong has black and white checkerboard pattern? It stands for the opposition The opposition and balance in Bali people’s life White emblems for the good and light, black emblems for the bad and darkness Do you see that?
It’s about 7 AM But the eateries haven’t opened yet And there’re not many breakfast eateries along the street Just a few I’ve driven for so long and I haven’t found any eateries yet So I’ll go straight to the terrace field first I’ll have breakfast later They’re all closed, just a few of them’re opened It’s already 7-8 AM, not so soon There’s no one here Can you see the car in front of me, it’s smoky Because of that car, it makes the morning scene so romantic, just like foggy morning It smells so bad, full of gasoline and engine oil I’ll go inside to buy tickets first And I’ll walk to the terraces Can you see a banner here? No “Go Jek” No “Grab” or “Uber” They don’t allow online taxis to park here, only traditional ones are allowed I can see many banners like this in some public areas I’ve just bought the tickets here 10,000 IDR for 1 person to observe terraces They sell tickets for everything here They also have receipts 10,000 IDR is about 17,000 VND I have to walk about 200m to come to the terraces Is this the entrance? Is there any ticket collector? There’s no one? Hmm…why? Or I come here too early, the ticket collectors haven’t worked yet? I can hear a flycam sound in the sky, don’t know whose is that Omg~ There’s nothing special, why people gave so many compliments and the photos are gorgeous? It’s just okay… Not so special, terraces in Vietnam are more better They build a lot of small areas for people to take photos Like the heart shape over there
(20,000 IDR ~ 33,000 VND) The rice hasn’t grown yet Or maybe they haven’t plant them yet They’re plumbing water from the stream To the fields and start to grow new season of rice Like I said before, this trip is not very lucky for me Any fields I want to observe, they’re not planted yet I can’t understand it Now I’ll talk what I’m imagining, try to imagine with me When these terraces are… full of rice Those “holes” over there, they’re gonna be filled with green rice plants And the whole area is gonna be so fresh Along with coconut and banana trees They make a view that is a combination of… Northern Vietnam and Bến Tre (Western) Let’s imagine Beautiful, right? But now, the fields are not so green I think there’re not any rice plants
Let me zoom for you to see They’re plumbing water to every single field to plant new season So there’re not any rice now In Northwest or Northeast Vietnam, they have a season called… “Pouring water” season They’ll plumb water in to every field of the terraces And they’re like many small mirrors lying on each other
It’s gorgeous! Here, I think… They make these terraces for tourism So the fields are kinda small, they’re not huge like actual terraces And this area is actually a small valley Can you see coconuts are growing to trees? They’re actually not coconut trees, these are pandan plants that people planted into dried coconuts But they look like coconuts trees are growing That’s the real coconut tree And that is pandan plant I was shocked, like… Why so many coconut trees are planting along here?
Nope, they’re pandan plants When I look around I don’t know if I should go further over there Because there’re no rice… I’ll film some scene by my flycam to check out Wait for me~ I feel kinda unfavorable in this early morning Actually, these terraces are for tourism So when the rice are ripe, they grow new season But they’re not in any specific season So it’s kinda hard to make sure I can observe terraces with full of rice But it’s okay, this place is kinda near Ubud, where I’m living So I didn’t waste too much time Now I’ll find something for breakfast, I’m so hungry now Only foods can make me happy and heal my wounds Wait for me, I’m so hungry~ I’m about to eat~ This is where I’ll have my breakfast They also have some terraces, but they’re also have none of rice I should have come here from the beginning! They also have terraces… The statues… It’s like the cult of fecundity Over there is a small lodge Behind the heart, can you see that? We can sit there and eat It’s so fresh!!! I love the view here Let’s go over there These tables are booked I’ll go to the table over there [Waitress]: Hello
[Khoai]: Hello~ [Khoai]: 2 people [Khoai]: Where can we sit? [Waitress]: Anywhere Drinks are about 20,000 to 35,000 IDR And foods are about 70,000 to 80,000 IDR They’re under 100,000 IDR My breakfast has… Tuna satay Satay are normally made from beef, chicken Or pork I rarely see they make seafood satay But Bali is surrounded by seas So they also make seafood satay Especially from oceanic fish Here I ordered 1,2,…,8 8 skewers of tuna satay They always have a bit of fried shallot on top of the rice like this Which is 1 of the most favorite spices Like in Vietnam, you also have some fried shallot in some dishes That’s why I feel so familiar, by having this fried shallot Bali satay is totally different from Thailand satay Here they have a very thick layer of sauce This sauce usually has some peanuts inside
I’ll try the first skewer The tuna part… They use the white meat part of tuna You can also see black tuna satay Because they use the black meat part The tuna is aromatic And it has a buttery taste The sauce is rich And has the sweetness of peanuts They marinated tuna with salt No, I think that’s the natural saltiness of tuna The white tuna is less saltiness Normally, who like… the bold taste and bitterness, they’ll eat the black part of tuna And another dish that is served with rice is chicken curry This is so cute, perfect for breakfast It’s enough, not for a full breakfast It’s a bit saltiness, has less of sweetness And it’s kinda watery Normally, Indonesian or Malaysian curry is thicker Because people have to use hands to eat curry with rice So the curry has to be thicker, and people can eat them easier But here, they make it more watery, like a kind of soup In here, it has a rich flavor of coconut milk It also has the flavor that make me obsessed, which is tumeric powder The tumeric flavor in here is very strong And it has a slightly smell of coriander seed and dill seed I’ll try a piece of chicken
I can see there’re chicken, carrot and tofu Let’s try them
Omg, how small the chicken is cut This chicken piece is so small, let’s put some rice on top I though there’re a lot of food, so I only ordered 2 portions But I feel like…I haven’t eaten nothing=(( I’m not happy yet!
So I’ll find something to eat later on Now I’ll sit here a little bit To take a rest, it’s very fresh here
This place is located right in a ravine And have a drink, this is orange juice It’s familiar with orange juice in Vietnam You can try it here
They put some syrup in It’s called palm syrup, so the flavor is very unique Uhmm…I spilled As you can see, this is pandan plants They’re huge Guys, look at my hand and this pandan plants
They smell so good And the leaves are kinda tough, they’re also spiny Uhm~ Smells so good
They’re planted on the ground Don’t need to be planted in moist area or on the trench like in Vietnam It smells even better when you smash rub it That’s why, sometimes when you go on the street, you can smell the pandan leaves Maybe it’s because people are harvesting these pandan leaves And this plant is really huge It’s even taller than me It’s maybe 20 times bigger than pandan plants in Vietnam Ah…this is the place where they sell civet coffee (kopi luwak) Like in Vietnam In the past, I was very curious about this, so I tried civet coffee once But for me, the way they force the civet to eat a lot of coffee beans to… To make the civet poop out, I think it’s kinda abuse them So I don’t go to those places anymore I’ll buy the tickets here, adult is 60,000 IDR And 3,000 IDR for parking fee For motorbikes And children only have to pay 30,000 IDR Tanah Lot One of the most famous and sacred temples in Bali Can you see that?
It’s located on an island Now I’ll go up there, Tanah Lot temple One of the most famous temples in Bali and it’s located on an island It’s not far from the edge of the island but the special thing is… When the tide is low, people can pilgrimage by walking to the temple If the tide is high, people have to go by boats Now I’ll walk along the direction of the arrow To go the the Tanah Lot temple, you have to walk along an over 1km road And people sell a lot of souvenirs along this road It’s cool, they make us to go everywhere To look at the souvenirs Then maybe we like something and buy them In front of me is the gate The splitted gate of Tanah Lot temple Many people are taking photos in front of the gate So I have to avoid them while walking There’s another splitted gate over there And there’re many of them Actually, in Bali, this splitted gate means The balance and opposition Of darkness and light, the good and bad And also between the death and proliferation Because Bali people really believe in balance In the past In Balinese myth, they said that This gate stands for a mountain Do you see that when the 2 sides are matched, it has a mountain shape And that’s the Meru mountain in the myth In Indian myth, that’s the mountain connects the earth and heaven The gods in Hinduism stand on the top of that mountain They stand in rank from high to low Then, Shiva – the Destroyer in Hinduism He brought that mountain to Bali And he used his strength to split that mountain into 2 halves Into this gate that you can easily see in Bali This man is selling a kite shaped like a boat Can you see the string coil inside? Can this boat really fly? It can really fly!!! Excellent!!! Wow~
I can’t believe it can fly I think it only can fly with strong wind It falls down Can you see the waves are pretty strong today? And over there is the Tanah Lot temple Normally, when the tide is low People can walk to there To go to that temple But that temple only allows Hinduists People who don’t follow Hinduism or tourists, they can only observe the temple outside of the gate The waves are so strong and people come here to take photos a lot They’re super strong!!! And as you can see, the foam of the waves create a fog layer She’s holding a camera to film the yellow shirt girl Yayyy~
Let’s travel together! So cute It’s quite fun When we travel with our friends and take photos like that It’s fun! Many people might judge you but for me, just do what you like! It’s all okay if you don’t harm any people The wind is super cool and the waves are strong Can you see the Tanah Lot temple? In 1980, it was… It collapsed a part So the government started to conserve it And 1/3 of this island It was reconstructed, not natural But you don’t know it was reconstructed if you look at it Let’s take a closer look, it looks so natural And it’s just like any normal island It’s super windy The guy who is selling that “boat” kite, he’s still going around to sell it He’s going everywhere The kite is flying again! Or I should buy 1 of them, fold them in and bring to Vietnam? But I think it only can fly with strong wind It’s kinda gliding They’re still filming What’re best friends for?
We have best friends to take photos with in these occasions It’s fun I’ll go to this area to take a look at the road that leads to the temple Omg, it’s so crowded OMG! So crowded here! Generally when the tide ebbs away, leaving behind the road so we can have a chance to see it But now there’s high tide with big waves So… We almost have no chance to see the road In Hindu’s temples, they have a conception that people are unauthorized to live and eat in the temple People are just allowed to pray So you can see there’s absolutely no one living in these temples The local people just come here at times of the day to have offertory and worship or to mend these temples And totally they aren’t allowed to stay and live in the temples This snake’s tail is flat as you can see It’s a kind of marine snake Its venom is very toxic In that hole still has some other snakes Here People come here to pray for health and protection from these marine snakes Behind me, there’s a place which is used for keeping marine snakes Legend has it that marine snakes are as a shawl of Dang Hyang Nirartha He came here in the 15th century and built up this temple together with Bali people This temple is used to worship the God of the sea for helping Bali people avoid disasters from the sea and protecting the temple Nirartha transformed his bandanna into marine snakes These marine snakes live around this temple to help it avoid the invasion from bad people So it seems like a legend But they still keep these snakes to stay here For tourists to come here to pray for peace and contentment from snakes They just sit there as a work for the bread and butter We can come to see marine snakes Touch and pray Then give them some money Now I’m going to over there Literally I think the tide won’t ebb today, so the road can’t appear Because in the day before that I went to Penida island Before I came back to my hotel at 5pm I saw that there was high tide in the afternoon with bigger waves than that morning Moreover, when it’s near to the fifteenth day of the lunar month Full moon day of the lunar month So the sea will be rougher than usual I’m leading everyone to eat a very famous dish which is roasted pork It’s roasted whole pork but I just can eat a piece OMG! The eatery opens at 5PM But I see that people have already been getting line here, so crowded! It seems like the parking lot is overthere or right below There’s a parking lot down here He is a guard, who wears the eatery’s uniform, is a traffic coordinator here He holds a stick If the restaurant is crowded, this road will be congested I’ll go this way to the eatery I’m starving!!! Nobody can realize it’s an eatery, right? There’s just a small gate like this OMG!! There is a passionate aroma Oh, signboard is overthere This eatery is located deep in the alley But a lot of people come here to eat Moreover, it opens at 5PM And now the eatery starts having guests The most delicious dish in this eatery is roasted pork Roasted pork is called “babi guling” here The staffs are so nice I’m waiting for my turn to order And some other dishes from pork as you can see that it’s hog’s pudding Pork curry Some vegetables Oh, she puts lots of chillies into that bowl Thank you They told me to go inside to see A huge pig is hereee Wowww It’s really big There are some soup pots here And here Can you see that? So difficult! Vietnam Can you see that they put full water bottles on every table? It is easy to understand Because their food is extremely spicy, so we have to drink much water after eating It’s very common to have some sinks like this in every eatery in Indonesia Everyone who comes to eat can wash their hands here Because with some local traditional food, people eat with their fingers They rarely use chopstick, spoon or fork to eat It is already afternoon now And I have my dish here This eatery has been opened… Oops, sorry Sorry guys! Just an accident This eatery has been opened for 20 years And… This eatery has been opened for 20 years And it’s located deep in the alley But you can see that it’s so crowded here Open at 5PM And now I’m here at 5 o’clock Introducing to everyone this is my roasted pork rice dish with lots of things here As you can see there are two slices of pigskin Deep-fried pork Deep-fried lard Although it’s deep-fried, but they still mix it with spice Can you guess what is this? Cassava root leaves And this is.. Cabbage They stir-fry cabbage with some spices This is pork curry And this is.. I just tried it a while ago It’s kind of… Deep-fried copra And a bit of chilli here This is pork It’s boiled pork belly I’ll try pigskin first Pigskin is the most interesting part Can you see? Can you hear that sound? Pigskin is so crunchy Normally I rarely eat pigskin because it’s kept at store in a long time So it’s tough And this is freshly grilled inside and sold right away So it’s very crunchy They purposely kept a flat lard layer on this pigskin slice It’s very flat so I taste greasy and crunchy when I bite it And almost these pigskin don’t taste much It’s just… crunchy because they just put a layer of salt on it and grill it to make it crispy and slough off Primarily, they put spices inside the pig and they make it crunchy outside There are a lot of ways to do that such as use salt, vinegar or lime That is restaurant’s know-how, each restaurant has different way to use and combine them I will try other parts I will take a piece of cassava root leaves put here take some pigskin, some pork and eat with rice An indispensable thing is that you must take some fried copra and one piece of chilli, it’s so spicy Then I will try it and see how it tastes It falls out It’s “alive” The smell of turmeric is very strong turmeric, galangal the fried pork is quite salty It’s faint smell of cassava root leaves, so spicy Although I have been in Bali for 3-4 days, I am still not used to the spicy taste here because there is a type of chilli which is very spicy here Who like eating galangal, coconut milk or chilli will very like to enjoy food here because the spicy and pungent flavor of these spices is very specific It’s seem to have a faint lime leaves smell here Kaffir lime leaves Because lime leaves aren’t as fragrant as Kaffir lime leaves Like the Thai food which you often eat It will have this specific smell It is truly special. However, it’s clearly too much oil because these food here or also pork curry They have too much coconut milk So when you eat, you will feel it’s quite fat and it has a little of vegetable This cabbage Although it is vegetable, they have stir fried it with a lot of lemongrass and chillies This is stir-fried cabbage in Bali with chillies, pepper, garlic, shallots and all kinds of spices It looks like a braised dish, not a stir fry I will put it here This is fried lard, do you see that? They have marinated it with some spices so we can’t recognize that it is lard Mix all things together The lard… Although it’s lard, they have extracted all the fat out Therefore, it’s so crunchy, soft and tough Pigskin is crunchy, lard is soft and tough and strong flavor This dish doesn’t have sweet flavor, quite salty So this restaurant won’t be suitable for people who can’t eat salty and spicy However, this is one of the famous restaurant toward inhabitant here, so I wanna try to know the truly tastes of the people in Bali And indeed, after eating, I recognize how delicious it is! We have a friend here We have a friend here Hello Which parts do you like to eat? Introducing to everyone, this is a “begging talent” He goes to each table and put his chin on people’s thigh, and then they feed him food That face looks very poor Do you see that in cities in Bali, they have planted a lot of trees? And I’m driving on the center road of this city But I feel like I’m driving in the forest So many trees! Certainly, it will be cool in the day time, but in the night time it looks quite overcast Do you smell seafood? Now is 6:30PM That is the sea outside And I just have sat for a moment, however, it was dark Today, it’s quite windy and the sea is quite rough I’m going here to eat seafood The seafood restaurant where is homegrown and we will eat at the seaside The smell of grilled seafood is so fragrant That is lobster I’m lining up to order I see they are selling something here This is grilled corn That is the sea with rushing waves Oh my God! It is so cold It is very windy so I sit inside, otherwise I will have a cold We must eat seafood when we go to beach, right? These days in Bali, I only eat food made from terrestrial animals, don’t eat seafood so much Because in Bali they have a notion that they prefer things which is close to forest or mountain and they think the sea is so creepy and not be close So the traditional food in Bali also have few of seafood Therefore I haven’t enough seafood for these days So today I have order a lot of seafood, can you see that? This servings costs about 200 Rupee for 2 people And this is a lobster, natural lobster. So this doesn’t have big size, just have a size like this Only farm-raised lobsters has big size Now if you want to eat big size lobster, go to some countries where is not densely populated In South East Asian, it rarely has big size natural lobster This is crayfish Do you see that there are still a blue claw They have grilled the beneath part, the top hasn’t been grilled yet so it isn’t red If they grilled these claw, it will be red They split in half and spread garlic sauce and grill It’s normal and simple. Now I’m going to peel it off Because it’s Crayfish, its meat is quite firm However, I still prefer eat steamed shrimp to grilled shrimp because grilled shrimps are drier than steamed one Dip in this shallots sauce This is the traditional sauce of Bali, they always have this sauce in any dishes This fish is called Its meat is quite soft Its meat like red snapper in Vietnam They also spread a garlic and chilli sauce on it So I also smell garlic when eat any dishes here When I eat this sauce, I suddenly crave These fish will be more delicious if have those sauces Unfortunately, here they don’t like those sauces Primarily, they make sauces from coconut oil Eh they are firing fireworks Wow After enjoy the sudden fireworks, I will eat this scallops The scallops is quite big and it’s also spreaded garlic and chilli sauce again I don’t know why they just spread only this sauce on these dishes This time I will dip it in this chilli sauce I don’t really like scallops Because its flavor isn’t fresh Normally scallops are easy die So they must freeze them This is a lobster It is natural lobster So it’s smaller than farm-raised lobsters This lobster was in a tank so it’s very fresh And they catch and weigh them This is the biggest in the tank Oh my God! I use my hand so if I’m not careful, I will be stabbed Break its tail first Because this lobster has been spreaded garlic and chilli sauce Moreover, I feel that these sauces are unsuitable to my tastes So I decide don’t dip this lobster in any sauces Its meat is very firm and sweet It’s also tough It’s truly that natural lobsters are different from farm-raised lobsters Because the toughness was obvious, I chewed it, however, it still didn’t break Decide don’t dip in any sauces is the right decision Because the taste of lobster remains without being drowned out by these sauces Here they put a lot of spices in sauces and the coconut oil is also fat so the flavor of seafood is drowned out If I know that, I just order only lobster They are a lot but they aren’t not as tasty as a lobster But it’s okay because of seafood craving, I can eat any types Now I will eat continue, eat all these seafood! and then go back the hotel to rest and tomorrow I will hangout again See you in the next video If you like this video, let’s like and share. Goodbye! Bye-bye! Goodbye everyone, I’m Khoai. Let’s subscribe to watch more my video about travel and food every week

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  9. Anh đẹp trai quá, cười phát làm tim em xao xuyến nhưng anh đã có ngừi iu mất rồi nên em chỉ buồn 1 xíu thôi. Hi vọng sau này người yêu em cũng đẹp trai và nhẹ nhàng dễ thương như anh hihi. Yêu anh Khoai <3

  10. …Nhờ chiếc xe xì khói đó mà tạo nên 1 khung cảnh rất lãng mạn, nên thơ giống như sương mù sáng sớm…ui! nó khét nghẹt à, nghe toàn mùi xăng nhớt không à…haha vui thật đó Khoai!
    Chúc em luôn vui vẻ và thành công nhé!

  11. hôm nào về miền tấy làm clip du lịch đi anh, miền tây cảnh đẹp, món ăn cũng ngon lắm luôn đó

  12. Lúc bác này mới nổi có làm vài clip tựa đề giật gân để câu view, mình vào dislike xong nói thẳng .bác này vào đọc được có giải thích xong đổi tiêu đề phù hợp hơn. Mình rất thích cách tôn trọng và lắng nghe ng xem như bác này. Từ đó có cảm tình luôn. Nhìn mặt cũng sáng sủa hiền hậu,cách nc mộc mạc.phát huy nha bác

  13. Rất ngưỡng mộ anh khoai chúc anh luôn dồi dào sức khoẻ để có những chuyến đi và clip ý nghĩa.

  14. Hi xin chào Khoai…chào mọi người…mình là Hữu Trọng Vlogs…rất vui được làm quen và giao lưu với mọi người…

  15. cảm giác thích thật ha !!!

    vừa du lịch vừa trải nghiệm cuộc sống vùng miền hơn thế nữa là ghi lại được những khoảnh khắc đẹp.

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