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Hi I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re
Chasing a Plate, today we’re in Bandar Baru Bangi in Selangor and we’re
here to try laksa Kedah a noodle soup that is from the state of
Kedah, we’re excited, we’re starving let’s eat we’ve each ordered a bowl of laksa Kedah and they have arrived in these small
clay pots, I’m gonna lift the lid up and see what there is to discover woah I got
a real whiff of that fish broth as I took the lid off and there’s just a
treasure of ingredients in here I can see some stubby white rice noodles,
there’s shredded cucumber, there’s some boiled egg- half a boiled egg, there’s red
onion, daun kesom which is Vietnamese coriander and that peach colored broth
which I hear is supposed to be quite sour from tamarind let’s just give the
broth a go because it looks really mouth-watering wow that is really good
so it is very sour and you can taste that fish in there I think it might be
quite an oily fish so maybe they use a local tuna or mackerel, let’s just try some of those rice noodles hmm those rice noodles are so slippery
and soft, Kedah is known as the rice bowl of Malaysia hence the use of the rice
noodles and they are very, very good I love the taste of the red onion in there,
it’s also very strong mm-hmm it just cuts through that really strong fish
flavour and it is quite strong quite pungent but very light and there’s that
crunch from the cucumber it’s very fresh I’m going to give this boiled egg a go
because it looks really creamy hmm that yolk just disintegrated in my mouth
that was so good Thomas you have to get in and try this I’ve just pulled that lid off the top of mine and like Sheena said it has such a
pungent flavour when you take the lid off not flavour, smell when you take
the lid off I’m really excited to try this Kedah laksa for a few reasons one
is there’s a lot of different laksa in Malaysia so we’re very slowly working
our way through the list there are so many to try I think we’re up to about
number five or six it’s really exciting to try a different version, all the
states almost seem to have their own version of laksa so there’s lots to try
and the other reason I’m excited to try this is because it’s our first sort of
true food from Kedah that we’re trying and we’re heading to Kedah in about a
month’s time so it’s gonna be really good to taste some of the flavours of
that state, now if you are from Kedah or you’ve been to Kedah let us know what
dishes should we have when when we’re there which dishes should we try in KL before we go there we really want all your tips so chuck them down in the
comments and if you haven’t subscribed and you’re loving our videos we’d really
like it if you hit subscribe and give this a thumbs up right let’s try this because
this smell’s just just blow my mind this soup is um is quite thin you can sort of
you can smell the fish so strong so I’m just going to try the soup by itself whoa, yum, it’s got a great fishiness the smell of fish is stronger than the taste of fish
it’s actually not that that fishy let’s try a bit more there’s a little bit of a
spice, tiny spice but it’s a really fresh taste it’s got some greens like some, I think spring onions or something in there, oh they’re not a spring
onions I don’t know what they are Sheena do you know what they are? Oh no they’re spring onions I can see some spring onions so it’s got some real
freshness and then you’ve got the cucumber that’s livening it up giving
it some freshness and then the broth has a bit of a grittiness it’s really nice
in the mouth let’s try it with the noodles and cucumber red onion, wow
after that smell I thought it was gonna be very heavy, I’ve got it all over me I
think that’s the way with laksa you’ve just got to get it on your chin, I
thought it’s gonna be very heavy but it’s actually really light it’s, it’s
reminding me of an asam laksa it’s got the sourness, the fishiness but then
it’s almost lighter somehow it’s very fresh in the mouth, I’ve going to have another spoon hmm this is the sort of bowl you could just wolf
so quickly because it’s so easy to eat, yum! like Thomas said the laksa Kedah
is super light so it’s similar to an asam laksa in the sour taste
of the broth but it’s nowhere near as heavy in my opinion and we’ve just been
tasting what we thought was that spring onion but it’s definitely not spring
onion we asked the staff and they said it was daun shalom now I’ve looked on
Google to see if we could work out what that is in English but it’s throwing up
no clues so if you know what daun shalom is in English please let us know in the
comments below because it’s adding like a really fresh zing to the dish it
almost tastes like a sharp celery to me I’m gonna give this another go cos it’s
so good mmm those noodles are really bouncy and they sort of remind me of udon noodles but less chewy that is really really tasty this
place that we’re at also sells cendol so after this bowl of laksa we
are totally gonna indulge in a bowl of cendol because as you know if you’ve
been following our videos we are totally obsessed we’ll link some cendol videos up there ordered a couple of cendols to finish
up today and this looks like a pretty sort of almost a funfair version of cendol because it’s full of all sorts of things often they’re much more simple
than this if you have a look at what mine’s got- I’ve got so cendol
at its heart is shaved ice with coconut milk, gula melaka which is coconut palm
sugar and these green noodles are cendol so cendol noodles, pandan flavoured noodles but today this one has all of those ingredients I also have
pulut or sticky rice we have these little pink sort of jelly balls I’m not I
don’t know if there’s anything inside I don’t think so, we’ve got corn which also
has some sort of puree with it I don’t know if there’s anything else hiding in
there oh yep there’s some red kidney beans in there so all sorts of treats
hiding in my bowl of cendol I’m just giving the cendol a big mix up and I
love it because the ice starts to melt it all starts to combine the gula
melaka or the palm sugar really starts to dissolve into the dish so your
coconut milk gets darker and darker let’s give this one a go this is always
such a refreshing dessert after any meal in Malaysia hmm oh that the gula melaka it’s
very sweet but it’s got quite a burnt taste to it the pulut or sticky rice
really adds to this dish for me it’s really fun this is, this is a such an
interesting cendol with all these bits and bobs in here I’m trying to find the
corn so I can eat it but I’ve lost it there’s so much going on in my bowl, it’s
disappeared this is really fun it’s very refreshing so after the spice of the
laksa this just clears off the palate it is a great way to finish the meal, remember
we always put directions down below of where we’re eating so if you want to
come here as well and try these dishes check in the description and you’ll see
exactly where this restaurant is I ordered the original cendol so
everything that Thomas has minus the glutinous rice or pulut, I originally
ordered their cendol tapai which I was desperate to try but they’ve run out of
tapai, tapai is this fermented sticky rice and it’s got this really strong
almost alcoholic flavour and it is sensational I’ve got to hold out for that
one and try it next time let’s give this go mmm mmm mmmm I just love the taste of coconut milk, cold coconut milk, of that beautiful smoky gula melaka it’s got such a
caramel flavour and where we’re sitting is the most ideal perfect spot to be
enjoying a bowl of refreshing cendol because we’re right by the lake in
Bandar Baru Bangi and it’s just really stunning it’s pretty as done and so happy to have tried another version of laksa I am loving all of these laksas
in Malaysia unreal, thank you so much to our subscribers who recommended Redup Rimba Corner to us we really loved the setting and the food was ace we hope we
inspired you to eat and explore like a traveler, not a tourist, thank you so
much for watching remember to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and
we’ll see you next time, jumpa lagi

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  1. Hi guys, we really loved sampling another type of laksa for this video. We are actually heading to Kedah for a week in December and will be visiting Alor Setar and Sungai Petani. If you have any recommendations on what we should eat when we’re there and where to eat them, let us know in the comments below! We really appreciate your suggestions- because locals know best πŸ€—πŸŽ‰ Thanks to our subscribers who recommended we visit Redup Rimba Corner! Make sure you’ve subscribed to our channel: so you don’t miss out on more food videos! Thanks for watching, commenting, liking and sharing our content guys. We both really appreciate your support. Cheers,Thomas & Sheena

  2. Restoran Lerang Nasi Dagang Terengganu
    Presint 8, 62000 Putrajaya
    012-914 3731

    Authentic nasi dagang Terengganu
    It is different to nasi dagang kelantan in term of the rice and the tuna curry. You should try because the chef learn from the elders in Terengganu in terms of how to cook original nasi dagang terengganu

  3. What to eat in kedah.. iman char kuey teow, awi pulut ( various type of glutinious rice like pulut ayam,pulut mangga and other at ktm alor setar),laksa ikan sekoq,apam lenggang stesen bas lama,Nasi Kukus Ayam Berempah Syed di Sungai Petani,restaurant gulai 7 kawah ( gulai is a curry but we called it gulai here. Must try gulai batang pisang),Cendoi Buah sham DK, Mak Anjang & Pak Anjang Tepung Talam(dessert buti dont how to explainπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ eat this from young until now.. my favourite were tepung talam original, seri muka, ghasidah,tepung talam jagung)
    And a lot more.. but my brain already stuck.. have to try this yeahπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. One question stayed in my head this whole video… whose shoes are standing on the wall while you enjoyed your Laksa β“πŸ˜‚ You had a delicious meal, as always.

  5. Please² come to my hometown. So many dishes u can eat at here. Nasi Lemak Royale, Laksa Ikan Seekoq, Koteaw Iman n so many more. Really hope can meet u guys. 😍😍😍

  6. Hi guys u wrote that u guys are going kedah in December. These are some recommendations places at alor setar
    Nasi lemak royale
    Nasi kandar yasmeen
    Laksa teluk kechai
    Iman koey tiew
    Restoran lima utara(thai food)

  7. Hi guys,
    To really taste the original/traditional laksa Kuala Kedah, you must go to Kuala Kedah bcoz there's one condiment missing from the laksa that you've eaten here.
    Go to Kuala Kedah and you'll find out what I meant. Same goes for laksa Kuala Perlis though.

  8. I'm not a Kedahan but whenever I think of its dishes; nasi lemak royale, bihun sup utara & nasi daging air asam utara come in mind.
    Nasi lemak royale has this yellow rice with different types of curries along. It's more like nasi kandar due to the curry than the original nasi lemak.
    Bihun sup utara is yellow vercimelli soup with red sambal (in other states, we usually eat bihun sup with sambal kicap – hot soy sauce – to add the spiciness)
    Nasi daging is translated as beef rice (yeah..not only we have chicken rice, but beef rice too πŸ˜‰). The rice is cooked with spices (usually ginger & the '3 siblings' : cinnamon, star anise & clover), 'kurma' powder & the beef. Long story short, the dish is served with 'air asam', a dip that consists of tamarind water, shallots & bird's eye chillies. A simple dish but absolutely delicious & 1 of my favourite nasi πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  9. Finally my hometown! I wish I could take you guys to some famous restaurants in Kedah but unfortunately….. The timing tho….. I wanna fly to Malaysia… Huarghhhhhhhhh I miss home. Why do I have final exam?? :'(

  10. It's Daun Selom = Selom Leaves its a local herb, If you're going to Kedah make sure to try Rosli Bihun Sup, Jitra Kedah. Nasi Lemak Royale Kedah, Laksa Teluk Kechai. Those are my fav hangout when I get back to my hometown. You should also try to find gulai batang pisang = banana stem curry, kerabu bronok= sea cucumber salad, pulut ayam and pulut panggang. I could name a lot more but I don't think you'd be able to eat them all, keep those videos coming and have a good trip to Kedah =)

    p.s Nasi Lemak in Kedah is a bit different to anywhere else in Malaysia,. Usually the rice is yellow in color.

  11. "a fun fair version of cendol" Did I hear that right? Noticed you abandoned your signature shot of empty bowl and utensils. 😐 Another excellent video. Really loved the setting. πŸ‘

  12. After watching most of your videos, your efforts to try all our local cuisines amazes me and deserves my subscribe. Love your contents! Keep it up!

  13. The food recommendation depends on which town in Kedah that you are heading to. In Sg Petani, you should try the kway chap, indian mee goreng, otak otak/ laksa, wan tan noodles & chee cheong fun. In Kuala Kedah is all the different bbq seafood and otak otak & northern malay/ thai style kueh. Nibong Tebal has a popular roast pork leg and wild boar curry apart from delicious seafood and otak otak.

  14. Dont forget to try Nasi Kandar Haji Ramli @Alor Setar & CEN Cendol Pulut @Jeniang (Malay Traditional Stall theme).hope you enjoy it

  15. If you want to taste best Arabic Mendy rice mutton in alor setar,kedah.please search 'nasi Arab puji'. it's have high rating review

  16. Guys! Happy that you guys have a great time in Bangi. Hopefully your experience at Itik Salai Mashtar as mentioned in your email to me is also as enjoyable as the Laksa Redup Rimba. Just a little trivia – the name of "Redup Rimba" is actually coming from the original location that they used to sell their laksa and cendol before moving to Taman Tasik Cempaka. "Redup Rimba" means "Shady Forest" and that is where their makeshift stall was literally located previously – at a fringe of shady forest. Really great location albeit an illegal one. Hahaha. Check out their original location:

    I've tried both their cendol and their laksa and it's pretty decent. Not the best laksa Kedah I've tried and I don't think their cendol can compete with the one in Melaka. Anyway I'm more of a purist when it comes to cendol because for me too many things will clouded the real taste of the concoction of santan, gula melaka and the pandan infused cendol itself. But to each his/her own.

    And that lake.. come on guys! Are you serious.. Hahaha.. I would reserve my comment about that lake. Suffice to say that the Municipal Council for Bangi have not taken a good care of it. The water is so so… I reserve my judgement! Hahaha


  17. Sheena, who’s shoes πŸ‘ž is that at your side? 🀠😎 out of topic. 😜

  18. You guys are starting to look like Malaysians now. We Malaysians do LOVE our food. lol Really enjoying your channel. Keep chasing them plates!

  19. I'm sure you've had a lot of suggestions for this and you've probably tried it before, but have you tried cendol durian? Had it once in Kuala Selangor and it was glorious πŸ˜€

  20. Daun Selom
    or Selom Leaves
    Scientifically known as Oenanthe Javanica

    Daun Selom is a local herb found in wet areas through out Malaysia, India and South East Asia. It is used as vegetable salad for thousand of years. Daun Selom has a high anti oxidant properties. If consumed daily as herbal supplement, it will prevent chronic digeneric diseases and boost the immune system.

  21. If u are in alor setar don't forget to try nasi yasmeen, nasi lemak ali, popia jamal, mee abu, and u must try our gulai ikan temenung at jeti tok pasai, kuala kedah(breakfast) … U can try kuaetiaw goreng infront bank rakyat in mergong beside t.n.b football field(must try)…. U must feel a bit akward, couse in kedah they are having a nasi campur for breakfast… Hehe.

  22. I am from Alor Setar,Kedah.TQ for eating Laksa Kedah.Kedah was known as 'Rice Bowl'of Malaysia.But the padi growing areas are getting smaller.Lands converted for housing projects.

  23. Hi Sheena n Thomas, here some tips, we always put some soy sauce preferably sweet soy sauce in the laksa (>_<) some people just dont admit it. Hehehe. The real authentic laksa kedah soup gravy described as a thick grey a bit red from chili in color and tasted more fish in it. Compared to laksa penang they put pineapple and mint leaf n add some 'petis udang' black ish color too.

  24. Try laksa made using eel! It's another level from using mackerel. While u're there, try kuih "telinga keling", buy it while its hot. U can usually find them at the local night market.

  25. Alor Setar – Nasi Lemak Royale Hijau Kuning ( try the original 1st coz now a lot off Copy Version), Koey Teow Iman ( Koey Teow Kerang ), Nasi Lan Kedah , Koptiam Ukir Mall ( lots of different thing to eat, lots of stall in one place) , Tat Nasi Ayam special chicken rice, Kuala Kedah (still within Alor Setar) try Fresh Mackerel with special homemade Curry at Gulai ikan temenung haji jamil , LAKSAM kuala Kedah must try Kedah version, for Lunch try Top Ikan Bawal at Alor Mengkudu ( still in Alor Setar dont worry) , Pine 2 shell out, lots more…

  26. Hello Sheena and bout trying Mak Teh Kari Ikan Termenung in Kuala Sanglang, near the border to Perlis.The curry is unlike the mamak style but it is abit paperish, sour and bit spicy..and the fish is fresh..Just eat with rice..Hope you will enjoy kedah and the spread of paddy fields..You will love it..

  27. let me give you something that most kedahan wouldn't suggest not because its not good, but its so well hidden that only true hardcore foodies would find.

    Please google finaz sri Badong. its somewhere singkir darat.

    Get their Mee Tulang, Nasi Ayam, and Bihun sup and prepare to be suprise.

    and while your at it, take a detour and have some ais kacang salji at restoran dinalang, pendang.

    And please head to Alor Setar and atleast stay there for 2,3 days.

  28. I'm glad that you did this like promoting Malaysian food thank you so much for doing this thumbs up πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  29. It’s hard to found western people love malaysia cuisine like you guys. I was on your channel everyday to watch the new video. Have fun at kedah thomas and sheena. Fan from Langkawi Kedah πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  30. Come to Temerloh, Pahang, to what Malaysians call 'The Land of Patin'. Patin Tempoyak is everywhere here, but if you come here you can try the various recipes and appreciate each of them. Some with a gravy like sauce, sometimes it's soup like, some is very spicy and some is very balanced in taste.

  31. If you visit Terengganu , you must have these dishes :
    1. Keropok Lekor (at Keropok Pok De) and Nasi Dagang ( Nasi Dagang Alias) in Chendering (near the mosque at Kampong Raja Chendering)
    2. Nasi Kerabu in Bukit Payong
    3. Laksa Penang ( Terengganu ver. – the colour is a bit lighter than kedah's ) You can find it in Gong Tok Nasek )
    4. Sup Tulang / Fried Rice / Seafood – absolutely delicious , a must try ( under the bridge at Pantai Chendering- name of the restaurant is Seafood Kuala Ibai Bawah Jambatan)
    5. Ikan Celup Tepung Teluk Ketapang and ICT ( Ikan Celup Tepung) Haji Pok Long (near Terengganu's Airport and Teluk Ketapang beach)
    6.Ayam Mad ( 1139, Jalan Pasir Panjang , Kampong Pasir Panjang , Terengganu ) a must , it taste like no other. Love it soooo much😍😍😍😍
    7. Nasi Beriyani Maaidah (you can find it at Maaidah Beriani House in Chendering or at Rusila) must go early or it will sold out.
    7. Ketupat Sotong
    8. Murtabak Daging and Ayam
    9. Laksam

    And also don't forget to go to Pasar Payang.

  32. "daun salam" or "daun kelat samak" or "daun serah" (malay) or "ubai serai" (borneo) or "manting" (jawa) or "gowok" (sunda) or "indonesisches lorbeerblatt" (german) or "salam leaf" – binomial name: "syzygium polyanthum (wight.) walp" or "eugenia polyantha wight" is native to borneo.
    "daun salam"Β is known only in malay and indonesian cooking and medicine. in many cookbooks "daun salam"Β is calledΒ "indian bay-leaf" but it is totally different.
    in the past, the dutch had named their colonies in the east as "east india", this is the reason why the "daun salam" is misunderstood as the "indian bay-leaf".

    if anyone knows better please add and make corrections to this information.

  33. Naim Gulai Sembilang, Tanjung Dawai, Kedah … its a bit far inside from Sungai Petani, but you will get an authentic β€˜kampung’ dish … then you can drop by the fresh raw ikan bilis stalls along Tanjung Dawai that you can cook for your nasik lemak.

  34. If you guys go to guys should try Laksa Kuala Kangsar in Kuala Kangsar because the rice noodle taste a little bit different compare to others because they use pulut rice

  35. kedah. go to bihun sup pak lang. jitra kedah. just behind aneka mall jitra.
    may try also nira nipah at nipah restuarant. along kuala perlis road.

  36. Hey guys, during your visit in Kedah, pls come & drop by at Perlis ❀ My hometown! So much to eat there! You've got to try Laksa Kuala Perlis, Lockchin (variety of sausages) sell just at the seaside of Kuala Perlis, also, there's one famous Daging Bakar Madu there! Tomyam Padang Besar! Bihun Sup Utara! Omg, the list will go on & on πŸ˜‚ Pls come & visit, i shall give you guys a tour πŸ˜‰

  37. There's two types of tapai: 1. One is fermented rice as you stated; 2. Fermented tapioca (ubi). I'm not really sure if it is r really tapioca or not but we normally call it tapai ubi which means fermented tapioca/yam. I really think the cendol tapai should be the one with tapioca/yam because you already have the variation with glutinous/sticky rice there. Again I'm not really sure. πŸ˜€

  38. Everytime i ordered a laksa, i will ask for more cili api to add the spiciness in the strong sour taste of asam laksa,….really yummy😘

  39. Hi Sheena & Thomas,

    I tried Laksa Lemak in Langkawi island. Yummy !!!! πŸ™‚

    I also love Kuey Tiaw Kerang.

    You also should try :

    – Kuih Peneram
    – Kuih Bunga Pudak
    – Kuih Tepung Bungkus
    – Kuih Bahulu
    – Pekasam ( told you before )
    – Peknga Kedah (pancake)
    – Roti Jala
    – Pulut Kuning
    – Pulut Mangga
    – Lontong Kedah

    Good Luck !!!

  40. Seriously, you guys are coming to kedah next month,? Then dont forget to go to PEKAN SEMELING, the TOWN OF SATAY, and ayam BAKAR (grilled chicken) . They have the best satay in Kedah i wud say.. Then go catch the beautiful sunset at TITI SEMELING,, you get to see a long river surrounded by mangroves,, such a nice scenery to enjoy while having good foods at the titi semeling restaurant.

  41. Its Daun Selom or Selom leaf. Currently there's no specialised english name for it. Plus laksa kedah is one of my favourite too, especially the Langkawi Island version.

  42. I am from Alor Star, Kedah. truly, Kedah laksa is da BEST among all laksas in Malaysia! If you visit Alor Star, please visit a restaurant called "Restoran Laksa Ikan Sekor' (literally meaning 'Laksa with one whole fish restaurant'). They give you a laksa dish with one whole fish. At Jalan Gangsa (Gangsa Road), near my mom's house. But I see you are eating Laksa Kedah in Bangi. Don't know how authentic Kedah this laksa is.

  43. You guys going to Kedah? Great! Don't forget to try authentic Kedah laksa at Restoran Laksa Ikan Sekoq (literally: Laksa With One Whole Fish Restaurant). At Jalan Gangsa (Gangsa Road). They also serve CENDOL PULUT (Cendol with sticky/glutinous rice). Yummy! Near my mom's home.

  44. Another famous place in Alor Star to eat laksa is 'Zakaria Laksa Teluk Kechai Restaurant' (Restoran Zakaria Laksa Teluk Kechai) at Teluk kechai, Jalan Kuala Kedah (Kuala Kedah Road), Alor Star. LAKSA TELUK KECHAI is very famous Kedah-wide, even Malaysia-wide

  45. Daun Selom is WATER CELERY. , Oenanthe javanica: It's a very popular herb in SE Asia.

  46. Also, when in Alor Star, don't forget to try Kuala Kedah's famed PULUT SAMBAL (Sticky Rice With sambal). Go to Kuala Kedah, a seaport only minutes from Alor Star. Ask people there where to eat PULUT SAMBAL, they'll direct. Pulut Sambal is a Kedah specialty, you cannot find anywhere in Malaysia..

  47. Restoran Sri Pumpong (Sri Pumpong Restaurant) at Pumpong, few minutes to north of A Star. Wide spread of Malay dishes.

  48. Malaysia has about 40 types of laksa, from Perlis to Sabah in Borneo. Basically two groups: (1) Laksa asam (sour laksa) in which NO santan (coconut milk) added, just sour soup containing mashed fish meat cooked in blended spices (chili, ginger, onion, shrimp paste). Northern laksa (kedah, Perak, Perlis, penang) are of this type) and (2) Coconut milk laksa – they add lot of santan and gravy looks like curry, they even use spaghetti and call it "laksa" which is weird – in Johor and Kelantan. I DON'T LIKE santan laksa.

  49. you should try laksa terengganu. its called laksa kuah masak. very nice to try but only can get in terengganu. it is so rare nowadays.

  50. For alor setar, I'll recommend nasi lemak ong, tai kuan laksa & ice kacang.

    Alor setar have many authentic thai food restaurant as well.

    Hai Tao Ki another place to visit for foods.

  51. Laksa Kedah is great right ? Especially when eaten with Cendol (good choice). I am a Kedahan so I might be bias, hehe. When you came to Kedah, do try Nasi Ulam Utara & Sup Gear Box (Kedah version). You are definitely a Traveller & not a Tourist.

  52. Omg this is the place i used to eat laksa after study. Lol. Anyway you right, every state hv different type of laksa. For example , laksa johor . It used differrent type of noodle and of course hv different taste too

  53. I don't know if this is too late.. but if you in kedah you should go to awi pulut in alor star you can Google awi pulut alor star.. Variety of sticky rice menu to try..

  54. Very good food glad you like hot and spices all you both eat is good for health I love all the food you both eat very good thank you for your hard work very good .

  55. Hi Sheena and Thomas
    With your sheer energy and dedication, I hope you meet the 100 thousand target and onto a million as your fan base is getting bigger by the day, insyaAllah= Godwillingly.
    That laksa is incredibly mouth watering mmmm sumptious, thick lovely broth thats what I like mostπŸ’•πŸ‘πŸ‘Take care.Bless your trip to any nook and cranny for the taste of good food! Good luck.πŸ€—
    Norma Kassim

  56. Hi Sheena and Thomas
    Hahaha Sheena…SEDAP GILA my goodness you have nailed it well in Malay language. πŸ’˜Your faithful vloggers have gone all out to teach you the right words for top notch tasty foodπŸ‘πŸ’•I am laughing my head off reading your comments.You make my day🍽️.I will keep this in mind..BBB..Bandar Baru Bangi. This area is familiar to me as once I happen to live here with my sister. The Rimba eateryπŸ‘πŸ‘Thank you for good info.Yes tasty food drives us crazy indeed!! Thank you for seasons greeting.Will fwd your awesome vid to kawan2 dan keluarga..friends and family🀝 Bonappartit❀️
    Norma Kassim

  57. Hi! Sheena & Thomas.. Im from Brunei. I enjoyed watching your video on food from various states within Malaysia. Keep up the good works and continue videoing

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