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coming in at number 2 on our pig-out
countdown Houston Texas has a massive platter of meat fit for a King Texas does everything bigger and better
and just outside of Houston there’s a veritable food fortress serving up oversized boots a beer and gigantic German cuisine
check out the best German pig out where meats are braised and glasses are raised
right here at Kings Biergarten This is the greatest German restaurant in
the United States for real if you’re looking for German food this is a must
what started out as a car wash with a small German snack stand was
transformed in 2011 into a chart-topping Biergarten listed as one of the best
German restaurants in America the food is authentic, the bier is great and the service is wonderful. We love that it’s family-owned, we love that outfit that
they wear and we love the beer selection too it’s great food it’s great environment just a fun place to hang out and chill
out and the owner is so fun. Zicke Zacke, Zicke Zacke! OI, OI, OI! wait are those actual Lederhosen the only man in
Houston that wears Lederhosen seven days a week. And I have to tell you I only take it off when I have a nice evening with my wife He’s ready for anything’s like
the Austrian Superman if you will. but it’s not just longer Lederhosen
that’s got locals talking King’s Biergarten has some of the best German food anywhere. You can’t find German food like this anywhere else. They have everything
from Wiener Schnitzel, to the red cabbage you can only find in Germany. And of
course the biers. They’re very unique biers my wife and I have been to Munich and
Heidelberg and we like to travel So, this is kind of like Germany in Texas. They’re serving classics from goulash to Wiener schnitzel to their monstrous pork shank
a two and a half pound bone-in ham hock roasted to crispy golden-brown. it’s almost like deep-fried turkeys here in Texas, but this is kind of like a ham
loin and it’s just so moist in the very center so this is a new experience for
me. They even have 15 choices of specialty sausages ranging from a
traditional bratwurst to the adventurous alligator or rattlesnake. Their sausage
is really good you cut it open and it’s just like a popping and just like juice
just goes everywhere and it complements every single sauce that you can get. But
those looking to truly pig out can order all in the King’s Sampler – a platter of two
6-inch wiener schnitzel, two sides and three specialty sausages. I always get the sampler. It’s the only thing we ever order. It’s got a little of everything. You can pick between some different sausages. My favorite is the cheese sausage and the spicy sausage and I love the pork schnitzel. It’s really, really good. The humble father and son team who built this magic castle hail from Vienna Austria and swear by their
family’s century-old recipes. I don’t consider myself as a great chef. I’m a transformer from the past to the future Our recipes are really 150
maybe 200 years old it’s coming from my great, great, great, great parents. When you go in our kitchen it’s like you’re coming home. Seriously! it’s amazing thing to take that tradition add a little bit of fusion to
make it comfortable and then take that whole experience and make it something
special. When we first opened, everybody wanted to try a little bit of everything.
So what we’re making today is a king’s sampler for two. You get a whole little taste
of Austria and Germany on one plate at the number one Austrian and German
restaurant in America. The first step to making their King sampler is trimming fat from the pork. The second step is far more important. You have the beat the hell out of the meat. Once the meat is tenderized. Hans adds simple salt, then pepper. Each half of the pork gets dipped in flour, egg wash, and very fine
breadcrumbs and they’re dropped in the fryer. Okay so next for the King’s
sampler what we have to do is make the sausages. Traditional German bratwurst, a kasewurst which is a smoked German bratwurst infused of Swiss cheese,
(my absolute favorite), and then finally a Polish sausage which is called a
Kielbasa. Philipp boils the sausages for a minute to cook the insides thoroughly
and gives them a nice brown on the flattop. When the schnitzel and sausages
are ready they’re served up with a side of classic sauerkraut and vinegar based
potato salad. And so now we have a King’s Sampler for Two. I’ve never had a wiener schnitzel before the
first time I came here and I wasn’t expecting that but when I got it, it was
amazing. Because it’s like the combination of crispy to meat. And then it just melts in your mouth.
It’s so good… Massive plate of meat, made for pigging out.
And if you can’t get behind that Hans only has one thing to say. “Hey, you son of a gun, what the hell are you doing?”

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