KHM Travel’s Crystal Conference & Awards: 2019 Recap

John Chernesky: We love working with KHM.
It’s always nice to work with people that are just super nice people, and respectful,
and professional, and trying to drive the business forward and do it in a way that
you want to get on board with them, and KHM ticks all those boxes. Sarah Yoder: The Crystal Conference & Awards, the way I
feel about them, it’s like a big family reunion. Chris Schutz: It’s really like a family, and I
feel a part of the this family, and it’s so genuine when you’re here with all of
the agents and get to work with them and of course the KHM Team. Heather Cross: It’s just a big opportunity to celebrate, like, a great year in our businesses, and the
time that we get to spend with suppliers, and our colleagues, and our friends, I
mean the people that are part of the KHM family are, like, really my
friends. Linda Allen: [Laughing] I have so many great friends and so many memories already, that that’s
priceless to me. To be able to reconnect with them and the Business Development
Managers that KHM has put us together with. That has helped my business this
last year to grow exponentially and I’m forever grateful.
Thank You KHM. Rick Zimmerman: Thanks to everybody that was involved in this event. You know, thanks to our suppliers for always being there for
us, and our agents because, you know, we wouldn’t be doing anything without that.
So, thanks. Amanda Bates: Awesome.

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