KHM Travel Group’s How-To Series: FAM’s Over, Now What?

For professional travel agents, FAM trips
are useful tools to boost your product knowledge. But what you do after the trip is vital to
making the most of your fam experience. The first step is to organize all of the materials
you brought home. You probably collected business cards from
resort staff members or tour operator representatives. On each card, jot down a quick note of the
place, date, and circumstances of how you met each person. This will help jog your memory if you need
to make contact later on. Sort through all of the brochures, manuals,
or other promotional items you’ve acquired. Keep some for client distribution, and others
for your own personal reference. If you picked up resort maps, fact sheets,
or other similar items, it is useful to scan these and save copies to your computer. Review any notes that you took during your
property tours, and decide how you want to store them for future use. You might want to right your thoughts and
observations on the applicable pages of your own reference copy of a property brochure
or training manual. Another option is to use note-taking software,
such as Evernote, or OneNote. These programs allow you to organize and categorize
your personal notes, pictures, and other media. The key is to make the information easy to
find when you need it. Lastly, download any of the photos and videos
that you took from your camera to your computer. Once again, organization is important. Sort them into folders that are labeled by
property name and the date of your visit. Now that you have organized your materials,
it’s time to put them to use. You want to share your knowledge and experience
with as many clients and potential clients as possible. One way to do this effectively is through
social media. Add photos to your personal and business Facebook
pages. Place each property’s photos in its own unique
folder. You don’t need to use hundreds of images. Carefully select specific photos that highlight
the property’s main features and room categories. Label each picture with a brief description
so that viewers know what they are looking at. Another way to share your experience is via
a travel blog. This allows you to share more detailed thoughts
and observations. You can add in tips, such as specific types
of travels that would enjoy a property, differences in room categories, or other useful information. Add in a few key pictures, and don’t forget
to include a link back to the complete album on your Facebook page. If you think a specific client would benefit
from learning about your trip, make an effort to contact them directly. Send an email with a personal invitation to
view your Facebook album or blog post. Or call to tell them that you recently visited
a property or destination they would love, and offer to meet up with them to share your
experiences. Finally, make an effort to follow up with
any of the key contacts that you made during the trip. Send an email or card thanking each person
that gave you a guided tour or conducted a training session. Ask them any follow up questions that came
to mind after your visit. Send them a link to your Facebook page or
blog, so they can see how you are actively promoting their products. This will help you establish a useful network
of professional connections. Also, ask the suppliers to add you to their
email lists to be informed of any specials, booking incentives, or news about the properties
and ships you toured. Taking the time to properly follow up after
your trip will help you to turn your FAM experience into increased sales and greater client satisfaction. Are you ready to go? KHM Travel agents can look under ‘Meetings
& Events’ in their agent portal to view upcoming FAM opportunities. Not a KHM Travel agent yet? Visit to learn more about
the training and support available to start your own home-based travel business.

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