KHM Travel Agent Spotlight: Daniel Whitehead

Off-camera: “Where do you live right now?” Daniel: “North of Boston. Manchester-by-the-Sea. You guys may have seen the movie? Yes?” Off-camera: “I haven’t because I heard it
was too sad –” Daniel: “It is sad, it is horribly sad, yea
it is depressing. I probably won’t watch it ever again. I love living there, but I -” [Laughter] [Upbeat Music Plays] Daniel: “My name is Daniel Whitehead, the
name of my travel agency is By the Sea Travel. In 1998 I was offered the opportunity to move
down to Florida and open up an establishment down there – assist in the operations side
of opening up a restaurant. So, I went. Who wouldn’t, at, you know, in their twenties,
right? So, I ended up living in Florida for nine
years. I worked in the restaurant industry for actually
only about six months after being down there. So, I moved into a new role with a company
known back then as Blue Green Resorts, and that initially kind of sparked my interest
in Hospitality, which I ended up spending the next twenty years in Hospitality. I have always traveled, since I was young. And, at seventeen I went to Europe by myself
– with another friend. Since then I’ve been to Europe four times. I’ve been to the Caribbean five times in my
life, I’ve been to Mexico twice, and I’ve been all over the country. One of the things that enticed me to look
at travel as a potential new career was the happiness that I feel when I travel, you know,
I want to be able to pass that on to others. I think everyone today has so many things
going on in their life, has so much stress, we all have either families, or work, or this
and that, and you really have to take time – it’s not just about work-life balance in
a given week, you really have to take time to experience the world. I can’t tell you how many times people in
my family have asked, ‘geez, I wish I could go on that vacation that you just went on,’
and, well, you can! You know, and now I’ll be able to deliver
that to them. The culture at KHM is what drew me into this
agency. I’m amazed by the level of support at KHM. Everyone really cares about the success of
the agents, and the tools, the resources, the systems are all there for you, and you’re
not just thrown to the wolves. You’re provided with the necessary training,
and you’re provided with the necessary resources at the corporate office of KHM to get the
job done. I think that anybody that brings passion to
the table, you’re 60% there. I’m very lucky, I went to school for business,
and I’m very lucky that I’ve had a variety of positions over the years. I’ve worked in sales and marketing, both at
a hotel level and as a global sales director, however, where I learned the most was probably,
as far as business acumen, working within operations. Having that day-to-day understanding of making
things work in the business operation, being flexible, being able to make changes as you
go, but have the eye on the ball of what your prize is, and what your goal is.

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