KHM Travel Agent Spotlight: Amanda Reeves

OFF-CAMERA 1: You’re a star moment. Yay! OFF-CAMERA 1: So cute. OFF CAMERA 2: You can actually…. let her clap. Yeah- (LAUGHTER) OFF-CAMERA 1: Wow, you’re a pro. AMANDA: Oh, no I’m not. (LAUGHTER) OFF-CAMERA AMANDA: I’m originally from Texas, but as of
right now, I travel full-time in my travel trailer with my wife. And so, we
had really good jobs and… but we were just working to live, you know? We weren’t
getting to travel as much as we wanted to, and so we just made it a plan.
And it took us eight months to downsize everything, we sold everything. And the
whole point of all of this, is to live with less stuff and see more. Experience the things, have memories and not buy— buy junk. And now, adding being a
Travel Agent on top of it, I’m hoping to help people have those same experiences. They don’t have to live with less junk, but they can at least have more
experiences. And that’s my goal in being a Travel Agent. OFF-CAMERA AMANDA: With full time traveling, there’s lots of platforms on Facebook and there’s women entrepreneurs. And my wife actually said—
wrote on one of the websites saying, “Who has been a travel agent, and what agency do you like?” and several full- time travelers put KHM [Travel Group.] And so, we started
looking into it. Then we started researching other ones and we didn’t
really like what we were seeing with the marketing— like the levels of marketing and
stuff like that and asking for people to be travel agents under you, and so we
just kept going back to KHM and that’s when we finally decided just take
the leap of faith and try it. OFF-CAMERA AMANDA: I’ll admit, at first when I got on to it— when I
first got all the passwords and stuff I was like, “Holy moly!
What did I get myself into?” But learning it, it’s really, actually, pretty easy.
The training online is really, really good. It’s really step-by-step showing you how
to learn. I felt confident, but then coming to Boot Camp I have now left with
greater confidence, because before I could pick up the phone and talk to
someone and get answers, but now I’ve met the people I’ve talked to on the phone.
And so it’s like, they’re actually not a robot, you know? They’re actually a human
being and so that’s been really nice to know. And the Boot Camp has been
great for me. Everyone’s been so friendly, really caring. And also, none of my
questions have been dumb to them. They hasn’t been like— they looked at me and
they’re like, “Ugh, not Amanda again,” because I have asked a lot of questions
these past three days, but I just love it. It’s been a good group. OFF-CAMERA AMANDA: The experiences that you get when you
first-time see a beautiful waterfall, will take your breath away.
It’s like, you’ve seen pictures but until you’re standing there you can’t imagine
that. Then you get to go home, wherever you’re at, and you get to have those
memories. The trips that I’ve gone on with my wife, have been experiences of a
lifetime. That I can live with those. The trips that I’m traveling around the
States… it’s breathtaking. It takes my breath away when I go and see these
beautiful places, and I’m doing things that I have never done. I’ve hiked over
mountains that I thought, “How in the world am I gonna get over that?” You know? But,
I have the pictures to remind me that I’ve accomplished things that I never
thought— and if I hadn’t traveled I wouldn’t have experienced. I wouldn’t
have gained confidence, and I would still be in the same town that I started in,
living the simple life, and not knowing what else is out there. And so
experiences was way more than the material things in my life.

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