Journey to 1200 Episode 2

What have I learned from these calls the simple answer is everything. I learned a lot about each employee who works here, how long they’ve been here, their commute, how they like their role, their work environment, the company. They tell me their ideas about how to improve processes, they give me their reviews on company policies, programs, company communication. They tell me how our company compares to their former company. We talk about culture and the importance of good global communication. Some calls become more personal than other calls. They may talk about their families or the challenges that they’re having at the time or a rough patch they just went through. Every call I learned whether or not an employee believes kld is on the right track, doing the right things and whether or not each employee is excited and happy to be here. It’s such an amazing opportunity, priceless really. I get the opportunity to ask for immediate feedback from employees on how they think a specific company policy is working and I’m able to quickly tweak the course and direction of policy if I learn things that make sense. How valuable is that to a CEO. I talk to four to five employees every day. I rotate from one department to the next. After every call, I email or call my team with suggestions or issues I hear, especially if it’s feedback I’ve heard more than once, and from more than one group. I try to have employees summarize in an email their thoughts when they are more detailed and specific so I don’t misinterpret their message. On a recent trip to APAC, I had the opportunity to sit down with every legal technology employee and have a one-on-one. When I’m on the road, I have face-to-face meetings instead of calls, I learned a tremendous amount on that trip. Our employers were eager to share their thoughts about how to improve APAC and make APAC stronger. I learned about our APAC customers and what they wanted to see out of an e-discovery company in Japan versus Hong Kong versus Singapore, Australia. I was informed of the importance of local norms and customs and the importance of office leaders being well-versed in all those practices. I learned about how ediscovery differs there and the importance of being able to support investigative matters and mobile projects, especially in China. I learned firsthand how important it was to have the company leadership truly understand the difficulties of working in an office that is one day ahead of the rest of the company. I listened to ideas about sales initiatives, how the cloud is playing a larger role on projects over there, and the importance of having sales leadership stress global collaboration on accounts and introductions from other geographies. Of course, I also learned about each employee. Their highs and their lows, struggles, and overall feelings about KLD. I must have kicked off at least 10 different initiatives after my trip, all of which will make us better in APAC, all based on feedback that I learned, ideas that I would never have learned without sitting down and listening to every employee in our company, again priceless. My phone calls and the meetings the past eight months have been enlightening and thought-provoking. I have been told how to improve company communications, employee benefits and cultural directives. I’ve learned about how to improve our project management team morale, marketing initiatives, especially overseas, and overall global operational productivity. I learned about the importance of the relationship between IT and software development and how important our new billing system will be to our clients and the overall productivity of our accounting team due to automation enhancements. Whether finance or accounting, IT, software development, data storage technology, project management, human resources, sales and sales operations, legal, facilities, every employee had something to say, something to share that was important. Most important for me was giving each and every member of the KLD family the opportunity to share, vent, complain, praise, say whatever, asked whatever during our with the end result of making KLD, their experience here and our customers experience here a better one, the best one. I can’t thank our team members enough for their time and consideration. When these calls first started last year folks were hesitant and nervous about talking to me. A lot of them thought I was crazy. Why would I spend over fifteen months of my life talking to every single member of the company? They thought, why would he want to talk to me I just work in collections or facilities or I’m just a receptionist he should be talking to our senior managers and big salespeople. After a few months I think everyone realized why I wanted to talk to them, because here at KLD everyone is equally important, everyone has to say, everyone can make an impact on each other and our clients. We have come out of these one-on-ones with some really great information ideas. I still have several hundred calls and meetings to go. I can’t wait to get back at it tomorrow because I know with every call, KLD will just get a little better. and my personal relationship with each and every employee will improve just that much more.

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