Josh Gates: Transportation By the Numbers – Travel Channel

JOSH GATES: I’m Josh Gates. Nearly 250 days a year, I’m
traveling around the globe to go on my adventures. I did not think I was going
to end up in a rowboat today. I spend a lot of time in
planes, trains, and automobiles. Yeah! Whoa! The flights and
the miles add up. Stop!
Stop, stop, stop. [bleep]
Hang on. Hang on! Elmer, you’re crazy. [screaming] I ride motorcycles
any chance I get. And I’ve hitched
a ride with just about any animal
that can carry me, but confession, I hate camels. They bite, they spit,
and they generally don’t think much of me either. [camel roaring] But transportation is important
when it comes to travel, so I soak in the experience
and go with the flow.

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